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 The Overcoat BusinessThe Overcoat Business by Jan Sand
There is an old story about two guys living on the edge of poverty. Whenever one was in deep financial problems he sold his overcoat to the other, thus tiding himself over a very bad spot. There was only one overcoat and it went through time be
 Occupy Dame Street. Dublin, 2011. by Christos Mouzeviris
For the past two weeks or so, Dublin is seeing its own follow up demonstrations against Capitalist greed, that started from USA and the Occupy Wall Street movement; the small protest that grew to become a Global protest. One city after the other i
 The Greek economic genocide by Thanos Kalamidas
This week is going to be very critical one in Greece with demonstration literally putting in a standstill everything from transportation to schools, public and private sector. And this minute probably demonstrators flood the centre of Athens and m
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 Indignant a system that decadence by Thanos Kalamidas
So the indignant have moved from the lands of desperation to the lands of hope and equal changes and from the squares of Madrid and Athens to the wide avenues of New York and the Wall Street. Barack Obama in a speech lately said that the people in
 When the domino effect became the boomerang effect by Thanos Kalamidas
Thanks to the Euro-crisis the last few months we all learned the term “domino effect” but now a new term raises the “boomerang effect” and let’s see how painful it will be the way and how long it will take to memorise
 Irish report by Euro Reporter
Exactly how safe are your Irish savings?Over the past two years Irish, Dutch, Indian, Turkish and Cypriot banks, among others, have offered far more competitive deals to UK savers than many home-grown banks, particularly on lo
 American poverty that reflects the European reality by Thanos Kalamidas
Reading in the news that one in seven Americans was living in poverty for the year 2009 according the US Census Bureau I felt my spine shivering and naturally my mind returned to Europe and especially to Greece. But this moment it’s not only
 Free Trade Solution to Balancing Trade: Export-Import Coupons by Clifford W. Lazar
America's trade is unbalanced, and the results are lost middle clas
 Corporate America Still Doesn't Get It by Dr. Habib Siddiqui
 A Crusade or Nothing: Brown and the Banks by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
It is seen as punitive, a populist reaction.  There is little doubt that some people in the City end of London will think so.  But Gordon Brown’s government is intent on winning votes by ‘supertaxing’ banks, exercising
 The Horn of Africa is Dying. Who Cares? by Doug McGill
For all its vivid detail, the picture painted by one after another speaker was almost too abstract and too distant – not to mention too evil -- to fully take in.
 A balloon that couldn't lift by Thanos Kalamidas
I have said it before that I don’t understand much about economics and that I have never felt the investment fever even though I saw it touching nearly all my friends back in 80s giving to some of them a lot of money but making most of th
 Essay For a Post-Opus Dei United States by Alexandra Pereira
 The G20 and Mickey Mouse in London by Thanos Kalamidas
In the beginning there were the G7, then they became G7 plus one and then it was the G8, G12 and now the G20! The theory was at least the way they present it, to synchronize the markets globally and put some rules, the truth as it came out was to
 Stand for Europe by Thanos Kalamidas
The world has definitely changed after 9-11 and it is not only the terrorist attacks that changed it but the economic problems that suddenly proved that they were much deeper than what we could see at the time. I think at the same time everything
 European finance lessons by Thanos Kalamidas
So this is it, now we know that the European leaders didn’t really understand anything from the new air that blows from Washington and didn’t get anything from what Barack Obama said about economy, it is like an old record player that
 The apologetic face and some European thoughts by Thanos Kalamidas
I don’t think there has ever been an American president who came to power with so many hopes and had to make so many hard choices in his first month as Barack Obama. The only good news about the man is that people knew that this would happen
 Recession's Bastille by Thanos Kalamidas
It is not only the media or the announcement from the governments but lately it is family and friends, just everybody talks about the recession and the fear of losing their jobs and this was the conversation I had just hours ago with a very clo
 Is There A Plumber In The House?! by Leah Sellers
America’s political and social plumbing is clogged. America, and Americans, are groaning and moaning under the stresses and strains of dysfunctional Family (the Nation’s) partisan (Republican and Democratic) leadership.
 Stay Calm, Buy Smart by Edna Nelson
Have you ever considered that maybe this economic recession is the best thing that ever happened to us? The past decade has been all about spending, lending, production and self satiation with material goods. We have seen huge cars, private jets,
 The tombstone of Davos by Thanos Kalamidas
German Chancellor Ms. Angela Merkel, in a speech to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, proposed a very …unique idea, the creation of a UN Economic Council similar to the UN Security Council! And I have to admit that I found the
 The Emperor's new clothes - EU's national governments facing the financial crisis by Newropeans-Magazine
The course of the global financial crisis is showing the real nature of EU's national governments and politicians.Like the emperor in Hans Christian Andersen’s tal
 Universal Responsibility in a Matrixed Economic World by Linda Lane
I am concerned that Obama and his staff are not aware enough of the danger and that his planned policies do not go far enough. Reading up on America's depression era New Deal of the 1930's and the times leading up to it are remarkably l
 2008 Event of the Year: The Financial Crisis by Thanos Kalamidas
Every year since Ovi magazine became daily we have chosen either a persona or event of the year, but this year it took us a bit more to decide. Yes, we took in to consideration the comments and yes we read the mails and we did talk about it betwee
 Credit cards and the banking problems by Thanos Kalamidas
I’m one of these old-fashioned people who has a credit card in a draw to only use in a case of emergency and that doesn’t include books or DVDs! And of course I have learned my lesson something like twenty years ago when I had a very g
 Phase IV of the Global Systemic crisis: Breakdown of the Global Monetary System by summer 2009 by Newropeans-Magazine
The G20-meeting held in Washington on November 14/15, 2008, is in its essence a historical indicator that the Western - above all Anglo-Saxon - monopoly on global economic and financial governance, is coming to an end.
 De-Regulation's Conflagration! by Leah Sellers
The De-Regulatory modality’s Wild Fire has left Everyone frantically scurrying and hurrying for a “quick fix”. Hasty “band-aid fixes” are part of what got Us (Human Beings) into Our present Global Economic Crisis in t
 The Working Class Foreclosure Blues by Leah Sellers
I am one of the many Working Class Folks left moaning the Foreclosure Blues. One of the many Working Class Folks blamed for the Housing Financial Crisis in America. A few years ago I was a teacher with an excellent credit rating and no outstanding
 The Marauding King Cons Are Chest Thumping! by Leah Sellers
Yes, pounding Their puffed-up, over inflated, hairy, little chests with vain glory. The Global Financial Shell Game seduced, cajoled and suckered Us All. It worked! Selling one Loan at a profit to another Humanity-Eating Lender - another voracious
 Financial questions and parasites by Thanos Kalamidas
Over the last few days I keep reading about the necessity of a radical banking reform and I still don’t understand how they are going to manage that by funding the private banks so they can continue giving loans. The usual arguments are that
 Nouveau et Amusant: Participez Activement a la Crise Avec... Le Credit Agricole by Europe & Us
Crise financière par ci, crise financière par là, de notre Président en passant par les chefs d'Etats et ministres concernés, tout le monde est sur le pont et essaye de rassurer les cit
 A patchwork of mistakes by Thanos Kalamidas
For the next few days we are going to see a lot of photos with George W. Bush embracing Nicola Sarkozy, actually we are going to see the American president loving and kissing the old Europe just to put the last patch in the gigantic patchwork call
 Evening thoughts by Thanos Kalamidas
Browsing the news lately has one and only result, feeling sick of watching the disappointment and pessimism. But then you start wondering if my pessimism is a result of the style the media transfer the information or the information itself. Aft
 British European policy in recession by Newropeans-Magazine
In those policy areas where the current British government has made an effort to engage openly and constructively with the EU, it has tended to rely on ideologies capable of outweighing popular eursoscepticism. Yet the s
 777 - Turbo-Capitalism's Failure by Luis Alves
Markets have inefficiencies, because of their inability to correct the negative externalities of industrial outputs (production) and industrial inputs (depletion of non-renewable resources). Failure to calculate the costs to nonparticipants in tra
 The tunnel and the light by Thanos Kalamidas
It was amazing to read that the German chancellor decided that the German government will guarantee people’s savings hoping that the rest of the European governments will follow. I don’t know if all of them can guarantee 100% of the in
 The Blaming Finger! by Leah Sellers
The Blaming Finger is swinging wildly around the four corners of the United States of America these days. Yes, that Accusatory, Wagging, Bony Finger - shakes it self in front of Every American’s Face with vim and vigor - indignation and ranc
 From the US housing bubble to the (proposed) bailout of US financial system by Luis Alves
The bursting of the US housing bubble and the high default rates on "subprime" and adjustable rate mortgages, marked the beginning of the subprime mortgage crisis (2005-2006).
 A call for my investment by Thanos Kalamidas
So what really happened with the American economy? Is Marx proved right nearly twenty years after the fall of the Soviet Union and Leninism? Over-consuming and over-productivity are going to be the nemesis of the system that won the war or is Bush
 HOGWASH!! by Leah Sellers
A little of Fannie Mae this - and Freddie Mac that - and the Auto Industries needing an Overhauling and Modernizing at Someone else’s expense here - and the Banking Industries Holdings and Interests here, there and everywhere. And well paid
 Wag the Dog by Jack Wellman
The Bull has been running...only it’s been in the wrong direction. The federal government has been buying up “hundreds of billions of dollars of illiquid mortgage assets at a deep discount from banks”1. The financial markets h
 The Big Three in Asia by Valerie Sartor
Bill Emmott, a slight, dignified middle-aged man with a tonsured head and dark mien, is a career journalist. He’s also the former chief editor of The Economist, a unique, thriving British weekly magazine that publishes astute but un
 Does the Nordic Model need to be reformed? by Luis Alves
Does the Nordic model need to be reformed to face up to the challenges of globalisation? What exactly are these challenges and what are the causes which make the model work successfully, creating strong ec
 Future prosperity for all? by Valerie Sartor
Today China must seriously address the impact of continued economic development upon the environment at large. The country's increasingly successful economic growth has unfortunately created constantly escalating harmful effects upon China
 A letter to a failed EU by Thanos Kalamidas
Dear Mr. President of the European Union, dear Mr. and Mrs. Commissioners and dear Mr. and Mrs. National representatives of the 27 nations in the European Parliament, I know you have been really busy with the relationship between the EU and Russia
 Globalization and National Identities - The Society of Negotiation by Dimitra Karantzeni
To start with, globalization can be interpreted from many different perspectives: economic, social, psychological, political, and even philosophical. There is little argument, though, that globalization is now a major characteristic of our daily l
 Economic Euphoria or Inferno? by Valerie Sartor
China's progress into the international economic community has not been simple or linear despite the fact that Chinese businesses are currently enjoying enormous economic success. The western world has been hurt job wise b
 A Must Read: China Shakes the World by Valerie Sartor
On 26 October 2006 James Kynge won the prestigious Financial Times & Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year Award for his work: CHINA SHAKES THE WORLD, (Weidenfeld & Nicolson, publisher). He picked up the award and the 30,000 pound prize
 98% of Nokia is ownership of American funds by Luis Alves
In the last film of Aki Kaurismäki, "Lights in the Dusk" - third part of a trilogy begun by “Drifting Clouds” (
 A King's 60th Birthday by Tony Butcher
30th March: 90th day of the year, end of the first quarter, British Summer Time begins and it is the end of the financial year. It's the perfect time to celebrate an Economist's birthday.As Mervyn King blows out the ca
 The X euros generation by Thanos Kalamidas
What happens when a known politician jokes about something really serious and when the bitter truth is behind the joke? But let me start with the facts; Berlusconi, my favourite European clown …sorry politician I wanted to say, while on a
 The IT Tsunami Wave rolls into China by Valerie Sartor
Cyrill Eltschinger, celebrated author of Source Code China (2007, John Wiley and Sons), arrived on the Chinese mainland in late 1994, working for a subsidiary of GM after being based in Singapore, the business hub of the Pacific Rim at
 China's Copycat Economics by Valerie Sartor
North American factory workers are fuming as China taps into more and more industries, almost effortlessly gaining the market share majority. “They copy us and sell cheaper!” irate laid-off American workers shout. But China experience
 Divisoes administrativas da Finlandia: Municipios by Luis Alves
“Os municípios representam o nível local de administração da Finlândia e actuam como unidades administrativas fundamentais do país. Os munic
 Growing Pains by Valerie Sartor
As China continues to enter the global arena many Western nations have questioned many of the country's policies and actions. Some countries consider China as a threat, a lone bully and/or an economic wildcard. To begin to understand the mo
 The current capitalist system by Luis Alves
Concept of social class [1] The capitalist system is based on two institutions, whose integrity is crucial for its survival: The priv
 Economic Yin & Yang by Valerie Sartor
In August 2007 Chinese news reported that the Beijing Chidong Culture and Media Company began a lawsuit against a Japanese TV station. Apparently SKYperfecTV on Channel 785 broadcast their Japanese production of the Chinese TV series Ku Cai Hu
 Eyes on Asia by Valerie Sartor
When the western world looks at Asia most people, particularly Americans, focus their gaze on China. Rightly so: the country has made remarkable economic strides, with average annual growth rates in excess of 9 per cent over the past two decades.
 Poker, virtual reality and international stock markets by Thanos Kalamidas
I have never been a gambler myself and, as it may have been obvious from former articles, when it comes to playing I'd rather have a good game of chess, Scrabble or even rummy, than poker, for example. However, it seems that over the last few
 Myths surrounding moneyMyths surrounding money by Joseph Gatt
Money is also a state of mind. To some, being rich and famous does not buy happiness. But to many, it is the only life they ever dreamt of. I haven’t counted the number of times I got cut off for mentioning money rela
 The Season of Giving by Jack Wellman
For the world in general, the Christmas season or Holiday season, is the most giving time of the year. For corporations, it is no doubt the same thing. Tax write offs, as a way of reducing a company’s tax, is more
 When the Rich Make Too Much Money by Newropeans-Magazine
American Voice in Europe - Sam Pizzigati has recently reported on the content of "Foreign Policy", claimed to be "the world's most prestigious global affairs journal" (1). In keeping with its objectives, Foreign Policy h
 Burning rubber by Tony Butcher
What a massive policy change professional economists can make in two months. These highly paid individuals employed by the biggest names in the corporate banking sector have switched instantly into reverse gear over the past 60 days as the wheels
 France is "going out of business"France is "going out of business" by Joseph Gatt
French Prime Minister François Fillion said on French national television that the French State is “out of business”. Though there were strong reactions condemning the Prime Ministers comments, it reveals that France no longer
 Money in a rich man's world by Richard Berman
Everywhere I look they are trying to push me and others to get a loan, apply for a credit card or buy now pay next year, but do we really need loans?Ok, so many people get a loan to buy a house, this is normal because without
 FAIRTRADE - is it fair? by Asa Butcher
Everywhere I looked recently there were billboards promoting the FAIRTRADE Mark, which reminded me of England's own Fairtrade promotion about seven years ago. At the beginning of 2000, the UK had huge marketing campaign that encouraged consume
 Two sides of the same coin by Amin George Forji
Theoretically, the world began this millennium on a very good footing, with mankind more united than ever before in the boisterous ambition to make the world a better place for all. This commitment was unanimously ad
 Xikrin mine and ignoranceXikrin mine and ignorance by Thanos Kalamidas
I was reading the daily news in an online newspaper when something caught my eye: “A group of about 200 Xikrin Indians in Brazil have agreed to leave an iron mine they occupied on Tuesday.” My reaction was, 'Wow!' Exactly! I re
 Daylight robberyDaylight robbery by Asa Butcher
Every day in the Netherlands and Finland, thousands of consumers are surreptitiously robbed by shops, newsagents, supermarkets and any establishment with a cash register. The form of this theft is through the roundin
 Ivory Coast on cocoa strikeIvory Coast on cocoa strike by Amin George Forji
The Ivory Coast produces about 1.7 tons of cocoa yearly, which is 40% of the world's annual global output. Approximately 50% of the Ivorian population (about nine million) depend upon money from cocoa for subsist
 One more and done by Tony Butcher
There was no surprise from either the European Central Bank or the UK's Monetary Policy Committee on Thursday as both fulfilled market expectations. Jean-Claude Trichet, Head of the ECB, presided over a quarter-p
 Markets on solid ground by Tony Butcher
The more Europe changes the more the markets stay the same. London suffered a dramatic tragedy on July 7th, when bombers targeted Underground Subway stations with precision timed blasts, which caused over 50 deaths and hundreds of casualties. The
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