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 Go FigureGo Figure by Jan Sand
Like the average guy I shop for various items in a store and try to keep the prices in my head so that when I approach the cash register I have a vague idea about how badly I am about to be hit. But living in the real world is like being under
 How to integrate 27 strangers..?Education and integration in EU... by Christos Mouzeviris
The European project, as many call it, started after the second World War, and it has progressed today in the form of EU. One of its main goals and visions is the European integration, and the creation of one federal Europe. While there are many w
 Musings on the Philosophy of Education vis a vis the University by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
Some thirty-five years ago, on February 13, 1975 I published a newspaper article in one of the local paper of San Juan Puerto Rico (The San Juan Star) taking sides in a raging debate on the campus of the University of Puerto Rico. The debate had t
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 Slashed Budgets and Bleeding Schools by Jack Wellman
Not since the Great Depression have so many school districts in the state of Kansas been in financial jeopardy, almost to the point of having to close their doors permanently. In my own local school district in Belle Plaine, Kansas, the school dis
 Musings on Drugs and Addiction vis-a-vis Spiritual Indigence: Causes and Effects by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
 White men's language teaching gene by Joseph Gatt
 "He's Gotta Knife" by Leah Sellers
"He's gotta knife!"Terrorism comes in all Shapes, all Sizes, all Places, all Hearts, Minds and Souls of Darkness.Every Terrorist - every Gang Member, in Reality, eventually thrives on the Energies
 The hidden aspects of bilingualism by Joseph Gatt
So you’re dying to learn a language because it would be easier for you to get a job. The better you master that language, the more likely your pay will be high and you will be indispensable? Well guess again.I know pe
 Summer Studies in Urbino, Italy by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
 Schools kill creativity by Linda Lane
 Creationism in the Classroom by Jack Wellman
Where do you find the Separation of Church and State? In the U.S. Constitution? In the Articles of Confederation? Perhaps in the Constitutional Amendments? Or is it even mentioned in the Declaration of Independence?  You will not find it in a
 The Divinity of Music and Homemade Cookies! by Leah Sellers
Music - the Universal Language of the Soul - the Heart and Mind. Music speaks to Us - reaches Us in ways nothing else can. Music is the Universal Language of Connection. Just as the seductive, mouth watering, aromas wafting from warm ovens filled
 The Sad Saga of American Democracy by Dr. Habib Siddiqui
It is said that Americans are the most schooled and least-educated nation on earth. This is a severe assessment when we reflect upon the fact that most of the best universities of our world are located in the USA, which graduate thousands of brigh
 Attention 10 -14 year olds! by Robert Scott
Introducing a new educational website entitled WordsPlease. WordsPlease is a new interactive website designed by education professionals to inspire children with the English language. The monthly subscription website i
 Does the Internet make us more Intelligent but less Human? by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
For more than a decade now we educated people of our global village have been spending a lot of time online, searching and surfing and sometimes adding to the great databases of the Internet. The Web has been a godsend to writers. Research that on
 Educate Men FirstEducate Men First by Abdulhadi Hairan
Afghanistan and Pakistan, particularly tribal areas of these two countries, are the places where the whole world is involved these days. The war, the violence, the poverty, the backwardness, the ignorance and the abuses against women and childr
 Why again? by The Ovi Team
Nineteen wounded young boys and girls, ten wounded three killed, four killed, thirty killed! These are not reports from a battlefield, these are casualties of young people in schools, colleges and universities in our western world. Casualties of w
 Corporate Diminishment of Education by Leah Sellers
Giving the youth of America an education with a corporate mentality is an accident waiting to happen. The process of educating young minds to think should have less to do with the bottom dollar and corporate driven national tests and educational
 Defining Moment by Jack Wellman
February 1st 1884 was a defining moment in history - at least for those who value accurate language, both spoken and written - because this was the birth of the Oxford English Dictionary, which was the most comprehensive definition of the
 Calling Military Veterans by The Ovi Team
Hello. My name is Kyle Nappi. I am 17-years-old and I live in Ostrander, Ohio (USA). I am a junior at Buckeye Valley High School in Delaware, Ohio. I was wondering if you could do me a favor. I have a big interest in history,
 I Spy I by Asa Butcher
Idiots, complete idiots, that's the focus today. I spy idiots. No, I don't mean Fyodor Dostoevsky's novel The Idiot, I mean the word derived from the Greek ἰδιώ
 Militancy: 1200 schools closed in SwatMilitancy: 1200 schools closed in Swat by Abdulhadi Hairan
According to a report published on BBC’s Urdu website, the ongoing fighting between the militants and Pakistani security forces
 In the name of teddy by Thanos Kalamidas
My daughter is a very lucky child in many ways and one of them is because she’s attending a daycare school with kids of all different languages, ethnicity and backgrounds. I have to admit that from the very first parents’ meeting I was
 Why Militants Attack SchoolsWhy Militants Attack Schools by Abdulhadi Hairan
According to media reports, the pro-Taliban militants active in the Swat valley of Pakistan have targeted girls\' schools which resulted the closing of many schools and colleges. They regularly write threatening letters to schools and colleges
 Memoirs: My life in madrassaMemoirs: My life in madrassa by Abdulhadi Hairan
The idea of admitting me into a madrassa had come to my father\'s mind after he returned from his four month Tabligh, a missionary tour. I had learned the Holy Koran during his missionary tour and he was excited very much on hearing this news.
 What is your standard for an educated person?What is your standard for an educated person? by Abdulhadi Hairan
Before I ask the question, let me tell you something about myself.I belong to a very poor family of northern Afghan province Kanduz from where we were migrated Pakistan after the jihad against Russians was initiated. Like a
 Ask a Stupid Question Day by Jack Wellman
Friday, September 28th is Ask a Stupid Question Day. Ah, this must have been the day for which I was born. I know I’ve heard many teachers say, “No question is a dumb one!” only the “unasked one”. This is the question
 10 Simple Web Design Suggestions by Linda Lane
1. Maintain simple, consistent page navigation throughout your site.2. Produce legible sites - Keep backgrounds simple with enough contrast to read the content, break up large blocks of text into readable amounts, and use san-serif fonts; t
 Dumbing down by Jan Sand
One of the most revered quotations of the American President Lincoln indicates that the people cannot be fooled indefinitely. It intimates that there is a basic wisdom in the general populace of a nation which will discover, in the long run, an
 An undergraduate president by Amin George Forji
The National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) confirmed the application and admission of the country’s incumbent president, Olusegun Obasanjo, into the School of Arts and Social Sciences of the prestigious institution as an undergraduate st
 Caffeinated: Congratulations suckers! by Giorgos Vrachliotis
Congratulations suckers!You succeeded in making me flee this shithole. In other words, a short intro-duction to the Greek higher education system.The basic idea...... or at least what it
 International Literacy Day by Asa Butcher
On September 8th, 1966, the World Conference of Ministers of Education on the Eradication of Illiteracy began in Tehran, Iran, and a result of this meeting was to proclaim that the opening date of the conference woul
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