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 Dick Cheney, the Lord Protector by Thanos Kalamidas
I have the feeling that it will take decades until we find out what really happened during the George W. Bush era. Conspiracy theories have already been circulating about 9/11, and more are to come regarding the money and oil trafficking, and abou
 The West must stop bullying Russia by Newropeans-Magazine
I was part of a TFF fact-finding mission to Georgia, South Ossetia and Abkhasia in 1993. That the 7 August war would happen was predictable, albeit not the exact time. One can see this easily
 Analyse... this Russia by Thanos Kalamidas
While the Russian troops have left Georgia on schedule, while the American administration is leading its relationship with Russia into a …cooler era with Condoleezza Rice, Ms. Frosty of the American foreign policy putting her cool touches, a
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 South Ossetia: The Guns of August by Rene Wadlow
Deep quiet holds the breath of nightMy mother-land in silence lies, Yet oft is heard an anguished moanAs Georgia in her slumber sighs- Ilia Chavhavadze
 Who's scared of Russia? by Thanos Kalamidas
While I'm writing this there are still bombs falling in Georgia and South Ossetia while there are suspicions that armies and bombs are gathering to another side of Georgia, Abkhazia and the obvious conclusion is that the big Russian bear hasn
 Creating barbarians by Thanos Kalamidas
Every time there is something on the news about funny situations between America and the eastern front, Russia and her allies, I remember an old poem by the Greek poet Kavafis written more than a century ago. The title of the poem is “Waitin
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