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 Finland's Independence DayFinland's Independence Day by The Ovi Team
Finland\'s Independence Day (Finnish: itsenäisyyspäivä, Swedish: självständighe
 Alyaa's voice Alyaa's voice by Amir Khatib
 The 100 years between Kaarlo Juho Stahlberg and Timo Soini by Thanos Kalamidas
Badboys Radio Show Ovi Gallery Le Meteque Ovi Exhibition Ovi Bookshop
 Poems and Maps by Ovi Magazine Guest
 Finnish report by Euro Reporter
 Niinisto's fuel to the nazi fire by Thanos Kalamidas
 Finns and an Italian man sitting at a cafe by Thanos Kalamidas
 Finland, Greece of the north by Thanos Kalamidas
 Finnish report by Euro Reporter
 Half truths and huge lies about Mr Sipila's sudden love to refugees by Thanos Kalamidas
 Finnish report by Euro Reporter
 Finnish serpent's egg by Thanos Kalamidas
 EU's labour dark ages by Thanos Kalamidas
 The True face of Finland abroad by Thanos Kalamidas
Negotiations for the creation of the new Finnish government have been finalized after a month of hard
 Sacrificing Finnish democracy by Thanos Kalamidas
In one of the most dramatic moments of the Greek epos “Iliad”, king Agamemnon sacrifices h
 Finn report by Euro Reporter
 Finnish report by Euro Reporter
 Good night Finland by Thanos Kalamidas
 How Finns will wake up on the 20th of April by Thanos Kalamidas
 The True/Pure Finnish road by Thanos Kalamidas
 Angakoq II by The Ovi Team
Angakoq IIPerformanssitapahtuma Performance
 Finnish report by Euro Reporter
 Finnish report by Euro Reporter
 The Finnish cryptologic service in WWII by Ovi Magazine Guest
 MS Estonia sinks by The Ovi Team
September 28th. On this day in 1994, 852 people die in one of the worst maritime disasters of the century when the Estonia, a large car-and-passenger ferry, sinks in the Baltic Sea. The German-built ship was travelling on an overnight cruise fr
 Finnish report by Euro Reporter
 The Finnish mediocrity in EU by Thanos Kalamidas
 Finnish report by Euro Reporter
 Finnish report by Euro Reporter
 Finnish unethical Facebook violations by Thanos Kalamidas
 Finnish report by Euro Reporter
 The Finns denial and hypocrisy by Thanos Kalamidas
 Finnish report by Euro Reporter
 The Zimmerman maneuver in Helsinki by Thanos Kalamidas
 Finnish report by Euro Reporter
 Finnish report by Euro Reporter
Finland says Russia invaded its airspace The Finnish Defence Ministry said in a statement released Wednesday two Russian military aircraft crossed into Finland\'s airspace. The ministry said the in
 Finn reportFinn report by Euro Reporter
New bioeconomy initiative in Finland to support SMEsThe bioeconomy is growing at an unprecedented rate, and the demand for new services and more efficient tools to boost business in this industry is
 Finnish reportFinnish report by Euro Reporter
Finland's Jewish community denies advising Jews not to wear kippah in publicFinland's Jewish community has strongly denied media reports that one of its security officers had advised Jews in
 My friend, SaidoMy friend, Saido by Thanos Kalamidas
 An Edna for EspooAn Edna for Espoo by Thanos Kalamidas
 Cycling Helsinki with ToivoCycling Helsinki with Toivo by Thanos Kalamidas
 Finnish reportFinnish report by Euro Reporter
Finland's Outokumpu to cut 100 jobs in general stainless unitFinnish stainless steel maker Outokumpu said it would cut around 100 jobs in its general stainless unit to save costs. Outokumpu said
 This is shooting FinlandThis is shooting Finland by Thanos Kalamidas
I have been waiting for a week to read something. Even a small line in the news. Absolutely nothing. But let me explain what I’ve been waiting for. It was in the news with the headline, firearms accidents kill two children. A five-year old b
 This is Stubbed FinlandThis is Stubbed Finland by Thanos Kalamidas
According to the popular online encyclopaedia, Wikipedia; The Telegraph is a “conservative-leaning newspaper” and this is a political correct exaggeration on the wrong side. The telegraph represents the most conservative side of the Br
 Finnish reportFinnish report by Euro Reporter
Pleased with Moody's confirmationFinland's finance ministry said Tuesday that it was "very pleased" with the confirmation of the country's AAA rating by Moody's Investors S
 The Finnish legitimacy and the global ethic by Thanos Kalamidas
The Finnish Finance Minister Jutta Urpilainen for one more time is rolling her sleeves and getting ready for collateral negotiations, this time with Madrid all in the name of the Finnish people and the European unity. and Jutta is just the obvious
 Finnish report by Euro Reporter
Finland refuses to pay for other countries' debtFinland has no intention of footing the bill to cover the debt of other countries in the eurozone, Finnish Finance Minister Jutta Urpilainen said
 Jutta Urpilainen Vis Kim Kardashian by Thanos Kalamidas
In politics there is a principal; when you load a gun - don’t misunderstand, I don’t mean a real gun, it is politics semantics - you must have a b plan, an escape route and definitely the wish to use it. If you don’t have any of
 Mas porque diabos a Finlandia? by Monica Vasku
 Ei Aasian vuosisataa ilman Aasian-laajuista institutiota by Dr. Anis H. Bajrektarevic
Jo yli vuosikymmenen ajan useat asiaankuuluvat akateemiset julkaisut ovat olleet täynnään artikkeleita, jotka ovat enteilleet 2000-luvun alusta Aasian vuosisataa. Tätä on usein perusteltu monien runsasväkisten Aasian
 This is when Finland goes Bilderberg by Thanos Kalamidas
It’s a long time ago when I found my self meeting a group of people thanks to a friend of mine. After a “boy’s night out” one of them – obviously the leader – told me that I was welcome to the brotherhood des
 This is Finland and in the middle Keskusta (Centre) by Thanos Kalamidas
In a very twisted way the Finnish Centre party (Keskusta) reminds me of NATO, the North-Atlantic organization with long past expired day, absolutely no excuse of existence and still be there trying to prove that is alive from its grave. And you kn
 Romeo shot traumatized Finland by Thanos Kalamidas
This morning while listening the news all Finland lost a heart-beat and for the next few hours all of us doesn’t matter what we did, planed to do or didn’t do; all of us had in the back of our mind the terrifying combination of the
 This is linguistic ...Finland by Thanos Kalamidas
When I decided to start a column with this headline I was planning to write more often and always keeping in mind that Finland is not any more or less surreal than any other country. I always felt - and I have lived in four different countries the
 When Finland was Greece by Thanos Kalamidas
Last week one of my articles about the situation in Greece attracted one not so attractive comment, “Boo-hoo. No more dancing Zorbas on my tax money.” This was not the first similar comment and I’m not sure about the writer
 A Finnish election of see and not hear by Thanos Kalamidas
This was a weird campaign; a more strange first round presidential election and even though everybody sort of knows who’s going to win they are looking forward for the second round focusing not on the favourite but on the outsider. And of co
 When Alexander stubbed Goebbels' triple A by Thanos Kalamidas
Only Paavo Lipponen really sensed what the Finland’s minister for European affairs Alexander Stubb said and knowing the dangers of the paths he followed very politically said, that he does not favour any increase in the power of nations with
 Homeless and young in Helsinki by Thanos Kalamidas
Often while browsing the news there is something that follows me in the back of my mind all day and occasionally I feel somehow forced by some kind of inner power to check again and again what I read somehow finding hard to believe what was writte
 Transparent CIA flights via Finland and Jaatteenmaki by Thanos Kalamidas
For one more time the last decade Amnesty International uncovers evidence of secret CIA flights over a European member state carrying terror suspects most likely to the Guantanamo base raising for one more time questions about their legality and s
 Which part of the Finnish republic Halla-aho represents? by Thanos Kalamidas
My father was a real representative of his generation in Europe after the WWII. A man with conservative ideology but very democratic sense. And in this democratic sense rooted his repulsion to anything dictatorial and he had personal experience
 Paavo, Sauli, the dinosaur's battle for the presidency. by Thanos Kalamidas
Even though admired from many involved in politics far beyond the Finnish boarders Paavo Lipponen, the Social-democrats’ candidate for the Finnish presidential elections of 2012 didn’t really inspired me when I first encountered with i
 Ethic liaisons with Finland and Greece by Thanos Kalamidas
The last few months through a number of articles a dialogue has started in the pages of Ovi magazine about the past, the present and the future of Europe and yesterday rereading a few of those articles and especially professor Paparella’s ar
 Now we know why Brussels is the centre of EU by Thanos Kalamidas
I have to admit that it took me a bit but now I understood why the European leadership was so eager for the Belgian Herman Van Rompuy to become the president of the Union. They vision a European future similar to the one Belgium enjoys this min
 When Timo changed his name into Andy! by Thanos Kalamidas
Dear friends when I woke up this morning I decided that my name doesn’t add to my uniqueness and exceptional personality so I decided to change it into …David! I know you find hard to believe it but since I change my name I became y
 While Tarja Halonen debates, immigrants deal with the problems by Thanos Kalamidas
The Finnish President, Tarja Halonen in an interview talked extensively about the events in Norway and about xenophobia and racism in Finland. In this interview among others and pointing that herself she has a lot of friends who have immigrate to
 Myths, realities, Greeks and the economic crisis by Thanos Kalamidas
In general I’m pretty conservative when it comes to my compatriots’ reactions when it comes to foreign and especially north European politicians’ encounters with the contemporary Greek issue. People in Greece feel isolated and li
 The Finnish "six pack" Joe state by Thanos Kalamidas
Midsummer in Finland means cottage, lake, beer and makkara – the Finnish sausage – not necessary in this series. It means empty cities and packed lakes, it means singing and drinking and for this year it meant the end of a month long n
 Is the sofa comfortable Timo? by Thanos Kalamidas
Well Timo, is so much comfortable in the opposition, isn’t it? You just have to lie down and watch the rest of them from your television screen and then between your makara bites and beer gulping you can shout about the forgotten pensioners
 When the true sisu proved to be common cowardice by Thanos Kalamidas
Last week I wrote an article about the political situation in Finland after the last national elections and the suspicious role of the Trued Finns in the negotiations to form a government with their in and outs from the talks. A week after the lea
 Waiting for the government and the True Finns by Thanos Kalamidas
Watching the latest of the negotiations to form a government in Finland you might notice that first of all Finland tries to become the Belgium of the north going on without a government and secondly that the battle from the negotiation offices has
 First the ID's; When the stars? by Thanos Kalamidas
Days if not hours since the Finnish president, Tarja Halonen addressing the 50th anniversary of Amnesty International she emphasized the role that the new government will have in resisting racism and xenophobia we are reading in the news that the
 European plan B, the True Finns by Thanos Kalamidas
Reading that the True Finns are not going to support the European bailout plans in the Finnish parliamentary voting made me think of the strange domino effect and the convenience of the timing trying hard to avoid conspiracy theories. The truth is
 The lumpen side of a True Negotiation by Thanos Kalamidas
While the conservatives of the Kokoomus, the Social-Democrats and the True Finns negotiate for the future government a new reality hits the Finnish parliament, the reality of the absolute populism and uncontrolled and dangerous stupidity. The trut
 Finnish dangerous liaisons by Thanos Kalamidas
It was a film back in eighties with Glenn Close, John Malkovich and a very young Michelle Pfeiffer and it was all about human behaviour and sexual relationships to their limits, a wild and unpredictable game of love, hate and egoisms. Just like th
 When the true Finns lost their false identity by Thanos Kalamidas
Finland is still trying to understand what happened and most of the political parties look numb. The good news is that all of them try to find answers and the blue print to start negotiations in a reassuring climate. But the damage has happened an
 Finland in Dark Ages by Thanos Kalamidas
This morning we woke up living in the less corrupted country in the world, the country with the best security and the best education system and tonight we are going to sleep with the shadow of the True Finns haunting our dreams.
 Vote Real Finns NOT True Finns by Thanos Kalamidas
The Finnish women were the first in the world with the right to elect and be elected and that over a century ago at 1906. Just think that the rest of the western world followed as late as 1950s and 1960s. Finland prides to hold the top position in
 When the Green party try to show how true Finns they are by Thanos Kalamidas
With just three days till the official Finnish election day, one third of the voters have already voted either with the advance voting or by post and the big battle just starts; it’s time for the last minute uncertain voters and in reality t
 First they came... by Thanos Kalamidas
“First they came for the communists, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist.Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.Then they came for the
 This is Finland, the voice of logic by Thanos Kalamidas
After days of screaming regrets because Finland doesn’t participate in another bombing occasionally of innocents the voice of logic and for me the contemporary conscious of this country Martti Ahtisaari returned to say the obvious “no
 When true Finns need a bailout from their xenophobia by Thanos Kalamidas
With the parliamentary elections getting closer the extreme right xenophobic Finnish party, the True Finns does exactly what similar parties have done for decades all around the world; disorientates the public with populisms over a subject the peo
 The serpent's egg of the Finnish politics by Thanos Kalamidas
Finland has visited all European Union’s institutions, including the EU leaders’ summits, lately carrying a very heavy and awkwardly slimy package and this time was no exception. Mari Kiviniemi arrived in Brussels in a meeting in front
 Caption this ...True Finn by Thanos Kalamidas
The last few days and weeks away from the Finnish parliamentary election with a little help from the Finnish media vultures and via telephone to housewives telephone surveys the prejudice and xenophobic True Finns Party has exposed themselves e
 Are the True Finns the real Finns? by Thanos Kalamidas
The last days the True Finns party published their manifesto for the coming elections and they fully unveiled their xenophobia, their prejudice and their euro-sceptic attitude - the nice way to put the ones who oppose the European Union - opposing
 Leaking Finlandization by Thanos Kalamidas
Keskusta, centre party - is a Finnish party with a long history and many traditions; its highest pick was Urho Kekkonen’s era and it’s lowest for the moment era it’s contemporary reality. Still there was one little chance to beco
 The European culture capitals that should awake and unite by Thanos Kalamidas
The cities of Turku (Finland) and Tallinn (Estonia) have been honoured by the European Commission with the title of European culture capital 2011. During this period the two cities will organize a series of cultural events with a strong Europea
 This is Finland by Thanos Kalamidas
If one day when you have to be at work urgently early and you find out that your young daughter is ill with fever and you don’t know what to do, don’t worry; super family Finnish minister – prime minister Mari Kiviniemi will come
 Human error by Thanos Kalamidas
It is everywhere on the news the last couple of days and I suppose a lot of people have read my now that the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico was an avoidable disaster caused in part by a series of cost-cutting decisions made by BP and its partners
 This is Finland by Thanos Kalamidas
Living in Finland is often a surreal state of mind and you must have a lot of humour to cope and understand the schizophrenic of the Finnish society and especially politics. Actually living in this northern country I found out many times that I ha
 Let's talk about tax, Ireland and European solidarity by Thanos Kalamidas
Of course all the Europeans were ready and willing to help Ireland but Ireland had to do something tiny little small thing for them they have to bend over and increase their tax to their only chance for economic recovery. You see when Ireland lowe
 Harassing democracy in Turku by Thanos Kalamidas
One of the first demonstrations I saw in Helsinki it was over ten years ago and it was a demonstration against the creation of another nuclear plan, a conversation that was just in its beginning back then. I have to admit that the number of the de
 When Christian Democrats turn SM in Finland by Thanos Kalamidas
Please check carefully this photo and tell me what you think, is she into sadomasochism or i
 When the Finnish church goes secular by Thanos Kalamidas
Usually I avoid writing about churches and religion since I have openly declared my atheism and my respect to others’ believes, and in my mind there is a very clear separation between faith – religion - and the people who “repres
 The many dimensions of Einojuhani Rautavaara by Thanos Kalamidas
I have often said that Finland is an isolated country when it comes to art – design is another case but not the issue here - and especially when it comes to music and unfortunately one of the usual excuses is the language like the languag
 Moomin World: Come and hug a Moomin by Asa Butcher
For the uninitiated, the Moomins are a family of cute and cuddly white trolls that live and play together in Moomin Valley. Created in Finland 1945 by Tove Jansson, the Moomins have appeared in countless comic strips, books, films and TV series
 When true Finnish poll raises questions by Thanos Kalamidas
Another poll saw the Finnish media the last few days attracting the usual spotlights and one more time I have to express my scepticism for how they contact those surveys and about their timing. Actually I found the timing suspicious. The survey ha
 Finnish midsummer consumed by alcohol by Thanos Kalamidas
I have this strange déjà vu feeling around those days that I was thinking exactly the same things a year a go, that I even wrote the same things a year ago. It’s Sunday evening, midsummer weekend and the number of dead in Finland h
 Mari Kiviniemi and the mellow fruit policy by Thanos Kalamidas
When Gordon Brown took over the PM’s seat in British government I was strongly opposed and that despite understanding that Britain has a representative democracy and the labours had won the elections therefore the seat belonged to the ruling
 Some thoughts about the conversion from snail-mail to e-mail by Rinso
Introduction:The Finnish postal service has started a test to scan normal mail and deliver it as e-mail.Letters will be opened in the post office, scanned and send as e-mail to the recipient. The letter itself will be delivere
 Jäätteenmäki's rivers by Thanos Kalamidas
When you are an outsider Finnish politics give you the sense of total schizophrenia. One day the Prime Minister decides to boycott a supermarket chain because they didn’t have his favourite milk brand when he went for shopping, then a week a
 But seriously ...Finnish by Thanos Kalamidas
History is not written with ‘ifs’ and especially politics. However living in Finland and having often to deal with the less corrupted country on earth and the way Finns look at the rest of us from our corrupted world I’m someh
 Lost in Helsinki: The Guide's Handbook by Lesley Davis-Ojala
 But ...seriously by Thanos Kalamidas
For my personal column with the weird and serious of this world, nothing else or even better could start the new decade than the Cesar himself. Apparently I just remembered something I heard ones in a play, there is no need for a script in modern
 Jean Sibelius by Thanos Kalamidas
Even though I keep my distance from the pompous Finlandia, Jean Sibelius has managed to grow in me and become one of my most favourite composers especially with his Tapiola. Actually my love to his music has becom
 Dear Mrs. Astrid Thors... by Thanos Kalamidas
Dear Mrs. Astrid Thors, Finland’s migration minister;With surprise I have to admit I’ve read in the newspapers that following your proposition the government decided to reduce the benefits
 Ars Fennica Awards by Johnny Milner
Ars Fennica, the most prestigious art award on the Finnish cultural calendar will be announced today (November 19th) at Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art. Selected by Vincente Todoli (director of Tate Modern), the winner will be awarded a sizea
 YLE's boss half truths by Thanos Kalamidas
From the very beginning I found my self living in Finland I have problems with YLE, the Finnish National Radio Television and this has nothing to do with my linguistic problems and my poor understanding of the Finish or the Swedish language, the o
 The Finnish green league of misery by Thanos Kalamidas
It is only weeks since in another article I mentioned how difficult it is and how it hurts to say … I told you! And here we come to say it again and this time I feel like writing it in bold capital letters since I said it again and again
 When Now Meets Then: Art Exhibition by The Ovi Team
When Now Meets Then… AND WHEN THANOS KALAMIDAS MET AMIR KHATIBAn exhibition that combines paintings, installations, cartoons, creations and ideas.
 The Land of Teflon Geese by Hank W.
"There is no corruption in Finland", believe me this. Not even when you siphon taxpayers money and distribute it into your own party coffers. Because its all been made legal, see and even if its illegal theres no reprecussions.
 Ms Anttila's war on food prices by Thanos Kalamidas
This was on the news last week but I have to admit that I’ve been waiting patiently to see if anybody was going to react or at least say something about it but ... seriously, absolutely nothing! The Finnish agriculture and forest minister, M
 Political parties' funding, the Finnish abscess by Thanos Kalamidas
Let me get this straight, when the government threatens to close down libraries due to lack of funds, when they say that they have to make cuts in education and health care, it is because my tax money doesn’t go to where it should, but it
 A well made bait for Matti Vanhanen by Thanos Kalamidas
It must be a really slow month for the Finnish media, that’s the only way I can explain the sudden interest in the governing party’s economics, and the prime minister’s insolvency, including hints of corruption. And all this i
 Fingerprinting Finland by Thanos Kalamidas
In a Europe where personal liberties have been very important, and on a continent that knows well what it means to be innocent but having a police file from the bitter years before WWII, Finland has decided to add fingerprints to their passports.
 Finland's "Media Fee" outrage by Asa Butcher
Benjamin Franklin once wrote, "…nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes" and it seems those words are to be realised once again as the Finnish Government proudly pat themselves on the back following their discover
 Neanderthal missing link found in Mukkula! by Louie Parsons
A startling discovery was made in the sleepy backwater of Mukkula, scientists have revealed today. It was previously thought that Neanderthals may have died out because their bodies overheated as the Earth grew warmer. no
 Jarmo Savolainen - a jazz soul by Thanos Kalamidas
It is always difficult to write something about an artist who has just left us, and it gets even more difficult to write something when this artist is young. Like in the case of Jarmo Savolainen, a brilliant jazz pianist from Finland, who died at just
 A record number of new student housing in Helsinki, Finland by Luis Alves
A significant change in the structure of the city of Helsinki (Finland) is currently in progress.According to the Master Plan 2002 Helsinki will be developed as an European capital city.Helsinki is an important part of a growing metropolitan area.
 Adora - "Ethereality to Your Reality" by Juliette Roques
Adora, a versatile music outfit was brought to life by Lumimarja Wilenius (vocals and occasionally piano) and Päivyt Toivonen (guitar and backing vocals). Described in their own words as “Ethereality to Your Reality” the music is
 Immigrants in Finland: Part 2 by Edna Nelson
 Immigrants in Finland: Part 1 by Edna Nelson
Not too long ago before her departure to Sweden a friend and I got into a little chat about the economy. The conversation quickly progressed from the idea that economic woes could lead to more supporters of privatizing the mostly public Finnish he
 Helsinki Beer Festival: A shameful scam by Asa Butcher
The Helsinki Beer Festival is a popular annual event that has grown in reputation over the past few years and it was with some anticipation that I looked forward to attending it this year. It had been over six years since I first attended, so I wa
 The hypocrisy of a state with principals by Thanos Kalamidas
In Ovi magazine we have had a host of articles about conscientious objectors and perhaps some of our readers remember the article we have republished today about a conscientious objector in Finland who wrote about his adventures in prison. To remi
 Finland's conscientious conscience by Asa Butcher
Over the past week Finland has observed two national days on which their flag has been hoisted up the country's countless flagpoles, yet today the flag won't be flying in observance of International Conscientious Objectors' Day. Lik
 Interview with a Finnish Conscientious Objector Made Prisoner by Alexandra Pereira
It is timely for International Conscientious Objectors' Day 2009 to republish an interview from late 2008 with a Finn imprisoned for refusing to take either option of Finnish Conscription.* * * * *  First o
 A Greek president in Helsinki (In Greek) by Thanos Kalamidas
Τελικά ποιός κυβερνάει αυτή τη χώρα; Θυμάται κα
 Greece from abroad by Thanos Kalamidas
Friends and people I meet for the first time often ask me how I feel about my country after living abroad for so long. The usual answer is schizophrenic and then depending of the person I try to explain the love and hate relationship you build wit
 Then, Again: Veterans Day by Patrick McWade
'Then, Again' is a cartoon series by Patrick McWade. For more Then, Again,
 EU-MAN Gallery: Open Every Day by The Ovi Team
The European Union Migrant Artists Network cordially invites you to visit the first permanent EU-MAN Gallery in Helsinki's Cable Factory - Thanos Kalamidas is exhibiting.Since the launch of EU-MAN in January 1997 there hav
 "Multifunction Apparatus" exhibition by Ana Fradique
Multifunction Apparatus is an object-performance/urban intervention/mobile installation created by the artist Ana Fradique and displayed lately on the streets of the city of Helsinki. The Apparatus is an object with many different functions: li
 Almost like Backstreet Boys Live by Edna Nelson
The best thing about Helsinki City Theater's ”Spring Awakening” was the first song done by the male cast. Most reviews about the performance are favorable but I'm of a different mind: the first half was boring except for the fi
 Number 4000 by Asa Butcher
It has become a time-honoured Ovi magazine tradition over the past few "thousand" landmarks to offer a recap of the articles that were fortunate enough to be posted as the "hundredth", so, without further ado, let's begin!
 Black Motor by Luis Alves
 From the Land of Delight by Edna Nelson
 Finland national church strong on environment by Rajan Zed
Hindus have praised The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland for coming out with a “climate program” focused on “gratitude, respect and moderation”.Acclaimed Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement
 Illuminating Helsinki by Will Martin
Will Martin returns to the streets of Helsinki with his camera to capture the magic of the Finnish capital's winter lights.
 Photo of the Month: Blizzard by Asa Butcher
Photo of the Month: This month's photo was taken during the blizzard that struck Helsinki on the night of November 30th 2008.
 Sota - Absurdi Tragedia by The Ovi Team
Sota - absurdi tragedia (war - absurd tragedy) is a performance about absurdity of war. It´s a carnivalistic journey to a world, where heroes collapse and the enemy is threatened with a gaybomb. Sota - abs
 Christmas Party & Quiz by Asa Butcher
Are you in Helsinki tonight? Do you want to come and have some fun and maybe win some great prizes? Then join us at the IESAF Christmas Party & Quiz in Molly Malone's!
 Finger on the Trigger by Asa Butcher
Antti Vaittinen and Mikko Leinonen have many years of firearms experience, including work with the security services. They are two of three instructors at Helsinki Shooting Club, a subterranean shooting gallery located in Annankatu that require
 Galleria Uusitalo: Teemu Korpela by Marjukka Uusitalo
Onnistuneen maalauksen sisältö on mielestäni toissijainen, mutta jotta kykenisin välittämään katsojalle jotain on maalauksen lähtökohdalla ja aihepiirillä oltava minulle itselleni merkityst
 Rytmitajuttomien tanssiryhmä - Partasuut by Vesa Kuosmanen
Pienen pohjoiskarjalaisen Uimaharjun kylän kansantalo kesällä 2008. Yleisö villiintyy, kun lavalla astelee paikallinen tanssiryhmä Tanssipojat, ”mä tanssin hullun lailla...”. Samaisen Uimaharjun kylän
 Kaisla Arts and Crafts by Luis Alves
Kaisla shop gallery (Kaisla kauppa galleria) is a rectangular two-story old house with solid red-brick walls and interior open spaces, nicely situated at the port of Korpilahti, Central Finland (
 Lens Politica festival in Helsinki by The Ovi Team
Lens Politica challenges to debate Lens Politica, the festival of political film and art is organised for the third time in Helsinki in November 19th – 23rd, 2008.
 iBite by Asa Butcher
 Environmental thoughts by Thanos Kalamidas
I suppose living in a cool apartment, doesn’t matter where from New York to Paris or Helsinki; all furnished with environmental friendly designs and carefully recycling all the rubbish in different bags for organics, paper and tins. It is no
 Ovi apologises by The Ovi Team
Ovi apologises for the delay in publishing today's content and regrets any emotional distress this may have caused any of our readers. The circumstances were beyond even our omnipotent control as both the Ovi editors fell vi
 Dino & Anty #27 by Thanos K & Asa B
Dino is a vegetarian virgin dinosaur and his best friend is Anty, a carnivorous nymphomaniac ant.
 FELT IF 2008 by The Finn-Brit Players
The Festival of English Language Theatre in Finland is being organised this year for the third time by The Finn-Brit Players. It will bring together three theatre companies from the vibrant English-language theatre scene in Helsin
 The Finn-Brit Players' Halloween Party by The Finn-Brit Players
Hello ghosts and ghouls,
 Korpilahti Municipality (1867-2009) by Luis Alves
The struggle against the isolation may have stimulated the strong identification of the Finnish people with their municipality (kunta), although the identification with their nationality (
 EU-MAN's Autumn Salon Exhibition by The Ovi Team
The European Union Migrant Artist Network (EU-MAN) invites you to attend its annual Autumn Salon Exhibition featuring artists from different countries at Helsinki's International Cultural Centre Caisa.
 Finnish municipality elections by Thanos Kalamidas
The next two weeks are having a lot of electoral excitement for all of us and I’m not talking only about the US presidential elections but also the elections in Finland. Over the last ten years I have lived in this country I have lived a ser
 Music, Song & Books by The Ovi Team
Travis Bird and Rebecca Clamp are soon coming to sing at Arkadia International Bookshop!
 iBite by Asa Butcher
Cooks in Iran have tried to assemble the world's largest ostrich sandwich at a food festival in Tehran, as part of a bid to promote healthy eating.It does make sense, since an ostrich often buries its head in the sand...wi
 How Bizarre! by Thanos Kalamidas
A long film recordYou may want to try this at h
 "Minä elän" Finnish literature by Thanos Kalamidas
To write an article about Finnish literature, especially about Alexis Kivi, is something I found very difficult. I think the main reason was not that there is a lack of rich Finnish literature, on the contrary, but mainly because there is so
 The day of Finnish literature by Asa Butcher
Finland has its flags up again today to honour both Aleksis Kivi Day and Finnish Literature Day, since Kivi is commonly referred to as the creator of modern Finnish literature. When it came to deciding how to approach
 Galleria Uusitalo: Pekka Hepoluhta by Marjukka Uusitalo
Pekka Hepoluhta näyttää vaihtelevan kahden genren, asetelmien ja maisemamaalauksen välillä.
 iBite by Asa Butcher
Hundreds of penguins have been returned to their native territory in the south Atlantic ocean by an air force plane after being found along Brazil's coast.No, I can't do it... no, oh no... they P-P-Picked up a pengu
 The Irish Festival of Oulu by The Ovi Team
The 3rd annual Irish Festival of Oulu, Finland will take place on October 2nd-5th 2008. Organized by The Irish Music Society of Oulu, the festival celebrates the richness of Irish culture including dance, poetry, story telling, an Irish Wolfhounds
 Hindus urge Finland to improve the plight of its Roma people who live in apartheid like conditions by Rajan Zed
Acclaimed Hindu and Indo-American statesman Rajan Zed, in a release in Nevada (USA) today, asked how Finland, which prides itself for its human rights record, was tolerating such widespread prejudice against a segment of its own society. Maltreatm
 This is Finland by Thanos Kalamidas
The last few hours I’m sitting in front my computer looking at a white document page and thinking what should I write. The last few hours, friends from abroad have called me asking if I know anything about the events in Kauhajoki as most of
 Déjà-vu in 'little quiet' Finland by Asa Butcher
Once again Finland and the watching world are treated to a violent glimpse into the deeply disturbed social problems that are affecting the heart of its society, yet have been ignored for far too long. Another misguided Finn, the second in eleven
 Polarage by Thanos Kalamidas
Because there are NO stars in the sky!For the full Polarage Exhibition, click
 Rock and Travel: Freaks and Classy People by Juliette Roques
Everyone has a different concept of what a city is or means to them. One person will focus entirely on the atmosphere, while another pays weight to the stories surrounding the city. It is impossible to sum up one place in songs or visual art but varie
 Galleria Uusitalo: Hannu Palosuo's "Denying One's Destiny" by Marjukka Uusitalo
Hannu Palosuon työskentelyn ja tutkinnan keskeisenä teemana on aina ollut muistikuvien ja katsojan henkilökohtaisten tunnetilojen tulkinta. Niin myös viimeisimmissä, ensimmäistä kertaa Helsingissä, Galler
 The Finnish atomic constable! by Thanos Kalamidas
The International Atomic Energy Agency and her General Director Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei just have some unexpected help and a solution with their investigations in Iran and North Korea, they will call the Finnish police to sort out the problems, rese
 Photography By Mari Hokkanen by Alexandra Pereira
Photographers are one of Finland’s greatest artistic strengths, as the “Helsinki School” developed and broadened its explorations to achieve excellence in most photographic domains, from photojournalism to portrait, landscapes
 Finland's... I told you!!! by Thanos Kalamidas
There is one phrase I hate and try to avoid, the phrase is: I told you. Any time anybody is using it means bad news… well, most of the time very bad news. There is another factor that makes this phrase even worse, usually you use it to love ones, ot
 Panu Ruotsalo : "At 454 degrees latitude north" by Marjukka Uusitalo
Työskentelen pienessä kylässä, Billnäsissä, hyvässä työhuoneessa ja omassa rauhassa. Tämä rauha ollut minulle tärkeää ja juuri oikea tapa elää elämää
 Finland's Lutheran Bigotry by Asa Butcher
I would describe myself as a cool-headed guy, as somebody that doesn't overreact to current events, as somebody that takes life as it comes, although sometimes it comes pretty thick, fast and dirty, and as someone that has good sense of humour
 Galleria Uusitalo: Totte Mannes & Panu Ruotsalo by Marjukka Uusitalo
Totte Mannes Maalauksia sarjasta "Puretut veistokset"3.7. – 3.8.2008
 Koistinen (2/3) by Luis Alves
O actual sistema capitalista1. Conceito de classe socialO sistema capitalista baseia-se em duas instituiç
 One last Finnish temptation by Thanos Kalamidas
Reading again my recent article about the Estonian music conductor Neeme Järvi, I felt that I fell into the usual Sibelius trap. Every time I connect Finland with classical music I feel that I always mention Sibelius unfairly missing the cont
 Korkeasaari: Helsinki's Zoo by Frances Zheng
The picture of this handsome "guy" (pictured) was taken in Korkeasaari, which is a zoo on a beautiful island not far from Helsinki. And he is the only big cat in the Cats Valley that was not sleeping in
 Koistinen (1/3) by Luis Alves
Nokia1. Visão “interMédia “
 2nd Opinion #53 by Thanos K & Asa B
He is bad ...really bad! Seriously, I think you'll need a second opinion after this.
 No expectations but what about hope, Mrs. Brax? by Thanos Kalamidas
Last Sunday we published an interview here in Ovi magazine with an imprisoned conscientious objector in Finland and to say the truth I was not expecting any reaction from the officials but I was hop
 Happy Summer? by Asa Butcher
How much longer do I have to suffer the frustrations of summer? Personally I prefer winter because you know what you are going to get and therefore will not be disappointed when presented with yet another cloudy day. Summer has a reputation to uph
 Does the Nordic Model need to be reformed? by Luis Alves
Does the Nordic model need to be reformed to face up to the challenges of globalisation? What exactly are these challenges and what are the causes which make the model work successfully, creating strong ec
 The Missing Element by Thanos Kalamidas
I once wrote an article about Sibelius and how came to love his music. I described the vivid feelings and visions his music inspires, but upon reading the article again I realized that I had overlooked a small, ye
 Uusitalo by Riipinen by Marjukka Uusitalo
Uusitalo by RiipinenFrom the pages of the News of the World to Art NewsRetrospective Exhibition 1997 -2008Selected Works from
 Koistinen (3/3) by Luis Alves
Luzes no CrepúsculoNo último filme de Aki Kaurismäki,
 Figures: Dance Festival in Helsinki by The Ovi Team
Helsinki's STOA hosts 'Figures', an international dance festival featuring hip-hop, jazz, funkstyles, musical ballet, Bboying and more.For more information, visit
 Weird and Wonderful Cannes by Vesa Kuosmanen
As a film student I was all excited when arriving in the 61st Festival de Cannes. Eyes open for Natalie Portman and many more Hollywood stars; I eagerly went to get my Cannes badge. Feeling almost famous myself, nothing li
 Nunes Gallery Helsinki: A Changing Picture by Alexandra Pereira
Until June 1st in Nunes Gallery, Satu Bethell is presenting the exhibition A Changing Picture, with painting and photography artworks, sponsored by Hämen taidetoimikunta and Hausjärven kunta.
 Jarmo Kukkonen's "Timescapes - Aika maisemassa" by Marjukka Uusitalo
8.5. – 1.6.2008JARMO KUKKONENTimescapes – Aika maisemassaKuinka maalata maisemaa tänään?
 Ovi magazine, Copycats and Nokia by The Ovi Team
First of all, we want to thank reporters, journalists and bloggers because they are the only ones who have seen what Mr. Nikula missed and hopefully the legal department of Nokia Corporation will not ignore. Mr. Niku
 Number 3000 by Asa Butcher
It took our Ovi team 281 days to move from 1,000 articles to 2,000, so it is with great glee I announce that we hav
 98% of Nokia is ownership of American funds by Luis Alves
In the last film of Aki Kaurismäki, "Lights in the Dusk" - third part of a trilogy begun by “Drifting Clouds” (
 Murder, Mania & Misogyny by The Finn-Brit Players
Drama Incubator presents: Murder, Mania & Misogyny The Finn-Brit Players’ Drama Incubator is hatching its first three chicks this spring: Dirty Work at the Crossroads by Bill Johnson, abridged & a
 OurVision Grande Finale 2008 by Caisa
Iolanta Savva Moldovasta, Mounir El-Bentite Marokosta, Adi Subari Indonesiasta, Kadi Vija Virosta, Cecilia Naa Densua Quarshie Ghanasta, Jawhar Karim Muayad Irakista, Lesmana Vilmi Indonesiasta, Jabril Mohammed & Mohamed Isse Somaliasta,
 Betting on addiction by Asa Butcher
There is rarely a news story that jumps out and waves its arms for attention, but this week I couldn't fail to overlook YLE Online News' headline "Finns Lose Millions in Online Poker to Foreign Firms Yearly". Look again at the he
 An Appointment with Death by The Finn-Brit Players
We'd like to bring a couple of things to your attention: First, there's a play reading of Tom Stoppard's Arcadia this Friday at 7pm and, second, our
 Jari Martikainen: Vol. 2 by Jari Martikainen
Jari Martikainen (31) is a Finnish aircraft mechanic who enjoys travelling and has photography as a preferred hobby... though I don't think it should be just that for him! See for yourself. Note - photos taken with smal
 Jesus in Guantanamo by The Ovi Team
If Jesus Christ returned to Earth today, would He get through US immigration? After all, Jesus is a bearded, Middle-Eastern man, who wants to die as a religious martyr. And he has just walked out of a cave.This is the premise
 Coffee and Cigarettes in Helsinki #4: The Real Voice of Helsinki by Juliette Roques
Listening to the melody gently drawing you in, on such songs as “Stars and Just for Tonight”, a hauntingly beautiful song, for which Manna wrote the lyrics, the allure of her music is easy to understand. Both songs, taken from her l
 Finland's "Les Liaisons dangereuses" by Thanos Kalamidas
I have often said that I love theater. I love theater and I like cinema, but nothing can compare to the experience of a theater play. A film, any film, however well made and however expensive, has nothing on a play i
 Petra Kaminen Mosher's Helsinki Exhibition by Alexandra Pereira
Nunes Gallery is in the process of changing hands, as long-term owner Paula Nunes will retire soon and leave her place to the 31-year-old Portuguese gallerist Joana Ribas, who ha
 Welcome to "The Sparrow's Nest by Duncan Butt Juvonen
Hello,My new show, 'The Sparrow's Nest
 Testosterone in the air by Thanos Kalamidas
It seems that the Finnish government has turned lately really …erotic, if not exotic, and that definitely makes a few faces smile knowing that there’s something different than the usual politics of Finnish life. You could say that Finn
 Growing up in Helsinki in the '70s and '80s: Sir Spliff Richard by Juliette Roques
It is a cold winter evening that’s really still afternoon on the day that we set out on our first cultural tour of Helsinki. The mission is simple enough, yet, perhaps complicated in its execution. Show us a place we can go to, a place th
 Roots by Amir Khatib
This installation participated in the large-scale exhibition which EU-MAN showed in two venues, the Helsinki Kaapelitehdas and the Rundetaarn of Copenhagen. The CUPORE (institution of culture research in Helsinki) bought it and now it is shown
 A Finnish Souven-ear by Asa Butcher
When I read that a Finnish tourist had vandalised one of the ancient Moai statues on Easter Island, my first thought was the bad title now heading this piece. However, as I considered how arrogant this man's actions were, I began to feel the s
 Europevision Semi-Final in Helsinki by Caisa
The last (but not least) category to go through the semifinal screening of the Ourvision 2008 Song Contest is Europevision, where the already chosen five semifinalists compete for only two spots in the glorious Grande Finale.
 Andrew Bovell's "After Dinner" by The Finn-Brit Players
'The masks will be ripped off After Dinner'
 St. Patrick's Day Parade: Helsinki 2008 by Grainne Hiney-Lehtipuu
St. Patrick’s Day is officially on March 17th, but the parade will be held, for practical purposes, on Saturday 15th March beginning at 1500. This year, as last year
 Divisoes administrativas da Finlandia: Municipios by Luis Alves
“Os municípios representam o nível local de administração da Finlândia e actuam como unidades administrativas fundamentais do país. Os munic
 A Short Story of Greek DIY Punk Passion by Zorba the Freak/Sakaflias
Once upon a time there were two guys. One (Zorbas) lived in the capital of Greece while the other one (Sakaflias) came from a little corner of the Greek countryside called Trikala. For many years they had been unawar
 Laulajat ianikuiset by Riku Pyhala
Kalevalan päivä? Sen kirjan, eriskummallisen kansalliseepoksen? Sen loputtoman pitkän riimirunotarinan, jota pakkoluetettiin peruskoulussa kuin ruotsin kieltä? Viime kuukausina olen sattumalta pal
 A primeira democracia moderna by Luis Alves
A Finlândia possuí dois níveis de governo democrático: o Estado e os seus 431 municípios. Este sistema equilibrado, geográfica e historicamente enraizado na sociedade, permite que as
 A Brax out of the Green by Thanos Kalamidas
I met her for the first time in a panel for civil engineers before the elections and she was representing the Finnish Green Party. I didn’t speak Finnish – I still don’t - so the only thing I could do was profile the people on th
 Helsinki's Esplanadi by Will Martin
A brace of photographs submitted by Will Martin.For the full 'Helsinki
 Der Fall Nokia und die Demokratie in der EU by Newropeans-Magazine
Es gibt wirksame ökonomische Rezepte gegen Subventionswettlauf und Steuerdumping in der EU. Sie können jedoch nicht verwirklicht werden, denn: „der Hemmschuh sind die Regierungen.“ Doch auch dagegen gibt es ein Rezept: Ne
 Nuclear energy in Finland - A heated debate by Ovi Magazine Guest
Nuclear energy in Finland - A heated debateBy Cynthia D\'Cruz In a world faced with clima
 The current capitalist system by Luis Alves
Concept of social class [1] The capitalist system is based on two institutions, whose integrity is crucial for its survival: The priv
 Finn Brit Players' Spring Programme by The Finn-Brit Players
Dear Players, As always, we look forward to a theatrically active spring season. The major production of the season is After Dinner by Andrew Bovell, which will be performed in late March and early April. In addition, the D
 "Mainstream media" vision by Luis Alves
1. Nokia 1.1 "Mainstream media" vision
 Faces of Vainamoinen - The Kantele as Symbol by The Ovi Team
Faces of Väinämöinen is kantele player Timo Väänänen’s Doctor of Arts work for the Folk Music Department of Helsinki’s Sibelius Academy. The project includes a concert, an exhibition and a photographic
 A crise economica dos anos 90 na Finlandia by Luis Alves
A crise económica finlandesa dos anos 90 foi muito severa. O decréscimo do PIB real entre 90-93 foi cerca de 14 %, quatro vezes superior ao do colapso da Grande Depressão dos anos 30. A taxa de desemprego subiu de 3% em 1990 para qu
 A diluted greed and eco-terrorism by Thanos Kalamidas
In a link to the media, the Federation of Finnish Technologies Industries expressed their ‘uncertainty created by the energy and climate change package published by the European Commission that threatens to freeze investment in Finland
 Uma organizacao descentralizada de Estado by Luis Alves
O sistema de saúde finlandês é um dos mais descentralizados da Europa, constituindo as despesas de saúde 7,4% do PIB (a média da OCDE é de 8,8 %) e
 English Theatre in Helsinki by The Ovi Team
Three people are waiting him at the railway station. He is named as Mr Polonius. Trains storm by. Only the public phone is ringing and giving orders ferociously. The people waiting are Romanians on their way to the England of their dreams. Is t
 Finlandia: Munica­pios e Descentralizcao by Luis Alves
A crise económica portuguesa teve início no ano de 2002. Apesar da ténue recuperação ocorrida a partir de 2004, o crescimento da economia portuguesa tem-se mantido por valores insuficient
 'Empty is Full' Exhibition by The Ovi Team
Hello all,The group show I'm involved
 Amalia in Natural Elements by Ovi Magazine Guest
Amalia in Natural ElementsBy Amanda Aaron The Agora Gallery (530 West 25th Street, Chelsea, New York, NY, 10001) is proud to present Amalia in Natural Elements. Scheduled to run from
 New Year's Eve in Helsinki by Will Martin
Will Martin, an American and long-time London resident, now lives in Helsinki, Finland, and the end of another year inspired him to pick up his camera.
 Coffee and Cigarettes in Helsinki #3: Sightseeing in Kallio by Juliette Roques
Author’s introductionHow do you engage with a culture when you don’t speak the language? In Coffee and Cigarettes in Helsinki, the author describes different people as they try to make sense
 Myths surrounding moneyMyths surrounding money by Joseph Gatt
Money is also a state of mind. To some, being rich and famous does not buy happiness. But to many, it is the only life they ever dreamt of. I haven’t counted the number of times I got cut off for mentioning money rela
 The Finnish Winter by Maippi Tapanainen
Experience a Finnish winter the warm way via the lens of Maippi Tapanainen.For the full 'The Finn
 Coffee and Cigarettes in Helsinki #2: Ruiskumestari by Juliette Roques
Author’s introductionHow do you engage with a culture when you don’t speak the language? In Coffee and Cigarettes in Helsinki, the author describes different people as they try to make sense
 Greens don't recommend divorce!Greens don't recommend divorce! by Joseph Gatt
Divorces cause emotional and financial damage. It also has consequences for children and… the environment.In Sweden, Finland and Belarus, more than 50% marriages end up in divorce, the highest rates in the world. An A
 Finland 90 Years Ago, Kingdom Come...Not by Hank W.
Meine lieben Leser, Willkommen zur wechselnden Wirklichkeit des Königreiches von Finnland. Heute feiern wir die Wahl von Friedrich Karl Ludwig Konstantin von Hessen-Kassel, Prinz und Landgraf zu Hessen zum König…
 Finland's Birthday Back-slapping by Asa Butcher
On May 1st earlier this year, the United Kingdom celebrated the 300th anniversary of the 1707 Acts of Union that merged the Scots Parliament and the English Parliament to form the Parliament of Great Britain and a single Kingdom of Great Britai
 It's a Christmas Party! by Richard Berman
Do you have plans tonight? Can you get to Helsinki? If the answers are both yes, then run a comb through your hair, throw on your favourite outfit and slip into your winter party shoes and join in tonight's Chris
 Vain muutaman sentin tahden by Maippi Tapanainen
Suomen Keskusta on toimintansa aikana jatkanut edeltäjänsä Maalaisliiton valitsemalla tiellä. Se on muistanut kertoa talonpojan kurjuudesta silloinkin, kun siihen ei ole ollut aihetta. Viime aikoina keskustelu Suomen 141 maatal
 Coffee and Cigarettes in Helsinki #1: Kappeli by Juliette Roques
Author’s introductionHow do you engage with a culture when you don’t speak the language? In Coffee and Cigarettes in Helsinki, the author describes different people as they try to make sense
 Recycling hypocrisy by Thanos Kalamidas
When you first come to Finland one of the things you learn is how sensitive Finnish people are to environmental issues. There is careful recycling in every single house and awareness of how to treat the forest, which is quite impressive for every
 Mr & Mrs Blake by The Finn-Brit Players
Hot on the heels of The Mourning Primrose (thanks to everyone who came to see it!) is our next show, Mr & Mrs Blake, which is written and directed by Joe White. It's on at FINNBRIT, Freda 20
 Finland: Living Green by Jack Wellman
I would like to congratulate the nation of Finland. This nation leads the world in living green. That is, they lead the way toward people and earth-friendly environmental practices. This is no small accomplishment. This highly democratic nation ra
 Finlandia si­, pero con respeto mejor by Antonio Diaz
Tras los terribles hechos sucedidos en el instituto de Tuusula, mi primera reacción, como supongo que sucedió con la mayoría, fue de rabia e impotencia. Quería escribir algo lleno de furia ante lo que difícilmente puede se
 Finn Brits Ahoy! by Asa Butcher
Murder, mystery, a flower and real steel await you in the Finn Brit Player's autumn production of The Mourning Primrose, which continues tonight. If you want to escape the gloom of Helsinki's early w
 Nothing surprises me any moreNothing surprises me any more by Alexander Mikhaylov
Late, or not so late reflections on the November 7th shooting...It has been said and written on countless occasions that \'Nothing can surprise me any more\'. Personally, I cannot agree with that. Cynical as I am, I feel perplexed w
 Female hookers wanted by Helsinki Rugby Club
LADIES' TAG TOURNAMENT IN HELSINKI ON NOV 10thThis autumn's tag tournament will take place on Saturday Nov 10th in Töölö, Helsinki, on the Finnair Stadium's Astroturf at 11:30 – 15:30. The g
 To be born a Finn by Thanos Kalamidas
Today the flags all around Finland are at half-mast and the mood of the people even lower, and somehow I feel so angry with myself. It's only a couple of weeks ago when I wrote an article where I often emphasized that something has changed lat
 End of innocence by Asa Butcher
Numb, simply numb, is the only word I can use to sum up the reaction of the citizens of Finland yesterday when they became the latest member of a growing list of countries who have undergone high school shootings. A layer of innocence was cruelly
 Finland's 1st Red Nose Day by Asa Butcher
Almost twenty years ago I remember wearing a red nose to school and participating in the first ever Comic Relief, which has now become widely known as Red Nose Day. I was ten years old and quite happy to walk around
 Bob Geldof: The economics of poverty by Asa Butcher
"I get fascinated by the oxymoron of the economics of poverty, it's a zero sum game, and I get caught up in the meetings and the politics, and then you go back to Africa and you're sitting in a little to
 Angels in Kallio by Maippi Tapanainen
The story around them is that - as you may know - in the media Kallio is the centre of all decadence in Helsinki. We have the dossers, the junkies, the hustlers and Thai-massage places. My own opinion is that Kallio is great and tolerant - even
 Something changing by Thanos Kalamidas
Over the last few months something has changed in Helsinki and even though in the beginning I believed it was just me lately coincidences started becoming more often to stop my doubts. But I think it is better explain what I mean with an example.
 Open mike at the Kumpula Folk Club by The Finn-Brit Players
Yes it's that wonderful time again when comets meet, cacti bloom in the desert and Finn-Brit Players (and others) stand tall in the brilliant 47 Watt spotlight of the Kumpula Kylätila, for yet another Kumpula
 Drama Incubator by The Finn-Brit Players
If you enjoy our monthly play readings, why not get involved in our new monthly ‘play doings’ – Drama Incubator.
 2007 Newropeans Democracy Marathon by Newropeans-Magazine
This is to inform that Franck Biancheri, who has been the first and funding president of AEGEE Europe, and has largely contributed to the launching of
 Red Nose Day in Finland by Finnish-British Society
This year’s annual Ylen Hyvä (Yle Helps) campaign will introduce Red Nose Day into Finland. On Red Nose Day, everybody is invited to join in and help children in developing countries. Peo
 Photo of the Month: October 2007 by Thanos Kalamidas
Every month we feature a photo that sums up our mood, portrays the season or just looks fantastic.
 Ulkomaalaismainontaa by Asa Butcher
Suomessa asuvat ulkomaalaiset ovat voimavara, jonka mahdollisuuksia ei täysin ymmärretä. He markkinoivat uutta kotimaataan ystävilleen ja sukulaisilleen, ja voisivat tehdä sitä laajemmin
 Lost in murder by Thanos Kalamidas
My favorite Finnish literature book has long been Väinö Linna’s Under the North Star, when I finished the trilogy my first reaction, since I’d read it in English and not in its o
 Sibelius' magic secrets by Thanos Kalamidas
There is only one way to appreciate Jean Sibelius' music: Close your eyes and let his music fly you into the forest. Johan Julius Christian ‘Jean’ Sibelius was born December 8th 1865 and died exactly 50 yea
 Love & Anarchy Celebrates the 20th Edition of the Festival by Love & Anarchy
The 20th annual Love and Anarchy – Helsinki International Film Festival is back this year with more cinemas and seats than ever before. The festival will take place on September 20th
 Looking to buy a house in Finland? by Richard Berman
What should I do to get a mortgage? What are the options? What are my basic rights when buying a house? How can I start saving now towards buying a house? What is a "korkokatto"? How much deposit do I need?
 Kiitos, ja anteeksi by Matti Ripatti
Haluaisin pyytää anteeksi medialta. En vain tiedä, kenelle sanani osoittaisin. Ja juuri tähän harmilliseen asiaintilaan anteeksipyyntöni liittyisikin: mediaa kommentoivana kolumnistina olen tälläkin palstall
 Jukka Relander: Tyovaenpuolue ei tunne patkatyovakea by Maippi Tapanainen
Jukka Relander ei hämmästele vasemmiston vaalitappiota. Itse asiassa hän arvelee, ettei vasemmistopuolueille tulevaisuudessakaan ole parempaa odotettavissa, mikäli nykyinen meno jatkuu. Eurooppala
 Lisn to Finland: Seven Designers - One Sense by Lisn
Albeit geographically distant, Japan and Finland have always taken a great mutual interest in the culture of the other. During the autumn of 2007, these two cultures will have an encounter titled as “Lisn to Finl
 Uusi tyo vaatii uudet kujeet by Maippi Tapanainen
Pätkätöistä puhutaan paljon, yleensä pahaa ja käsitettä sen tarkemmin määrittelemättä. Vailla vakituista työsuhdetta elävä ihminen ei kuitenkaan o
 The Bold Switch-Off by Asa Butcher
Despite the growls of dissent and howls of outrage from Thanos, Finland turned off its five analogue transmission networks early this morning leaving homes without a digital receiver, a set-top box, or an integrated digital television unable to wa
 How clever are you? by Asa Butcher
Many of us are obsessed by testing our intelligence by filling in crosswords, solving Sudoku puzzles or attending monthly pub quizzes, but why do we exert so much energy on these seemingly pointless exercises? There
 Finnishing Touches by Stirred Up!
For many designers, sustainability is an afterthought and a recent fad. In contrast, Finnish design has emphasised sustainability for decades and continues to innovate.
 It's Vappu! by Richard Berman
Party, party, party, that's what the Fins do anyway. The best translation for the word 'vappu' is Labor Day, and it is the day that most people who drink in Finland are drunk. If you're not drunk, it either means you don't drin
 Festival de Cerveja de Helsinquia by Alexandra Pereira
Nos próximos dias 13 e 14 de Abril decorre na Cable Factory de Helsínquia (a antiga fábrica de cabos e telégrafos da Nokia, hoje exemplarmente convertida de modo a acolher todo o tipo de manifestações culturais) a d
 A dark blue government & the jolly greens by Thanos Kalamidas
Finland’s electoral system leads to coalition governments where the small parties often play a very decisive role. For the last government the Christian-Democrats and the Swedish Party were the ones who managed to enter government and suppor
 O Dia de Minna Canth by Alexandra Pereira
O dia 19 de Março, aniversário de Ulrika Wilhelmina Johnsson, também conhecida como Minna Canth, foi oficialmente designado como o Dia para a Igualdade na Finlândia. Minna Canth (1844, Tampere
 Finnish climate contradictions by Asa Butcher
Last night I caught the latest Greenpeace advertisement and it left me breathless. A mother places her baby into a bathtub, turns on the tap and leaves the child unattended. Even though the whole advert was in Finnish I could understand the symbol
 Vanhanen's environmental memory by Thanos Kalamidas
Before becoming Prime Minister, Matti Vanhanen was MP for the Uusimaa area and had strongly voiced his opposition to the creation of a fifth nuclear plant often talking about the environment’s destruction and proposing alternative ways for e
 Finland's National Elections by Thanos Kalamidas
The time for the National Elections is getting closer in Finland and you cannot help noticing that candidates and parties are gradually getting more aggressive in their campaigns. The two major parties, Keskusta (the Center Party) and SDP (Social-
 Ritva Viljanen ja turvallisuuden monet tasot by Maippi Tapanainen
Ihmiset ympäri maailman joutuvat luopumaan oikeuksistaan, suostumaan kontrolleihin ja viranomaisvalvontaan. USA:n julistaman terrorisminvastaisen sodan ”ystävällisessä tulituksessa” ka
 Johan Ludvig Runeberg by Thanos Kalamidas
The first time I heard his name was in Porvoo, a small town south west of Helsinki. It was a really cold day and I was getting ready to enjoy my coffee when I heard that I should try “Runeberg’s tart”, so I did. Runeberg
 Taiteilijaelamaa by Maippi Tapanainen
Kuolleiden taiteilijoiden töistä maksetaan satojatuhansia euroja, ja heitä muistellaan oman aikansa eliittinä. Elävistä taiteilijoista vain harva elää taiteen tekemisellä.
 Money in a rich man's world by Richard Berman
Everywhere I look they are trying to push me and others to get a loan, apply for a credit card or buy now pay next year, but do we really need loans?Ok, so many people get a loan to buy a house, this is normal because without
 Tutkijat samassa jamassa by Maippi Tapanainen
Samassa liemessä apurahaa saaneiden taiteilijoiden kanssa kiehuvat tutkijat, joille apurahan saaminen voi myös merkitä putoamista turvaverkon läpi.
 Take me! I'm FREE! by FREE! Magazine
A quick intro from the Ovi Team:As many of you know, Thanos and Asa live in Helsinki, which is where the soul of Ovi magazine also resides. Online, we are an international magazine that reaches almost 100 countries, while outside our fr
 Another presidency by Thanos Kalamidas
Six months ago when the Finnish Prime Minister Mr. Matti Vanhanen was talking about the priorities of the Finnish EU presidency, he emphasized many times that one of the main issues was going to be the European Constitution and in a way he did so
 Joulukirkko lahenee uhkaavasti by Susanna Ahonen
Vuosi sitten koin järkytyksen päiväkodissa. Olivat raahanneet puolustuskyvyttömän yksivuotiaani kirkkoon kysymättä vanhemmilta mitään. Lapsi vaikutti kaikesta huolimatta rauhalliselta. Itse menin aivan
 FAIRTRADE - is it fair? by Asa Butcher
Everywhere I looked recently there were billboards promoting the FAIRTRADE Mark, which reminded me of England's own Fairtrade promotion about seven years ago. At the beginning of 2000, the UK had huge marketing campaign that encouraged consume
 Paco, el camarero by Antonio Diaz
Recuerdo los años de Instituto como algunos de los más felices de mi vida. Una época que yo tacharía de bastante inocente por mi parte, aunque ya no fuera tan niño y el vello púbico no solo asomara ya, sino que se hab
 Art is life by Alexandra Pereira
With its first edition in the winter of 2006 and the next issue announced for February 2007, this innovative free arts magazine is an event to applaud! The artist Bruno Maximus is the editor-in-chief of Gallery
 Eviralla on korvat by Matti Ripatti
Tätä jälkiteollista ihmisten yhteiseloa on joskus kutsuttu tarinayhteiskunnaksi, mutta paremmin sitä taitaisi kuvata sana eleyhteiskunta tai näköissivilisaatio. Se, miltä maailma näyttää julkisu
 My first Finnish Christmas by Asa Butcher
Six years ago I celebrated my first Christmas in Finland with my future wife and her family. It was the first time that I had been away from my family at Christmas, so the emotions were running high and also the nerves because I really didn’
 Elogio Sociologico da Cultura das Saunas na Finlandia by Alexandra Pereira
A nudez torna os homens mais iguais entre si: expõe fragilidades (as nossas e as dos outros, de mulheres e homens, crianças e velhos de todas as raças, eunucos, doentes, deficientes), não deixa que as posses materiais se interp
 Road to independence by Thanos Kalamidas
On the 6th of December, Finland celebrates its 89th year of independence. The Finnish nation went through a great deal before it became a country often finding itself as a battlefield between the two mighty northern
 All about Eva by Asa Butcher
“I claim that there is a political wisdom, which should be used not only for your self but also for others. That is my political banner!” exclaims an enthusiastic Eva Biaudet, Parliamentarian, member of t
 Slayer meets Meshuggah by Asa Butcher
“Slayer meets Meshuggah, with dark melodies entwined with a pseudo-philosophical lyrical concept. Just plain crushing, with some trashy elements. Jazzy nightclub scenes covered in velvet,” lists Coma of Loss as some of their
 A Rehn-shaped banana skin by Thanos Kalamidas
Reaching the end of the Finnish EU presidency, we have to say that Finland did a good job and, in typically Finnish fashion, they did everything very quietly and effectively. We all admitted eight months ago that there were no great expectations f
 Swedish is Double-Plus-Good! by Eero Nevalainen
It is again the time of the year to show how much we all love Swedish. Flags are flying on the flagpoles. The media are relaying the politicians' rhetorically rather predictable statements on the crucial importan
 Suuret suomalaiset rekisteritSuuret suomalaiset rekisterit by Asa Butcher
Olipa kerran aika, jolloin muutto salli minulle sekä erinomaisen mahdollisuuden paeta itsepintaisia roskaposteja ja epäonnistuneita lehtitilauksia että vapauden lopettaa ”ystävyyssuhteita
 Martti Ahtisaari: Close, but no cigarMartti Ahtisaari: Close, but no cigar by Thanos Kalamidas
The first time I saw him he was walking just in front of me in a small road near the seaside in Töölo, Helsinki. I have to admit I didn’t recognize him at first, even though I had read so much about h
 Let the acoustics flow by Asa Butcher
"I have no expectations of how the gig in Tavastia on Saturday will feel. It will probably be the biggest audience we have ever had, although they will be further away than we have been used to when performing in
 City folks by Jan Sand
I think it was in one of Kurt Vonnegut’s pieces that an alien landed on Earth and noted that the dominant life form had six legs. I doubt it landed in Finland.
 Fining a strike by Thanos Kalamidas
I never understood why some people insist on proving true negative stereotypes. Tell me at least one boss that likes strikes. International powerful companies, like Wal-Mart and Carrefour, have gone all the way to forbid their employees becoming m
 The name game by Asa Butcher
While I was watching my daughter happily playing in the sandpit in front of our apartment building, a Finnish neighbour decided to strike up some conversation, "You're English aren't you?" I pleaded guilty to the accusation and t
 Immigration : La Finlande au banc des accuses by Europe & Us
L’Union européenne serait-elle une forteresse seulement à l'égard des arrivants les plus pauvres? Hélas, non. Québécois installé depuis 1998 en F
 Transmogrification of junk by Jan Sand
What we throw away is oftentimes more significant than what we keep. It has been noted that the skills in perception and storage, which defines humanity’s dominance over all other species are not attributed to
 Littering environment and brains by Thanos Kalamidas
Six months ago we had the conversation for a printed Ovi magazine. We actually went so far to create a test layout and collect prices that we found surprising low, despite all the negative advice we heard from former
 Cocktails & compositions (In Greek) by Yiannis H.
Υπάρχει ένα κράτος όπου τα κοκτ
 Tarja Halonen and the ASEM by Thanos Kalamidas
The Finnish president Tarja Halonen made me proud to be living in Finland with her remarks on human rights issues during her opening speech for the Europe Asian summit ASEM in Helsinki, Finland. I have to admit that
 80 years and 200 euros by Asa Butcher
Thursday 9th September, 1926, was the first radio broadcast by Finland's public service Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE and now it is celebrating eighty years later with a day full of special programming…well, at least it is speci
 Lost chance in Lappeenranta by Thanos Kalamidas
I have mentioned before that the Finnish presidency of the EU, despite what everybody was expecting, is going to be an example of how a small country like Finland can force its opinions and necessities. The timing was strange as well. The Middle E
 Walking around HelsinkiWalking around Helsinki by Carlos Eyl
Buildings have always had a special appeal to me, quite notorious when I photograph them more than my own family and friends. Last summer, as the Nordic weather did not inspire many outdoor activities and my thesis research drowned me into textboo
 Thank you, J.C. by Edward Dutton
Lumina Polaris are part of one of the most peculiar sub-genres in music: Christian Heavy Metal. Many bands in such obscure sub-genres (whether 'Christian Pop' or 'New Age Folk') tend to be pretty mediocre within the broader genre a
 Lenin's sofaLenin's sofa by Thanos Kalamidas
I suppose there are few reasons to visit a specialized exhibition but there are two main reasons to excuse your visit. One is because you know what the exhibits are about or just curiosity. Last week in Tampere, Finland, I visited an exhibition
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