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 Fish Nam Prik by Phantiwa Kongsiri
Today I would like to offer you a recipe which is originated from the North-Eas
 The skinny on thin by Edna Nelson
By the end of last summer I was at my thinnest I was eating nothing but full grain non-processed foods, and working out for at least 30 minutes a day. Originally I adopted this routine because I was constipated, depressed, bored, scared as hell ab
 Ovi Cookbook: Simple cake with a bit of chocolate by Thanos Kalamidas
The other day I had morning visitors and I didn’t really have time to go out for some biscuits or buns, so I thought that nothing compares to a nice soft cake with coffee and you cannot compare it to any industrial biscuits or cakes. When I
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 Ovi Cookbook: Irish Stew by Thanos Kalamidas
Winter is here which means it is the best timing for a soup or a stew. Now when it comes to stew, wherever you come from and wherever you live, there is one that will always come to mind: Irish beef stew! Ingredients
 The Global Seed Police: Monsanto and GM Food by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
The latest documentary by French journalist Marie-Monique Robin, The World According to Monsanto, a production of the national Film Board of Canada, can be viewed as a grand recapitulation of familiar, venal
 La Vie Sucre: Beijing's Top Pastry Chef by Valerie Sartor
Phillipe Ancelet sat down in a booth at his East Lake shop and grumbled good-naturedly: “I’m past my prime”. He raised his huge shoulders and gave an abashed shrug. Clearly he wasn’t the coy type – yet at 52 this robu
 Why the Poor Stay Hungry by Rene Wadlow
As the United Nations Secretary-General said on 29 April 2008 at the end of a high-level meeting of UN Agencies in Bern, Switzerland devoted to the world food crisis “The food crisis threatens to undo all ou
 Feed the poor and hungry shitFeed the poor and hungry shit by Joseph Gatt
I happened to come across a documentary made by the yes men where they made a conference on how the world food crisis should be solved by recycling shit. Though the idea caused disgust and anger from the people who attended the conference, it s
 Water is life! Water is capital! by Leila Dregger
On 21st February, the ecologist team of the Tamera Peace Research Center, near Colos, invited ecologists and specialists from the region, as well as from the universities in Lisbon and Evora, to show them the state of
 China and Food: Gobbling up the Goodies by Valerie Sartor
Everything in China is in a state of transition. The Chinese government is enacting new legislation; people are migrating to better jobs; young people soaking up western culture via the Internet and family dynamics are evolving into new patterns.
 China & Food: The Tao of Food by Valerie Sartor
It's no secret that the Chinese have always cherished exquisitely prepared, thoughtfully presented and delicious food. In China business has long been conducted over banquet tables and every Chinese friend will tell foreigners that no meeti
 Spud-you-don't-like by Asa Butcher
"You don't like potato! Who doesn't like potatoes? Go on, try one… just one! It won't hurt you… give it a nibble… okay, why don't you try it with some baked beans? What! You don't like baked beans either?
 China & Food: Vegetarian Diplomacy by Valerie Sartor
In recent years foreign media has been praising China for opening to the West and stimulating the world economy but actually the country has been going global for centuries. This process has impacted upon all level
 The Universal Cake by Jan Sand
My mother was a great cook. I grew up during the depression in New York but food in the USA has always been cheap and my mother was always trying new things. We had regular days of pasta or inexpensive cheese dishes but they always tasted good and
 Free Rice by Asa Butcher
Earlier this week I saw a 'Free Rice' headline on the BBC website and my immediate response was how the hell did somebody manage to kidnap the United States' Secretary of State? A few moments later I realis
 Ovi Cookbook: Carrot Cake by Asa Butcher
Over the past few months I have been making a particular carrot cake for friends and families that has become a runaway success. I have to admit that the recipe is not mine, but taken from a Finnish recipe shared by another friend.
 The Ovi Cookbook by Thanos Kalamidas
Welcome to Greek cooking!Now don't think that Greek
 Paco, el camarero by Antonio Diaz
Recuerdo los años de Instituto como algunos de los más felices de mi vida. Una época que yo tacharía de bastante inocente por mi parte, aunque ya no fuera tan niño y el vello púbico no solo asomara ya, sino que se hab
 Sofia's Letters from London #4 by Sofia Gkiousou
Coming from a Mediterranean country, the first thing you realise about London is that it’s difficult to get accustomed to the food. Even for me, a dedicated cook of Greek cuisine and experimental fusion (which
 Meanie Mummy by Asa Butcher
Chocolate, biscuits, sweets, ice cream, crisps and fizzy drinks will win over most children’s affection in the time it takes a dentist to say, “Brush twice a day!” However, at what age should children be allowed to sample the sug
 The Ovi Cookbook #2 by Thanos Kalamidas
I am sure you are already drooling on your keyboard at the mere thought of one of these delicious Christmas cookies or you are still wiping the crumbs from your lips after my last recipe, either way prepare yourself for a simple recipe that eve
 The Ovi Cookbook by Thanos Kalamidas
How can you have Christmas without Christmas cookies? Here is the first recipe for Greek Christmas cookies and we also want you to send us your traditional Christmas recipes! MelomakaronaHoney …sho
 A La Carte by C.J. Michaels
There are better places to spend a Friday lunchtime, on a late summer’s day in Paris, than squeezed into a baking hot corner table in Café Didot by the door to the old-fashioned squat toilet.
 Cross-examining World Food DayCross-examining World Food Day by Amin George Forji
The day has been commemorated since 1945, when it was first instituted by the FAO. The day is purported to have as its goal, the raising of awareness of the stakes of poverty and hunger. It is not a day to ration foo
 Stunt Cows and Lentil(s): My Life as a Herbivore by Paul Thomas
Fat people, vampires, cannibals and committed carnivores look away now: October 1st is the beginning of Vegetarian Awareness Month. Organised by the North American (it would be) Vegetarian Association, this month lon
 Καρυκεύοντας την ιστορία by Asa Butcher
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