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 Father's Missing In Action - What Happens When Fathers Are Gone by Jack Wellman
This old photograph of me, “da da” is with my only gi
 Three Types Of Parents by Jack Wellman
There are ways to effectively coach your children in life. This includes coaching them at home, school and of last importance, in sports. Words of encouragement go a long ways toward making them more effective in these areas of life. There are pri
 Desert life by an Eskimo by Lee Thorkhill
An old man, weathered by a life that he has lived quickly and without regard for the feelings of others. Gifted from birth with a silver tongue and rugged looks he has left broken hearts and promises across the world. He is quick and free with wor
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 Where there's smoke by Asa Butcher
According to the Finnish National Rescue Association and Finland's Safety Technology Authority, 90 people died in fires last year, which is a 23% decrease from 2006's 118 fatalities. Those aged between 40 and 60
 Spud-you-don't-like by Asa Butcher
"You don't like potato! Who doesn't like potatoes? Go on, try one… just one! It won't hurt you… give it a nibble… okay, why don't you try it with some baked beans? What! You don't like baked beans either?
 What does Christmas really mean anyway? by Judy Eichstedt
I have often wondered what the true meaning of Christmas is. I understand that to Christians all over the world it’s meaning is clear. It’s the birth of Christ. The meaning seems very simple and clear; we celebrate December twenty-fift
 Bullying Families by Alexandra Pereira
Verbal, emotional and physical violence, abuse, self-esteem attacks and bullying behaviors in families are undeniably a crime. Undeniably? It depends… as much as human rights depend on something. Many European countries – especially in
 Conspiracy of silence by Thanos Kalamidas
Following the release of a report on child abuse in India, the Minister for Women and Child Development, Renuka Chowdhury said: “In India there’s a tradition of denying child abuse, it doesn’t happen here is what we normally say.
 Black sheep by Asa Butcher
"The brotherhood of men does not imply their equality. Families have their fools and their men of genius, their black sheep and their saints, their worldly successes and their worldly failures. A man should trea
 Home alone by Asa Butcher
A few hours ago, my wife dashed out of the front door carrying a few bags and pushing a pram containing my sleeping daughter. Don't worry, we haven't had an argument - I think. The reason for her whirlwind ex
 The Best Christmas by Thanos Kalamidas
Which was the best Christmas ever? The ones yet to come! I’m not joking, I have had some fantastic Christmas times in different countries with a variety of people, I have had Christmases full of partying and I have had warm family Christmase
 A woman in pain by Thanos Kalamidas
Watching my daughter playing with her doll, I was fascinated to see her using words that I said to her while trying to persuade her eat her food. I was surprised to see that even when her doll, through my daughter
 It's a wonderful life! by F. A. Hutchison
I'm sad tonight, but why...? I think tired is a better description, as is emotionally drained! Physical exertion is nothing compared to emotional 'exertion!
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