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 Dutch report by Euro Reporter
 Dutch report by Euro Reporter
 Dutch report by Euro Reporter
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 Dutch report by Euro Reporter
 Dutch report by Euro Reporter
 Dutch report by Euro Reporter
 Dutch report by Euro Reporter
 Dutch report by Euro Reporter
 Dutch report by Euro Reporter
Netherlands school shooting threat: police arrest suspect in Leiden Dutch police say they have arrested a suspect in an online threat to shoot a teacher and students that prompted authorities to close all the high schools i
 Dutch reportDutch report by Euro Reporter
New marijuana ban for foreigners sees change after intense lobbyingOn a wet winter afternoon, the place was empty. The palm-tree murals went un-admired, the elaborate smoke-extraction system was tur
 Dutch reportDutch report by Euro Reporter
Dutch teenagers sentenced in "Facebook murder"Two Dutch teenagers were sentenced to two years in juvenile detention and three years of compulsory therapy on Monday for ordering the death o
 Dutch reportDutch report by Euro Reporter
Netherlands could do more to combat briberyWhile the number of prosecutions in foreign bribery cases is on the rise worldwide, the Netherlands has been only “moderately” successful in br
 Dutch reportDutch report by Euro Reporter
The Netherlands faces the politics of austerityThe Dutch have long been one of the eurozone's and the EU's most reliable members. Since the introduction of the euro in 2000, the country has
 Dutch report by Euro Reporter
Foreign minister endorses talk of Alberta oilsands discrimination by EUThe Netherlands foreign minister says he favours an evidence-based discussion on whether Alberta's oilsands are being discr
 Dutch elections: Bye bye Europe see you in 4 years time... by Newropeans-Magazine
It was a chaotic election night yesterday (June 9th 2010) in the Netherlands in which the two largest parties VVD (Liberals) and PvdA (Labor) ended up almost equal in size. In the end the Liberals won with 31 seats (Labor 30). From the 1
 The snake that crawls around Europe by Thanos Kalamidas
This is one of those times when proven right makes you so sad. When back in late 1980s very few we were talking about the rebirth of racism, prejudice and hate groups in Europe everybody was laughing pointing out that in most countries for example
 Can the Dutch parliament prevent problems with snow? by Newropeans-Magazine
Last week, there was heavy snow in the Netherlands, the first time in several years. Travelling by public transport was never so difficult: the Dutch Railways (NS) advised travellers to stay home because NS could not guarantee that travellers w
 Populism - Time for a good conversation? by Newropeans-Magazine
A few weeks ago, the Dutch right-wing populist Geert Wilders won the European elections. His Party for Freedom (PVV) will get four seats in the European Parliament. Dutch politicians condemn the anti-islam and anti-Europe views of Wilders, and
 TurnLeft Spring 2008: Amsterdam by Turnleft
Dear style travelers, Trendwatching has a fantastic March report on the rise of free stuff and turnleft has made it: free city style guides, updated quarterly and dedicated to our favourite world cities. Turn
 A paedophile party? by Asa Butcher
The idea of a political party advocating underage sex, gambling, drugs, public nudity, the elimination of marriage and legalizing the private use of child pornography should be the product of a twisted comedy sketch
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