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 Happy 15th birthday, OviHappy 15th birthday, Ovi by Asa Butcher
As I sit here in Finland with the winter darkness relentlessly staring in through the kitchen window, I can\'t help mull over the events of the past year. I am torn emotionally between the helpless despair of my country\'s politics and the neve
 Ovi's hat-trick by Asa Butcher
Where were you on December 20th 2004? What were you doing? Who were you with? Should you have been with that person? Do you still keep in contact with them? Is it any of my business? I can answer each of those questions
 A wonderful three years by Thanos Kalamidas
I find it hard to believe that three years of Ovi magazine are behind us, three for you all, four for us with all the planning and the preparation. Ovi magazine was born and grew up in the era off blogs and personal journals and this is the reason
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 7/365 by Asa Butcher
One year ago we published an article entitled "Opinion sevenfold" that proclaimed the great news that Ovi magazine was metamorphosing from a monthly PDF into a daily edition. Today we are taking a moment to absorb the fact that a whole y
 Ovi nominated for Grands Prix award by The Ovi Team
Two years of hard work has been generously recognised by the jury of the prestigious Newropeans Magazine via their annual awards whose list of past winners include Eurosport, the European Space Agency, EUobser
 ...of the year! by The Ovi Team
Over the last few weeks I’ve been talking with Asa about the persona or the event of 2006. Together we suggested figures and events including the Pope Benedict, Saddam Hussein, the war in Somalia, Kofi Annan, HIV AIDS, Rwanda, any war, even
 Two candles on the cake by Asa Butcher
“I was once asked by a friend how it is possible for me to write so easily…I believe it is because I love what I do. I am motivated by writing and entertaining people. I have
 Number 1000 by Asa Butcher
Over 1,000 different articles have been published on www.ovimagazine.com, since its creation almost two years ago, and it has taken the combined efforts of nearly 80 contributors to reach this landmark number. We don
 Why the hell to create a blog? by The Ovi Team
"Why the hell to create a blog?" was the question we posted in the Ovi Forum back in April 2005 after a number of our regular readers had encouraged us to start one. Most of the comments were negative, such as Bighairyfinn's
 The birth of a copycatThe birth of a copycat by The Ovi Team
On Friday 13th October, Jone Nikula and Ari Halttunen published the first edition of their brand new free magazine that will be distributed across Finnish cities and we hope that it will bring them bad luck. The fami
 Editorial: Reporters have a duty by The Ovi Team
Pay attention to what you are going about to read: On October 7th 2006 three reporters were killed - two in Afghanistan and one in Russia. On the very same day at a memorial in Bayeux, northern France, the reporting
 Uranus.fi Success Stories: Ovi magazine by The Ovi Team
It can be difficult at times, when moving to a foreign country, to find a career where you use all your talents. In some case you end up feeling like you are settling instead of using your skills, and maximizing your potential. That
 Ovi's philosophy by Thanos Kalamidas
For the last twenty days we try to improve the Ovi magazine at every single chance. We have been adding new sections and we are planning to add many more. We have tried to give you a taste of what is to follow. Most
 Mrs. Oriana Fallaci by Thanos Kalamidas
For days I have been thinking of an editorial, but having things constantly in movement and adding new things to the Ovi magazine all the time I’ve kept leaving it for later. However, that was till I read some sa
 Opinion sevenfold by The Ovi Team
We created the Ovi magazine as a live portfolio two years ago. During these two years many things have happened, some not so good and some really good. We dealt with them all with humour, or at least we tried. Today
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