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 Filiki EteriaFiliki Eteria by The Ovi Team
April 12th 1820; Alexander Ypsilantis is declared leader of Filiki Eteria, a secret organization to overthrow Ottoman rule over Greece.Filiki Eteria or Society of Friends (Greek: Φιλική
 Director Theo Angelopoulos died in road accidentDirector Theo Angelopoulos died in road accident by The Ovi Team
January 24th 2012. On the day film lovers around the globe tuned in to find out this year\'s Oscar contenders, the world of cinema mourned the loss of one of its most respected figures. Greek award-winning film director Theo Angelopoulos died T
 Nikos KavvadiasNikos Kavvadias by The Ovi Team
Nikos Kavvadias born in January 11, 1910 and he was a poet and writer; currently
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 Christmas Traditions in GreeceChristmas Traditions in Greece by The Ovi Team
St. Nicholas is important in Greece as the patron saint of sailors. According to Greek tradition, his clothes are drenched with brine, his beard drips with seawater, and his face is covered with perspiration because he has been working hard aga
 The dance of ZalongoThe dance of Zalongo by The Ovi Team
The term Dance of Zalongo (Greek: ΧορÏŒς του ΖαλÏŒγγου Horós tou Zalóngou) refers to an event in Greek history, and to a popula
 The Athens Polytechnic uprisingThe Athens Polytechnic uprising by The Ovi Team
November 17th 1973; Despite the harsh repressive measures of the military Junta during the seven-year dictatorship of 1967-1973 in Greece - the imprisonments, displacements, mass trials in emergency courts-martial, torture, moc
 Odysseus Elytis NobelOdysseus Elytis Nobel by The Ovi Team
Since the last few days we are talking about Nobel Prizes, a Greek poet Odysseus Elytis , was awarded the Literature Nobel Prize and it was announced on the 18th of October 1979.Elytis\'s poems
 Greek military rule gives in to democracyGreek military rule gives in to democracy by The Ovi Team
July 23rd 1974; the military government in Greece has collapsed and the former Prime Minister Constantine Karamanlis has been invited to return. Huge crowds gathered to greet him at Athens airport and there has been jubilation in the streets of
 Greek Easter TraditionsGreek Easter Traditions by The Ovi Team
According to the Greek religious calendar, Easter is the most important festival of the Greeks, hence hug
 A week in Review all in ...Greek by George Kalatzis
 Revolution Now! by Nikos Laios
 The solitude of the rope dancer by Lilian Badani
Η μοναξιά του “σχοινοβάτη” Εδ
 Outcome of the second Greek Elections by Christos Mouzeviris
On Sunday the 20th of September, the Greeks were called for a second time in a year to vote for their Parliamen
 Greek report by Euro Reporter
 Greeks baring memorandums by Thanos Kalamidas
 According to SYRIZA by Dimitris Kontogiannis
 Denial or acceptance by Thanos Kalamidas
 Greece's failure, Europe's shame! by Christos Mouzeviris
After 5 years being in the media spotlight for its economic woes, the Greek drama reached finally-or hopefully- its crescendo. Lat week on early Thursday hours, the Greek Parliament approved the new bitter austerity measur
 Can the Greek Hamlet carry the responsibility of the new change? by Giorgos Kontogiannis
 Economics and Politics in Greece and the USA: the Mixing of Garbage and Perfume by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
 Childishly ranting numbers and dark ages by Thanos Kalamidas
 Greeks say 'NO' to an open laboratory for violation of human rights by Ovi Magazine Guest
 Europe - Syriza-ize or Syria-nize by Dr. Anis H. Bajrektarevic
 On Greece, Democracy, Greek-Russian Orthodoxy, and Putin by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
 The first victory in the right place, corruption resigns in Greece by Thanos Kalamidas
 A Greek "NO" for all the Europeans by Thanos Kalamidas
 Greece Lies Between a Rock and a Rock by Leah Sellers
Greece, one of the original Harbingers of Democratic Thought is going through a very Rocky time right now.  Their Choices are as hard as immature, green Horse Apples and the flesh slicing, porous Lava Stones of Pompeii.
 Thoughts and facts about measures and memorandums by Ovi Magazine Guest
 The most glorious moments of the Greek history have a "NO" by Thanos Kalamidas
 The Final Solution: An Existential Extermination of Democratic Europe by Nikos Laios
 Europe Agonistes: A Divided Continent Plays Out a Greek Drama by Ovi Magazine Guest
 Referendum against the Europe of the united banks and corporations by Thanos Kalamidas
 The truth nobody wants to hear about a Grexit by Thanos Kalamidas
 Why austerity makes corruption worse; in Greece and elsewhere by Christos Mouzeviris
One of the main culprits for Greece\'s damaged economy and financial troubles-according to most European media and analysts-was the corruption that plagued the country. Greece suffers from it at all levels; starting from g
 Greek report by Euro Reporter
 Xiros case: Tsipras' campaign promises undermine the national effect by Giorgos Kontogiannis
 The unnegotiable ideological principals of Konstantinos Karamanlis by Giorgos Kontogiannis
 Why let it be Mr Schauble? by Thanos Kalamidas
I looked at the mail I had just recieved again, not believing my eyes. A friend from USA had sent me a
 Greek report by Euro Reporter
 Samaras invests in fear by Thanos Kalamidas
 Corrupted police and the fascist Samaras by Thanos Kalamidas
 The universality of the Athens Polytechnic by Thanos Kalamidas
 Restoration of the basic salary and increase of the unemployment benefit by Apopseis.gr
 Greek report by Euro Reporter
 Greek report by Euro Reporter
 Hostages to our guilt by Thanos Kalamidas
 Numbers unite EU destroying Greeks by Thanos Kalamidas
 The rotten office by Thanos Kalamidas
 Municipality elections and football by Thanos Kalamidas
 Greek report by Euro Reporter
 Cyprus under the pressure of international agendas by Apopseis.gr
 Why a Greek citizen is not eligible to vote in Greece? by Christos Mouzeviris
The list of the outrageous and peculiar political decisions that European leaders are taking is growing, as the European elections are approaching. The Greek PM, Mr. Samaras and his government have revoked the voting right
 Greek report by Euro Reporter
 Time to act by Apopseis.gr
 An EU under transformation and the Greek presidency by Apopseis.gr
 An open letter from a 62 year-old Greek homeless by Thanos Kalamidas
 George Seferis' Nobel Prize by The Ovi Team
December 10th 1963, George Seferis awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature \"for his
 The two edges theory by Thanos Kalamidas
 Greek report by Euro Reporter
 The phony of the European democracy by Thanos Kalamidas
 Greek report by Euro Reporter
 Golden Dawn's natural environment; a prison cell by Thanos Kalamidas
 The Golden Dawn is the World's Starless Midnight by Leah Sellers
Clomp !  Clomp !  Clomp !  Clomp !The Golden Dawn/KKK/Tea Partyin’ Neo-Conservatives/Etc… Are on parade !Hurrah !  Hurrah !
 Golden Dawn stabbed Greece by Thanos Kalamidas
 In Greece Golden Dawn murders democracy by Thanos Kalamidas
 Making shares out of the national sovereignty by Apopseis.gr
 Greek report by Euro Reporter
No Plan B for Greece Says Stournaras Greek Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras, who is placing all his bets on austerity and hopes for growth to offset a crushing economi
 Celebrating hospitality in Katakolo by Apopseis.gr
 How to confront the Golden Dawn by Apopseis.gr
 ERT: How to shut down a national broadcaster! by Christos Mouzeviris
While I was visiting my home country this summer, something that hasn\'t happen since the Nazi occupation of the country took place once again. Greece\'s national broadcasting channel, ERT (ΕΡΤ) was shut
 Evaggelos Venizelos under history's cunning by Apopseis.gr
Ο Ευάγγελος Βενιζέλος υπό την πανουρ
 The Greek silence of the lamps by Thanos Kalamidas
Draco had absolutely nothing to do with dragons even though he will be unforgettable for his brutality. Draco was the first legislator in ancient Athens. He was the one who actually wrote the code, the law that was to be
 Carry a gun inside a parliament by Thanos Kalamidas
 A market ready for some good news - Let's create them by Apopseis.gr
 Politics that shake down stereotypes Politics that shake down stereotypes by Apopseis.gr
Η πολιτική... που καταρρίπτει τα στερεότυπ
 Not even dreamNot even dream by Thanos Kalamidas
In the anniversary of the three years since the day Greece officially entered deep recession - where recession the obviously political correct word for bankruptcy – except of the people who were forced to deal
 A Greek dictatorship of the past and their contemporary traitors' heirsA Greek dictatorship of the past and their contemporary traitors' heirs by Thanos Kalamidas
Today, April 21st is a day of national embarrassment in Greece and a reminder that the reptiles of the Nazism are still alive. Like today back 1967 a group of traitors army officers with the help of traitors civilians managed to put democracy i
 Greek reportGreek report by Euro Reporter
For Some, Greece’s Junta Lives On On the morning of April 21, 1967, Greeks suddenly found tanks in the streets of Athens as a
 Orpheus: The DJ & The bartenderOrpheus: The DJ & The bartender by Apopseis.gr
We live in an insecure,h
 The need of a Euro paper-currencyThe need of a Euro paper-currency by Apopseis.gr
Επιβεβλημένη πλέον η έκδοση χαρτον
 Golden dawn pissing democracyGolden dawn pissing democracy by Thanos Kalamidas
This is going to be surreal but let me try de
 For a place in the Greek public hospitalsFor a place in the Greek public hospitals by Apopseis.gr
 Για μια θέση… σε δημόσιο νοσοκομε
 40 years: Giorgos Seferis & his famous statement (In Greek) by The Ovi Team
Συμπληρώθηκαν το 2000 τα 100 χρόνια από τη γέν
 Against all savioursAgainst all saviours by Apopseis.gr
 Don't wait till the Golden Dawn knocks on your doorDon't wait till the Golden Dawn knocks on your door by Thanos Kalamidas
 The sinking reality of the hotels in AthensThe sinking reality of the hotels in Athens by Apopseis.gr
 The nightmare in the neighbourhoodThe nightmare in the neighbourhood by Thanos Kalamidas
What do you think when you read, Swaziland? I presume you think of a poor African country with little kids in the streets asking for food and a lot of support from the United Nations. Well you are not far from the truth and the more informed ca
 Shame! Shame! by Thanos Kalamidas
The last few months more and more photos and videos have started appearing in the international media and internet showing poor and homeless in Greece. In a very twisted way there is something good out of it because people might escape their stere
 Greek reportGreek report by Euro Reporter
Free food handout ends in one person trampled in GreeceA protesting action that gathered Greek farmers outside the agriculture ministry in Athens on Wednesday ended in one man trampled by the crowd
 Improve or selling out public resourcesImprove or selling out public resources by Apopseis.gr
 Higher education in GreeceHigher education in Greece by Apopseis.gr
 Fascism occupies villa Greece with police brutalityFascism occupies villa Greece with police brutality by Thanos Kalamidas
Even though watching live Neil Armstrong doing his first step in the moon marked my youth and all my dreams for long time, even though faster cars, supersonic planes and colour television were admirable the biggest technological revolution that ha
 A chance for a real clean up in the Greek political systemA chance for a real clean up in the Greek political system by Apopseis.gr
Η υπόθεση Παπακωνσταντίνου ευκαιρία για κ
 What is wrong with the Greeks and Europeans in general?What is wrong with the Greeks and Europeans in general? by Christos Mouzeviris
I often try to explain to many fellow Europeans how on Earth the Greeks have allowed their country to reach this point. How a country with so many resources and a great geopolitical strategic position can not achieve stability and become like m
 Let's go GreeceLet's go Greece by Apopseis.gr
Πάμε Ελλάδα; Του Γιώργου Κοντογιάννη
 The exhaustion of Greek political system and a society in flamesThe exhaustion of Greek political system and a society in flames by Dimitra Karantzeni
As the days go by, current
 I am embarrassed You are Greek, Mihaloliakos and  KasidiarisI am embarrassed You are Greek, Mihaloliakos and Kasidiaris by Thanos Kalamidas
The last few days a series of surveys in Greece show the neo-Nazi party of the Golden Dawn rising to the position of the third party in popularity with more than 12%. The same time the insolence of their representatives in the Greek parliament
 The Greek Diaspora: A return homeThe Greek Diaspora: A return home by Apopseis.gr
The Greek diaspora has existed now for nearly
 Report from the war zoneReport from the war zone by Apopseis.gr
 The Greek Diaspora The Greek Diaspora by Apopseis.gr
Η Ελληνική διασπορά του Νίκου Λάιου.
 Legacy from the GreeksLegacy from the Greeks by David Sparenberg
The problem with wisdom, if I may say so, is that it represents itself as “utterance complete,” “articulation absolute.”  One commits it to memory.  With a steel stylus wisdom is engraved in the mind; with an iron
 Out of the swamp Out of the swamp by Apopseis.gr
 The third package of measuresThe third package of measures by Apopseis.gr
 Beware of Angela bearing gifts Beware of Angela bearing gifts by Thanos Kalamidas
The last thirty years I have met and occasionally worked with a big number of politicians in every level of the political life – from local to national to international level - and in many different countries. All of them despite ideologi
 Greek reportGreek report by Euro Reporter
Debt crisisGreece is to put 7,000 police on patrol and ban protests in parts of Athens to minimise the hostile reception for Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, when she makes her first visit to t
 The left alliance to save the country and a social changeThe left alliance to save the country and a social change by Apopseis.gr
 Our burden in front the Augean stablesOur burden in front the Augean stables by Apopseis.gr
Το χρέος μας απέναντι στην «κόπρο του Αυγείου»
 Recapitalisation: Saving the banks and not the bankersRecapitalisation: Saving the banks and not the bankers by Apopseis.gr
Ανακεφαλαιοποίηση των τραπεζών: Σώζοντας
 Greek reportGreek report by Euro Reporter
Greece needs two-year extension on fiscal pledgesGreece needs a two-year extension from its international creditors to meet fiscal pledges, and a liquidity boost from the European Central Bank, said
 Believe, do not questionBelieve, do not question by Apopseis.gr
ΨΗΦΙΖΕ ΚΑΙ ΜΗ ΕΡΕΥΝΑΝάντια Βαλαβάνη - β' Α
 Democracy was Greek but also Greek was EphialtesDemocracy was Greek but also Greek was Ephialtes by Thanos Kalamidas
Democracy is a Greek word but also is tyranny. Dictatorship and dictator are two more Greek words but my compatriots in a constant denial try to forget. Winston Churchill called Greeks heroes and the 300 Spartans have become symbol of bravery a
 Labelling illegal and trafficking to deathLabelling illegal and trafficking to death by Thanos Kalamidas
I suppose you will not find it in the news or you might see it somewhere hidden, but a few hours ago a boat sunk in the Turkish waters carrying over a hundred people to Greece. Over fifty dead, thirty of them kids of all ages. According to the lat
 Greek reportGreek report by Euro Reporter
Merkel Mulls Easing Greece Bailout TermsChancellor Angela Merkel is considering easing Greece’s bailout terms, fanning tensions with members of her coalition who oppose giving the Greek govern
 How we could benefit from multiculturalism in EuropeHow we could benefit from multiculturalism in Europe by Christos Mouzeviris
I am Greek and I live permanently in Dublin, Ireland. Out of curiosity and excitement I decided to travel in Europe a few years ago, but fate had its plans as they say and I decided to stay abroad permanently.Before I decid
 Greece in damage control mood by Thanos Kalamidas
While you are reading these words I’m in a small Greek island in the middle of the Aegean Sea. Living abroad for so many years like I do, there are too many things that influence you and change you; actually after a bit of time you discover
 The Finnish legitimacy and the global ethic by Thanos Kalamidas
The Finnish Finance Minister Jutta Urpilainen for one more time is rolling her sleeves and getting ready for collateral negotiations, this time with Madrid all in the name of the Finnish people and the European unity. and Jutta is just the obvious
 Greek report by Euro Reporter
Next task: raise €15 billion in privatizationsGreece collected less than €1 billion Euros ($1.2 billion) in revenues from privatizations over the last three years. The new Greek governme
 The second Greek elections, June the 17th, 2012 by Christos Mouzeviris
It just happened this year for me to be in Greece during the last three weeks before the elections; for some, they were the most important and critical elections of the country's recent history. The importance of the elections, gave them a ref
 The new Greek government by Thanos Kalamidas
Checking the names of the new Greek government I realized that this government will have the shortest period of grace in the Greek history perhaps the European history. And the feeling was very strong since while checking the names and their short
 Strike if you will, but hear first by Thanos Kalamidas
A month ago and while the Greek people were literally heading to vote I wrote an editorial in Greek reminding my compatriots what has happened the last thirty years and what should be in front of them. This time and while for one more time with ju
 The real face of fascism live on Greek TV by Thanos Kalamidas
Just before ten o’clock in the morning and browsing the news I got a mail linking me to a video that had been uploaded just minutes ago. Two hours later I hadn’t still recover from the shock and evening now browsing the news again the
 Greek report by Euro Reporter
Anti-bailout party extends lead in GreeceA left-wing party that opposes Greece's international bailout agreements has extended its lead ahead of next month's election, according to a new pol
 Greek report by Euro Reporter
Greece’s Tsipras appeals to German taxpayers for help in crisisGreece’s Syriza party leader Alexis Tsipras appealed to German taxpayers to help Greece grapple with economic and fiscal cr
 In the name of democracy please be democratic by Thanos Kalamidas
Greece is set for new elections and somehow I have the feeling that in these elections is not only Greece that tests democracy but the whole Europe and in a strange déjà vu – especially regarding the European aspect of the Greek el
 Greeks, 'the water of Lethe' and the absolute exploitation of the patriotic ideal by Dimitra Karantzeni
 A bloody Golden sunDown where democracy rised by Thanos Kalamidas
While everybody was expecting France and Hollande to make headlines after last Sunday’s results it was the Greek elections that hacked the spotlights. And the headlines combined with statements from states’ representatives and experts
 French Greek report by Euro Reporter
France's Francois Hollande changes the mix in EuropeWith Francois Hollande's election as France's first Socialist president in 17 years, Europe now must deal with a major leader who has promised to push a different
 Compatriots Greeks in the name of democracy don't vote MPs, vote representatives by Thanos Kalamidas
I hope the readers of Ovi magazine will forgive me but in front the possibility/probability of a Nazi party entering the Greek parliament, in the country that founded democracy, I feel at least oblige to say some things in Greek. I don’t believe
 Greek report by Euro Reporter
Greece starts voting as anxious eurozone looks on Greece started voting on Sunday in an early general election that threatens to turn its decades-old political system on its head and bring the eurozon
 Europe for the people and not people for the Euro by Thanos Kalamidas
In the next twenty-four hours two European counties will deal with critical elections. The schizophrenic with those two cases is that the result of those elections will influence in many ways – not always similar – their internal situa
 Marching to the Greek parliament with a Nazi salute by Thanos Kalamidas
The night of May 30th 1941 marks semantically the Greek modern history. Two young men, Manolis Glezos and Apostolos Santas climbed on the Acropolis and tore down the swastika, which had been there since April 27, 1941, when the Nazi forces had ent
 The non lesser of two evils - Greek elections 2012 by Dimitra Karantzeni
 In between crime and punishment an arrest at last! by Thanos Kalamidas
For more than half a century Greece has suffered from a corrupted minority including a lot of politicians and their corruption has become so obvious the last thirty years that even the mafia pales in front of them. It was a common secret for years
 A death over Greece's stolen dignity by Thanos Kalamidas
Yesterday a man killed himself in front of passing people in the most central square in Athens in front of the Greek parliament and coincidentally called “Constitution Square.” In a note he left - and this minute has overflowed the
 Me Greek - You prejudice by Thanos Kalamidas
The truth is that every time I browse the news checking for the latest and something to write my eyes automatically always go to something about Greece and the situation that unveils dramatically there. Not that there is lack of things to write
 The "lazy" Greeks myth... by Christos Mouzeviris
From the start of this crisis, the global media started a slander campaign against Greece, calling the Greeks lazy and corrupt. The saddest thing about this, is that even Mr. Papandreou the former elected Prime Minister of the country, was one
 Piss of our time by Thanos Kalamidas
I presume not many of the Ovi readers remember Neville Chamberlain waving the Munich Agreement but I suppose many have read about the glorious moment the British Prime minister on his return from meeting Hitler weeks before the beginning of the WW
 When Finland was Greece by Thanos Kalamidas
Last week one of my articles about the situation in Greece attracted one not so attractive comment, “Boo-hoo. No more dancing Zorbas on my tax money.” This was not the first similar comment and I’m not sure about the writer
 And now what ladies and gentlemen of the European Union? by Thanos Kalamidas
Now what Ms Merkel? Now what Mr Sarkozy? What is coming next Mr Monti? There was a film some years ago with the name “the beautiful villages beautifully burn!” Are you watching? Are you watching Athens burning in the name of the Europe
 The way to hell and the suspicious intentions by Thanos Kalamidas
From the very beginning I have been a very loyal pro-European. Mea culpa; I was thinking of a united Europe with common cultural roots, social awareness and economic unity and never thought of Merkel, Sarkozy and the rest of the gang including Bar
 Breeding extremes while spurning national pride and leading the Greeks into constant misery by Giorgos Kontogiannis
For years, they have been accepting every financial record provided to them by any government, without controlling it, as they were supposed to. For two years, since October 2009 until November 2011, they have been tolerating a prime minister a
 Holding hostage a nation in collective responsibility by Thanos Kalamidas
Where is this damn line that says “enough; you cannot do this!” you cannot do it because it opposes any fundamental that constitutes human dignity and human rights, you cannot do it because it contradicts any believes and standards tha
 In Alexei's garage fixing Macedonian history by Thanos Kalamidas
A few weeks ago I met my friend Kari and he was really worrying with a strange sound coming from his car’s engine. So we decided instead of continuing with our drinks to visit a nearby garage where the owner was somebody Kari knew and he
 Proud to be Greek (?) by Dimitra Karantzeni
The last months, every day in Greece, is a new day, but this comes with the worst meaning possible. And that is simply because, no one, and I’m talking about the citizens of my country, hardly knows whether new decisions, legislations or pol
 Why not Olli Rehn for Greek Prime Minister? by Thanos Kalamidas
So, all this chaotic situation, all this Greek drama, the mailing and the blackmailing, negotiating, netting and formatting was all about a banker who has worked very closely with the German bankers glorifying the dream of the new deutsche-mark to
 The kiss of Death for the Euro, or a bluff? by Christos Mouzeviris
So after months of just announcing to the Greek public new cuts, new austerity measures and the worsening state of Greece's economy, here comes a bomb from the country's Prime Minister! Mr. Papandreou decided to give the Greeks a refere
 In the mind of Papandreou's loaded gun by Thanos Kalamidas
Two years ago and while the Greek economic crisis was reaching one of her peaks, with Mr. Papandreou trying to handle his first days as prime minister in front the disastrous situation, in a speech for the Greek parliament he said that there is al
 The Greek haircut and the skin-headed Euro-zone by Thanos Kalamidas
The last twenty-four hours the euro-zone leaders reached one more – major according to them – plan to manage the euro-zone crisis and I’m sorry if one more time I might sound cynic but this “one more time” somehow hol
 The Greek economic genocide by Thanos Kalamidas
This week is going to be very critical one in Greece with demonstration literally putting in a standstill everything from transportation to schools, public and private sector. And this minute probably demonstrators flood the centre of Athens and m
 Would today's European leaders become Europe's undertakers? by Giorgos Kontogiannis
Handelsblatt, one of the most reliable financial newspapers in Germany, describes the Greek exit from the Eurozone and its consequences on the European currency. The whole article resembles to a science fiction scenario. It actually mentions th
 The Greek public sector monster by Thanos Kalamidas
The information I get from Greece is limited to what I read online and occasionally what I hear from my friends. I have no connection with any state official therefore I have not any inside information but I know how deep is the Greek problem and
 Which part of the Finnish republic Halla-aho represents? by Thanos Kalamidas
My father was a real representative of his generation in Europe after the WWII. A man with conservative ideology but very democratic sense. And in this democratic sense rooted his repulsion to anything dictatorial and he had personal experience
 Ethic liaisons with Finland and Greece by Thanos Kalamidas
The last few months through a number of articles a dialogue has started in the pages of Ovi magazine about the past, the present and the future of Europe and yesterday rereading a few of those articles and especially professor Paparella’s ar
 My story as an EU citizen... by Christos Mouzeviris
Growing in a typical working class family from Greece, I would have never thought that one day I would live where I am living right now. In our family we did not have many bold and adventurous individuals. But I got the "bug" while wo
 Proviso for the survival of the country the conflict between the socialist government and the Socialist Party (PASOK) by Giorgos Kontogiannis
The situation in Greece now is a reminiscent of the situation in the former USSR states immediately after the collapse of the Soviet regime, in 1989.Many states that had just escaped from the "protection" of the e
 Too much ...too late by Thanos Kalamidas
So that was it, the Euro-zone leadership at last decided that the economic measures in Greece were going to doomed the Greek people without any hope for recovery decided to lighten a bit the rope around their neck and they all sighed in unison bec
 What Ancient Greece and Modern Europe have in common? by Christos Mouzeviris
The situation in Europe now days with a crisis threatening to destroy whatever good the continent has achieved, reminds me of similar political dramas in the ancient times. Perhaps Europe borrowed more than democracy, philosophy and theater from G
 Myths, realities, Greeks and the economic crisis by Thanos Kalamidas
In general I’m pretty conservative when it comes to my compatriots’ reactions when it comes to foreign and especially north European politicians’ encounters with the contemporary Greek issue. People in Greece feel isolated and li
 Greece for sale... by Christos Mouzeviris
Coming back from my summer holidays in Greece, I felt that I had to write about the situation that the ordinary people of this country are going through; give an inside view and opinion on the events and add to what the media of Europe and the wor
 The Greek economy and my friend Giorgos by Thanos Kalamidas
Listening on the Greek radio the latest news from Athens and all about the clashes between the people and the police I got a mail from a friend contributor saying: I’m very concerned about what is happening in Greece right now; my best thoug
 Terrified, not indignant yet by Thanos Kalamidas
While the Greek parliament meeting to decide over the extra measures and the European union is watching outside in the streets and squares of Athens the movement of the “indignant” continues for another day demonstrating and demanding
 The Greek misery vows by Thanos Kalamidas
The Greek prime minister, Georgios Papandreou vows to stay and fight on amid party revolt and reactions in the socialist parliament members; but if Mr. Papandreou thinks that his problem is the party revolt he has lost the point. His problem is in
 Greek report by Euro Reporter
Bondholders need to step up in GreeceAs the Greece crisis began to destabilize wider financial markets on Thursday, Canada’s former top central banker added his voice to those advocating a solution involving bondholde
 Facing a new change of polity* by Giorgos Kontogiannis
Squares downtown Athens are filled, every single evening.The squares are filled with people who call themselves ‘indignant’.‘Indignant’, due the continuous implementation of political measures and th
 A political Drachma drama and a Union in pause by Thanos Kalamidas
Yesterday the news agency Reuters “accidentally” posted to all the media – including Ovi magazine – and subscribers a picture that shown European exchange including US Dollar, Japanese YEN and Greek Drachma leaving all of u
 European dignity ratings by Thanos Kalamidas
The rating agency Moody’s followed by European Union’s officials including the Luxembourg Prime Minister and head of the eurogroup, Jean-Claude Juncker and the president of the European council Herman Van Rompuy have warned in differen
 How corruption in Greece works... by Christos Mouzeviris
With the recent developments in Greece, the global media rushed in condemning the country painting their own picture of the situation in Greece. Apart the fact that we must examine the interests and the nationality of the journalists who wrote abo
 Greek Independence by Thanos Kalamidas
March 25th for the Greek people is a very special day and a dual celebration. On this day in 1821 the Greeks began a revolution against the Ottoman Empire that led to freedom and independence after 400 years of occupation and for the Greek Orthodo
 The mirror of the Greek social bankruptcy and Mr. Marinakis by Thanos Kalamidas
To fully understand how deep the crisis in Greece is, beyond its financial aspect, you just need to check what’s going on the Greek football leagues the last few weeks. Corruption, blackmails and bullying in every single level. Victims the p
 To the members of the Greek Parliament by Christos Mouzeviris
Αξιότιμοι Κύριοι και Κυρίες του Ελληνικού Κοινο
 The crisis in Ireland and Greece. What is really going on? by Newropeans-Magazine
Being a Greek living in Ireland, I am only able to feel double disappointment and anger lately. Last year I had to watch the country I originally come from being humiliated with the IMF loan, this year is the
 From Salonika to the Roma by Thanos Kalamidas
The first time I heard Nicolas Sarkozy talking about his roots in Salonika I have to admit that somehow I felt intrigued and looking forward for what was going to follow even though there are too few things that might connect me with the French Pr
 The Slovaks, Olli Rehn and the EU continuing failures by Thanos Kalamidas
As it is normal I suppose, when I browse the news and if I see something about Greece I check twice most of time even reading the whole article. And it was the same this time and started with an news-agency focusing on EU mainly news. A six hundre
 When in Greece the revolutionaries evolute to common criminals by Thanos Kalamidas
The last few months Greece manages to become headlines all around the world and not for good reason all the time. It was the economic failure and now it is the murder of a known journalist and blogger in the early morning hours on the 19th of July
 The IMF's shadow by Thanos Kalamidas
It looks like the minute the International Monetary Fund put a foot in Greece cannot keep away from Europe and now with a new force warns Spain – they called it concerns - for problems and the time has come for some radical measures to ensur
 The Greek blaming game by Thanos Kalamidas
Let’s talk about football! I would love to write that and spend the next hour talking about the Europe league, the last games and my favourite football persona José Mourinho but …but the telephone rings and it is some friends from
 The Greeks and Europe by Prof. Francesco Tampoia
"Today there are no more Frenchmen, nor Germans, nor Spaniards, nor Englishmen. There are only Europeans”   G. G. Rousseau, 1772. Some years ago, New York Times, Daniel Mendelsohn as usual in a fascinat
 Greek talking by Thanos Kalamidas
Even though I’m really proud to be Greek there are times like this last week that I feel really sad for the country I born and embarrassed for what people say for the country that mothered the western civilization. And when Finland’s M
 Conquered Europe by Dr. Gerry Coulter
In 146 B.C. Rome brought Greece to its knees and within half a century Greek culture (especially its philosophy and science), had permanently changed Rome. Hence the quip: “Rome conquered Greece – but Greece conquered Rome”. W
 Amarynthos raping justice (in Greek) by Thanos Kalamidas
Τις τελευταίες βδομάδες το ΔΝΤ και η κακομοιριά
 Greece's financial landmarks by Thanos Kalamidas
Greece is a country reference with historical landmarks not only for the nation but for the whole globe. Great battles, strangles for independence, freedom and democracy, the beginnings of philosophy and science, master personas, inspiring acts. A
 A handicap union and a trebling future by Thanos Kalamidas
In an extended survey lately in Norway about possible candidacy of the countr
 Father Andrew's church by Thanos Kalamidas
I’m not a religious person, on the contrary – and I have mention it often bef
 The Euro-tragedy by Thanos Kalamidas
And the talk about the Greek economy continues but it seems that nobody cares to listen the Greek prime minister or the Greek citizens, something that makes you wander what really is going on with the Euro and the European economy in general.
 The lost dignity of the Greek media by Thanos Kalamidas
Η απόσταση που με χωρίζει με την Ελληνική δημοσ
 Some are bound to guard Thermopiles by Thanos Kalamidas
A few weeks ago a young reporter from Greece contacted me, asking for an interview for a documentary for the Greek television regarding the events of the Athens Polytechnic in the 70s. The email was kindly written and showing a good professiona
 Några är tvungna att vakta Thermopiles by Thanos Kalamidas
För några veckor sedan kontaktade en ung reporter från Grekland mig och bad om en intervju för en dokumentärfilm för grekisk tv angående händelserna i Atens yrkeshögskola (Athens Polytechnic) på
 The Greek day after by Thanos Kalamidas
Days before the Greek national election I wrote an article emphasizing that the result of this election is very critical for all the major political parties in Greece and the period that is going to follow might change the Greek political scene
 An answer for the Greek election by Thanos Kalamidas
Living abroad means I only reach the latest news from Greece through friends or through the internet, and I have to admit that internet is a real luxury to somebody who has experienced life abroad for decades. To give you an example when I live
 Debating Greek democracy by Thanos Kalamidas
Watching the debate between the leaders of the six main Greek parties one night and then a day after watching another debate between the two main opponents – Prime Minister K. Karamanlis and opposition leader G. Papandreou – I have
 Mountain lobsters and the fall of Karamanlis by Thanos Kalamidas
Reading in the news about the Greek Prime Minister’s resignation, and call for national elections, I was fascinated to find out that everybody connected the early resignation with the summer wildfires and the disastrous way the government
 Greece on election fire (in Greek) by Thanos Kalamidas
Εάν το Πανελλήνιο Σοσιαλιστικό Κόμμα και ο αρχ
 Athens on fire ...again! by Thanos Kalamidas
This is not the first time, nor the second or the third; all my adult life I remember fires in the summer. The only thing that has changed is that we used to call them forest fires, and now we call them wildfires; there is no forest left! If pe
 Blog's anonymity and a Greek prosecutor (in Greek) by Thanos Kalamidas
Βρε παιδιά τι παίρνετε εκεί στην Ελλάδα και δεν
 The Parthenon Sculptures and the Acropolis museum by Thanos Kalamidas
Parthenon is a global monument and a symbol of western civilization. Parthenon stands in the middle of Athens, the city that took its name from the goodness protector of culture and education for 24 centuries. It will always be there, incised in t
 A Greek president in Helsinki (In Greek) by Thanos Kalamidas
Τελικά ποιός κυβερνάει αυτή τη χώρα; Θυμάται κα
 Karolos Papoulias by The Ovi Team
Karolos Papoulias was born on June 4th, 1929, in Ioannina, Epirus. His father was Major General Grigorios Papoulias, a member of the heroic military academy class of 1911. He died in September 1936 as a result of the hardships he suffered durin
 The British Museum: Just do it by Asa Butcher
In the very first issue of Ovi magazine I wrote a letter to Thanos in our
 Greece from abroad by Thanos Kalamidas
Friends and people I meet for the first time often ask me how I feel about my country after living abroad for so long. The usual answer is schizophrenic and then depending of the person I try to explain the love and hate relationship you build wit
 Migration in Greece - An open wound (in Greek) by Dimitra Karantzeni
Κοινωνική καταπίεση. Πολιτική εκμετάλλευση. Ρα
 It happened in Athens by Thanos Kalamidas
When the tragic events in Helsinki, Finland unveiled and we all read about the young boy that shot his classmates and teachers in the local school I wrote an article talking about the identity crisis and the chances the new generation has to deal
 Seferis' denial to dictators by Thanos Kalamidas
It is very difficult to describe to anybody who hasn’t lived something similar, how it was during the Greek military dictatorship in Greece. It is difficult to explain it even to people who have lived dictatorships and when you actually live
 European elections - who cares (In Greek) by Dimitra Karantzeni
Τον προσεχή Ιούνιο – και συγκεκριμένα μεταξύ 4 κ
 The fragile democracy (In Greek) by Dimitra Karantzeni
 Prison break a la Grec by Thanos Kalamidas
Over the last few days the whole of Greece has laughed at the latest unbelievable achievement of the Greek government and the security forces. Actually, the Greek police forces have been the target of lot of laughter and tears over the last few mo
 Denial and guilt by Thanos Kalamidas
It’s like the postman who always knocks twice the way news surrounding the Nazi era hit this last week. I never lived that era, born long after, but my father had very vivid memories since he was a young man during WWII and, of course, other
 The Olympic Hymn by The Ovi Team
ORIGINAL GREEKΑρχαίο Πνεύμα αθάνατο, αγνέ πατέρα
 Karamanlis: Go home! by Thanos Kalamidas
The only way for hope to survive is to defend these kids and their right to the dream. This is the only thing I can think about over the last few hours while a funeral is under way in Athens - the funeral of a fifteen year-old boy murdered by an i
 Athens on fire by Thanos Kalamidas
While I’m writing this I’m listening to Greek radio that often interrupts its usual Sunday evening relaxing sports program to have special bulletins with news from the centre; and everything finishes with the prelude that the street fi
 The Greek monks in business (Greek) by Thanos Kalamidas
Το καλοκαίρι του 1999, το τελευταίο
 Tatoulis and other Greek stories (In Greek) by Thanos Kalamidas
Ο Τατούλης, ο Σημίτης κ
 Grèce: les forêts du mont Hymette succombent à l’urbanisation d’Athènes by Newropeans-Magazine
Elle devait former un « poumon de verdure » au sein de la capitale grecque, mais la forêt du mont Hymette est en train de succomber à l’appétit vorace des promoteurs
 Karamanlis in Salonica by Thanos Kalamidas
Φαντάζομαι ότι τις τελε
 A silent martyr by Thanos Kalamidas
Most likely most of you have no idea what it means to live under a dictatorship and I really hope none of you will ever experience anything even close to it. How can you defend your self against dictators who would arrest a ten-year-old boy and th
 Drama, Northern Greece by Citronella
Some photos from Citronella, all from northern Greece around the city Drama.For the full Drama, Northern Greece Exhibition, click
 Turkey's EU future and Greece (In Greek) by Dimitra Karantzeni
 Scandals and Media ...in Greek by Dimitra Karantzeni
 Wicked is the world by Trol
Somehow it is expected among fellow Greeks that as a Greek myself I would feel some particular attachment to the Aegean Sea, enough to exclude any other destination for my summer vacation, while I personally have often preferred and favoured other
 Reforestate, if you dare (in Greek) by Dimitra Karantzeni
Αυτή θα μπορούσε κάλλιστα να είναι η εντο
 EU's Regional Policy and Kurdish Question by Europe & Us
The Republic of Turkey has a credibility problem regarding solutions to the Kurdish question. Accepting Kurds as interlocutors seems difficult for those ruling elites whether they are old-style Kemalists or new-fa
 Missing Alex - A Greek thriller (in Greek) by Dimitra Karantzeni
Τα νέα έκαναν το γύρω του κόσμου… O Άλ
 Some thoughts on the Greek fires (In Greek) by Dimitra Karantzeni
Το περυσ
 Hooligans & Youth (Greek) by Dimitra Karantzeni
«Βάνδαλα άτομα που βιαιοπραγούν στο όνομ
 It Was All Greek to Me by Clint Wayne
Back in the summer of 2004 I found myself, like a lot of my fellow football compatriots, cheering on the Greek National team as they took on the hosts Portugal in the European Nations Football Final. Of course you understand that this had absolut
 100 history and one misery that must go! by Thanos Kalamidas
Too many times over the last few years I have written articles about the lethal responsibility of the billionaire owners of football teams and their potential to destroy the world’s most popular sport. Without any real sense of their acti
 Whither Democracy in America? Part 3: Myths and Lessons of Athenian Democracy by Dr. Habib Siddiqui
In 1871, Walt Whitman, the great poet of America, wrote, "We have frequently printed the word democracy, yet I cannot too often repeat that it is a word the real gist of which still sleeps, quite unawakened, notwithstanding the resonan
 A survey with many edges (in Greek) by Thanos Kalamidas
Πριν από λίγες μέρες έγραψα για τον Τσίπρα με το
 A Short Story of Greek DIY Punk Passion by Zorba the Freak/Sakaflias
Once upon a time there were two guys. One (Zorbas) lived in the capital of Greece while the other one (Sakaflias) came from a little corner of the Greek countryside called Trikala. For many years they had been unawar
 Blogs, sex and lies by Thanos Kalamidas
Η Ελληνική κυβέρνηση του κ. Καραμανλή όλο
 The Tsipras phenomenon (in Greek) by Thanos Kalamidas
Καιρό τώρα σκέφτομαι να γράψω κάτι για το
 When I had enough (in Greek) by Thanos Kalamidas
Όταν πριν από ένα χρόνο περίπου αποφάσιζ
 The Siemens Connection by Thanos Kalamidas
Reading the financial news for the last few years I get the strong feeling that fraud and scandals have become the most common issue between big companies and I suppose that’s another sign of globalization. Coming to globalization, putting a
 Long live the new archbishop! (in Greek) by Thanos Kalamidas
Ο θάνατος του Αρχιεπισκόπου Αθηνών Χριστ
 Turkey: Karamanlis, Al Bashir and Alliances Of Civilizations by Europe & Us
A visit to Turkey for a Greek prime minister must have been the most troublesome. In fact Greek Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis was barely able to make the visit that had been announced in 2005. Or since 1959, when Greece's legendary polit
 Spinaloga: The graveyard of Hansen's disease by Thanos Kalamidas
Off the shores of Crete there is a small island that symbolizes a very old embarrassing story, not only for Greece, but for the whole world and that’s why you will not find long reports or historical facts in any encyclopedia. Spinaloga is a
 Reporters in crisis (in Greek) by Thanos Kalamidas
Δημοσιογραφία σε κατάσταση υστερίας.
 Suicide justice (Greek) by Thanos Kalamidas
Πριν τα Χριστούγεννα έγραψα ένα άρθρο με
 Comical, but tragic (In Greek) by Thanos Kalamidas
Πριν από λίγες μέρες με επισκέφτηκε Έλληνας που
 Grece: mobilisation de la rue contre la reforme du regime des retraites by Newropeans-Magazine
Devant les initiatives de Costas Karamanlis, le Premier ministre grec, qui souhaite réformer rapidement le régime des retraites, la société grecque se mobilise. D’importantes manifestations sont prévues le mercred
 A memory from the Polytechnic in Athens by Thanos Kalamidas
Η πορεία του 1980 για το Πολυτεχνείο, ήταν η τε
 Andreas, we lost by Thanos Kalamidas
Ανδρέα ...χάσαμε! Με έκπληξη και χωρ
 A tragedy by Thanos Kalamidas
I have often mentioned that I grew up and met adulthood during one of the darkest times of the Modern Greek history, during the seven years of the military dictatorship. And I have often said that it is very difficult to d
 Thucydides - The Historian by Jack Wellman
 Many feel the birthplace of history was Ancient Greece. If that is true, the child prodigy was Thucydides. The word 'history' comes from the Greek historia, and liter
 Greek elections (in Greek) 3/3 by Thanos Kalamidas
Το τι συμβαίνει αυτή τη στιγμή στο ΠΑΣΟΚ ε
 Greek elections (in Greek) 2/3 by Thanos Kalamidas
Για την παρουσία του κυρίου Καρατζαφέρη τ
 Fires...in Greek by Thanos Kalamidas
Τελικά είτε μου αρέσει είτε όχι, νιώθω υποχρεωμ
 Discriminative fan... (in Greek) by Ovi Magazine Guest
Discriminative fan...  (in Greek)By Romanos Dragasis Από την περασμένη Πέμπ
 Motive ...football (in Greek) by Thanos Kalamidas
Όταν μοναδική πηγή πληροφόρησης από την
 Media made in Greece (In Greek) by Thanos Kalamidas
Σκοπός μου ήταν πάντα να γράφω κείμενα στ
 It is all ...Greek by Thanos Kalamidas
Τελικά αυτό που μας ενώνει στην Ελλάδα δε
 Sofia's Letters from London #4 by Sofia Gkiousou
Coming from a Mediterranean country, the first thing you realise about London is that it’s difficult to get accustomed to the food. Even for me, a dedicated cook of Greek cuisine and experimental fusion (which
 Posa einai ta arthra? by Thanos Kalamidas
Πόσα είναι τα άρθρα; Αγαπητοί συν
 The Antikythera Mechanism by Louie Parsons
A computer in antiquity would seem to be an anachronism, like Athena ordering takeout on her cellphone, but a century ago pieces of a strange mechanism with bronze gears and dials were recovered from an ancient shipwreck off the coast of Greece.
 Caffeinated: Countryside VS the City by Giorgos Vrachliotis
The longest traffic jam I’ve ever seenCountryside VS the CityRight now I’m travelling through some forests returning to the city from a weekend at my parents house in Corfu island and I’m th
 Caffeinated: Congratulations suckers! by Giorgos Vrachliotis
Congratulations suckers!You succeeded in making me flee this shithole. In other words, a short intro-duction to the Greek higher education system.The basic idea...... or at least what it
 Thirty-three years of duty! by Thanos Kalamidas
It must be over two years ago, since a known Iranian editor-director in Finland was showing off to some office girls saying that he’s an experienced commander because, during the Iran-Iraq war, he was a captain
 What did the Finn see? by Thanos Kalamidas
Αγαπητοί συντρεχαλητές στις skate-λεωφό
 28th of  October in Greece, the OXI day28th of October in Greece, the OXI day by Anna Oistros
Πίσω από τους πολέμους υπάρχουν άνθρ
 What happened with  BLOGME.grWhat happened with BLOGME.gr by Thanos Kalamidas
  Το κείμενο που ακολουθεί είναι αυτο
 Local elections with European colourLocal elections with European colour by Ergo te Lina
In the municipality of Vamos (Chania-Crete), the pre-elections speeches and pamphlets were also in English because many of the assembled voters of Vamos emanate from countries inside the European Union and have the right to vote in the elect
 Football terrorism?Football terrorism? by Thanos Kalamidas
Here I was listening to the game in total concentration, the Serbians had the ball and I started to worry, the goalkeeper catches and I take a deep breath. Wednesday night and I am following my national team on the r
 The shame is always with us by Ergo te Lina
Mehmet Ali Birand’s text is translated from Turkish by Ergotelinen Click here to read the original Turkish text.
 Hiç unutamam. by Ergo te Lina
Click here to read the article in English. 50 yıl önce İstanbul’da yaşananların canlı t
 Nikos Kazantzakis: The truth of an alleged excommunication by Anna Oistros
For over fifty years since his death, everybody believed that the Nobel Prize winning Greek author Nikos Kazantzakis had been excommunicated from the Greek Orthodox Church. This was not true.
 Passion for the Christ by Asa Butcher
A few hours ago I completed my first Nikos Kazantzakis’ novel and a few minutes ago, while researching some details for this review, I started reading it again. This novel marked a number of other firsts for me, I had never read any Greek li
 Spicing up history by Asa Butcher
Pepper...is hot and scorches, just like the sunSalt...is used as needed to spice up one's lifeCinnamon...is bitter and sweet, just like a womanMy experience with Greek films begins with Zorba the Greek
 Καρυκεύοντας την ιστορία by Asa Butcher
Σκηνοθεσία και σενάριο Τάσος Βουλμέτης
 Kitten Stevens by Thanos Kalamidas
Does the name Yusuf Islam say anything to you? You might have read something about this name a few months ago when the FBI and American customs forbid him entry to the US because he had suspected links with
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