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 Ethiopian Despot Hijacks Copenhagen Leadership Role by Doug McGill
I'm going to break one of my own writing rules today. In the six years that I've written about Ethiopian immigrants and politics in Minnesota, I've never editorialized directly against
 A U.S. Citizen Survives Political Prison in Ethiopia by Doug McGill
Okwa Omot is sleeping safely in a warm bed at his home in Washington, D.C. this week. That is something of a miracle considering that only a week ago – and for 107 days before that – he wa
 Ethiopia in Minnesota: The Local Front of a Distant War by Doug McGill
What am I, truly? Saint or sinner? Hero or boob? When I report the harrowing stories of the torture and persecution of Ethiopian refugees who now live safely in Minnesota, am I being “
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 Ethiopia Shakes Down its Minnesota Refugees by Doug McGill
 At a Minnesota Market, Tales of a Hidden Ethiopian War by Doug McGill
The first time I heard Fatima tell her story, I answered in the natural way.“They killed my husband,” she said.  “I’m sorry for your loss,” I said.  “And they killed my son,
 HVA's Ethiopian fluoride poisoning? by The Ovi Team
In December 2007 I went to Ethiopia to attend the wheelchairs distribution event for fluoride victims who are bed-ridden for over 35 years in Wonji/Ethiopia. When I met those victims there was a flow of tears from victims and their family and f
 Why I Write About Ethiopia by Doug McGill
“Why the hell are you messing with my country’s political affairs?” goes a typical e-mail from the dozens I’ve received this summer from readers living in Ethiopia, from immigrants living in Minnesota, and from throughout t
 An Ethiopian Politico Barnstorms Minnesota by Doug McGill
When Bulcha Demeksa, an opposition member of the Ethiopian Parliament, feels compelled to denounce the Ethiopian Prime Minister, he doesn’t bother to organize a political rally in Ethiopia or search for journalists eager to publish his rheto
 From Oromia to Minnesota, With Love and Coffee by Doug McGill
Joe Riemann bestowed one simple name, and in return received overflowing blessings and a beautiful name for himself.The name he received from members of a grateful immigrant community in the Twin Cities is “Jalata,
 As Ethiopia Boils, Minnesota's Ethiopians Feel the Heat by Doug McGill
Ali Abdifatah is out of his mind right now, understandably so.
 Bush's Blood-Orgy in Somalia: "They Are Slaughtering Somalis Like Goats" by Newropeans-Magazine
"Land is not our priority. Our priority is the people's peace, dignity and liberty. It is the people that are important to us." Sheikh Sharif Ahmed, Head of the Islamic Courts Union (ICU)
 With Spies and Cellphones, Ethiopian Terror Touches Minnesota by Doug McGill
The four men sitting at a downtown coffee shop here recently told me a story that sounded too far-fetched to be true. Could a humanitarian crisis following the pattern of Darfur, Sudan actually be unfolding while capturing hardly a sec
 Ethiopian Official Defects to U.S., Decries Anuak Genocide by Doug McGill
An Ethiopian government official seeking to distance himself from what he says is a continuing attempt by Ethiopia to eradicate an African tribe, has defected to the United States. Obang Oman, who only three weeks ago visited
 A Genocide Planner to Meet His Minnesota Survivors by Doug McGill
An Ethiopian government official named as a primary architect of a genocide in western Ethiopia will visit Minneapolis this Saturday, to directly confront members of the African tribe his government has targeted for
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