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 Greek reportGreek report by Euro Reporter
For Some, Greece’s Junta Lives On On the morning of April 21, 1967, Greeks suddenly found tanks in the streets of Athens as a
 40 years: Giorgos Seferis & his famous statement (In Greek) by The Ovi Team
Συμπληρώθηκαν το 2000 τα 100 χρόνια από τη γέν
 Mini skirts, volcano dust and earthquakes by Thanos Kalamidas
For long time I have targeted the Iranian dictators with articles, comments and posts. And sometimes these comments and articles are provocatively angry but I am one of the unlucky ones to have lived the full meaning of a dictatorship when I was g
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  A Peace Nobel Prize in Iran's conflict by Thanos Kalamidas
Iran, its dictators and the puppet president have more than often provoked the international community from the very beginning of their “revolution’s” establishment but this time they crossed the line even with the last that h
 Some are bound to guard Thermopiles by Thanos Kalamidas
A few weeks ago a young reporter from Greece contacted me, asking for an interview for a documentary for the Greek television regarding the events of the Athens Polytechnic in the 70s. The email was kindly written and showing a good professiona
 Who's going to protect our democracy from our democracy? by Thanos Kalamidas
Thanks to internet the last few years I’m able to watch Greek television news and actually I have a choice of eight channels including the state one and the most popular private. So a few months ago I was in total shock when I saw the rep
 The long way from EU to Zimbabwe by Thanos Kalamidas
I have the feeling that Europe never learns, and that’s one thing I have to admit that is different with the USA, especially when it comes to their foreign policy. When they have a crunch with a nation, nothing can change it, no matter wh
 Neda Agha Soltan's sacrifice by Thanos Kalamidas
Most of us have seen the video or the photos of the last moments of Neda Agha Soltan’s life, the 27-year-old woman who died on the street in Teheran. We naively imagine a heroic woman, demonstrating and fighting against a regime that has sen
 Zimbabwe's blood diamonds by Thanos Kalamidas
From the very beginning when the situation changed in Zimbabwe, I was very careful with what I wrote about it, and I often mentioned that we have to wait and see. Somehow, the cooperation of the dictator Mugabe with the democratic opposition leade
 Teheran on fire by Thanos Kalamidas
Many times I have written, and I strongly believe that democracy finds its own ways and it always prevails in the end. And somehow Iran becomes, or at least I want to believe that it becomes, an example of that. The last presidential election was
 Seferis' denial to dictators by Thanos Kalamidas
It is very difficult to describe to anybody who hasn’t lived something similar, how it was during the Greek military dictatorship in Greece. It is difficult to explain it even to people who have lived dictatorships and when you actually live
 But seriously by Thanos Kalamidas
It seems that dictators and future dictators don’t get it and never have holidays like busy little ants. And while in Guinea they were burying the former dictator who ruled the country for twenty four years a coup started and long live the n
 Farewell Letter to Van Walsum by The Ovi Team
 Kids are dying in Zimbabwe by Thanos Kalamidas
Waiting for the results of the debate between Palin and Biden and while stock markets all around the world still tremble with a lot of catastropholists describing the last days of capitalism, there is one country that has doomed their financial sy
 Mugabe's generosity by Thanos Kalamidas
The caricature Hitler of Africa, dictator of Zimbabwe and mass murderer Robert Mugabe seems that he has a deal with the opposition and I have the feeling that the other African countries, neighbors and members of the African union will salute it a
 Keeping the Flame of Saffron Revolution Alive by Rohingya Human Rights
The violent crackdown of the Saffron Revolution in September 2007 has added a deep notch in the scale of atrocities of the Burmese military rulers. It is true that the Saffron Revolution could not remove the regime from the power, but it has so
 Mugabe must go by Thanos Kalamidas
The regional summit of the South African leaders for Zimbabwe ended and nobody was able to reach any kind of agreement between the two sides leaving the future of Zimbabwe looking darker than ever. Actually was anybody there who believed that any
 Why I Write About Ethiopia by Doug McGill
“Why the hell are you messing with my country’s political affairs?” goes a typical e-mail from the dozens I’ve received this summer from readers living in Ethiopia, from immigrants living in Minnesota, and from throughout t
 Musharraf's end game by Thanos Kalamidas
The first one has gone and it was about time. Pakistan’s dictator Pervez Musharraf resigned under the pressure of facing charges. Obviously he proved to have a bit of brain and just like Pinochet a few years ago he chose to leave power graci
 A silent martyr by Thanos Kalamidas
Most likely most of you have no idea what it means to live under a dictatorship and I really hope none of you will ever experience anything even close to it. How can you defend your self against dictators who would arrest a ten-year-old boy and th
 HIPOCRITAS by Dr. Luis Portillo, Ph. D.
Los que durante tanto tiempo silenciaron las legítimas razones del Pueblo saharaui y su profundo grito de angustia y de dolor. Los que sistemáticamente sile
 Mugabe: Africa's serial killer by Thanos Kalamidas
At this minute, supporters of Africa’s Hitler caricature, Robert Mugabe show their power by beating people in cities and villages of Zimbabwe, people who didn’t go to vote or people who showed their support to the opposition, even peop
 Mugabe must go by Thanos Kalamidas
Zimbabwe’s opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai announced that his party is pulling out from the elections stating that this election will not be fair and free, yet he automatically hands victory to the Africa’s unbelievable Hitler
 Perhaps a cancer in Europe by Thanos Kalamidas
There is something that I have often emphasized, that Africa or south-east Asia are very far away in our minds, much more than they are in reality, and we have connected the embarrassing acts of our times, like human and drug trafficking, with th
 Musharraf will be... watching! by Thanos Kalamidas
It has been a long time since we heard from him but it seems with everything going on with Mugabe he had to make sure people knew his intentions. So the Pakistani dictator and so-called President, Pervez Musharraf, in a very important interview, i
 Chavez: The next American Idol by Thanos Kalamidas
When everybody was talking about Venezuela’s Che I was a bit sceptical! When everybody was talking about the Venezuelan economic miracle I was wondering and when the Spanish king told Chavez to shut up I was relieved. No
 The next crime of the Myanmar junta by Thanos Kalamidas
If anything could get worse in Burma - or Myanmar as the dictators like to call the country - it just did; in the middle of a cyclone, literally and metaphorically, they announced that they are going to extend the pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu
 A neighbourhood called earth! by Thanos Kalamidas
How would you have reacted reading that in Australia riots had started against immigrants and they were already counting dead? I bet you would be shocked, you would have read the news again and again trying to understand how that could have happen
 Relocation of Rohingyas in a Deserted Island in Thailand by Rohingya Human Rights
In 1852, the government of the French Emperor Napoleon III opened a penitentiary island known as "Devil's Island" which was used for the settlement
 Cahiers de la Mediterranee by Dr. Luis Portillo, Ph. D.
Señorías: Me tomo la libertad de dirigirme a Vds. para adjuntarles mi artículo "
 A psycho killer called Mugabe by Thanos Kalamidas
Reading the news I was wondering how many graves the people of Zimbabwe will find after Mugabe’s regime ends. I was wondering how many mothers cry this very minute for their missing sons and daughters and how many kids grieve for their paren
 URCE Appreciates Rohingyas Demonstrations in Malaysia by Rohingya Human Rights
Hamdan Mg Kyaw Naing, the Secretary General of The Union of Rohingya Communities in Europe (URCE) has highly appreciated the efforts of the Rohingya human rights activists in Malaysia. He also thanked the organizers and participants of the demonst
 Cry Rohingyas!!! Cry!!!! by Rohingya Human Rights
Thailand's Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej said after emerging from a two-hour meeting of the National Security Council on March 28.2008 that the Thai Navy is exploring a deserted island to place the Rohingya refugees living in Thailand. He ex
 Los fascistas y los saharauis by Dr. Luis Portillo, Ph. D.
Los fascistas y los saharauis(Carta abierta al Editor de “Mundo Árabe”)Sr. D. Ahmed HijaziEditorMundo ÁrabePlaza Callao, 1 – 6º - 1128043 Madrid
 Think free, people of Zimbabwe by Thanos Kalamidas
Zimbabwe has started voting early this morning and, according to the news, all the security forces and army are alarmed. Tanks are patrolling the streets of Harare and armed soldiers are deployed in all the cities around the country. Having a dict
 La columna de los 1.000 by Dr. Luis Portillo, Ph. D.
Un grupo de estudiantes de periodismo pretende volver a poner de actualidad el conflicto La Hamada no tiene nada que ver con la imagen romá
 Musharraf's song by Thanos Kalamidas
So, Pakistan has a new Prime Minister elected in Musharraf’s democratic way and acceptance which means Musharraf decides the song that the new P.M. dances to; what remains is to find out what’s the dance, since we all know Musharraf
 The Draft Constitution of Burma's Military Rulers by Rohingya Human Rights
Once upon a time, a lion, a leopard and a jackal entered into an alliance to go on the hunt together. They went out around the forests and hunte
 The Bright side of Mugabe by Thanos Kalamidas
Everybody is warning about it in the loudest possible way and the only one who doesn’t want to hear is Robert Mugabe, the voices of the dead and the imprisoned scream go away and what is he doing? He’s going for elections! He’s e
 Everybody loves Robbie by Thanos Kalamidas
Mugabe hits again by banning all the observers from the elections, especially all the western observers. I’m sorry if once more I’m writing about this notorious dictator of Zimbabwe but, as I have said be
 XXXII Aniversario proclamacion Republica Saharaui by Dr. Luis Portillo, Ph. D.
 How to Stop Human Rights Violations against Rohingyas by Rohingya Human Rights
The Rohingya community of Arakan, Burma is one of the most down-trodden ethnic minorities of the world. They are victim of political oppression, economic exploitation, cultural slavery and c
 Zimbabweans' Stockholm Syndrome by Thanos Kalamidas
Among others, there is one thing in politics and history I have never understood: why do dictators desperately need elections? I mean why do some countries make such a big fuss about elections, organizing them carefully, advertising them internati
 Pakistan - Before and AfterPakistan - Before and After by Abdulhadi Hairan
The upcoming parliamentary elections in Pakistan scheduled for February 18 seems to be first ever bloodiest experience in the history of the nation as not only the nationalist party saw its supporters bathed in pools of blood but the country
 Our Deepest Condolences for Padoh Mahn Sha Lah Phan by Rohingya Human Rights
We are deeply saddened to learn the tragic incident of assassination of Padoh Mahn Sha Lah Phan, a leader of the Karen National Union (KNU) which is one of the biggest ethnic groups fighting the Burmese military rulers. Padoh
 Burma Heading Towards the Worst by Rohingya Human Rights
Burma's national icon of democracy, peace and liberty, Daw Aung San Suu Kyie has cautioned the people of Burma to prepare for the worst, during a rare meeting with the members of her party, the National League for Democracy on Jan 30.2008,
 Nota De Prensa by Dr. Luis Portillo, Ph. D.
CEAS-Sáhara condena los acuerdos militares del Gobierno español con Marruecos y advierte de la cobertura que España está dando a los planes del reino marroquí para consolidar la ocupación ilegal del Sáhara Occide
 U Kyaw Min of Burma: An MP without Citizenship by Rohingya Human Rights
Burma, a resource-rich country of 678,500 sq. km and 57.6 million people which the military rulers have turned into a secret state of terror during its 46 years of unbroken despotic rule and where a Nobel Peace Laureate like Daw Aung San Suu Ky
 Thanks to Human Rights Activists in Bangladesh by Rohingya Human Rights
After the release of my article, "Protection of Rohingya Undocumented Refugees in Bangladesh", I have got huge response from dif
 Pakistan is an interesting country!Pakistan is an interesting country! by Abdulhadi Hairan
Here the Hamoodur Rahman Commission clearly named the people who had a role in East Pakistan [that broke the country int
 Protection of Rohingya Undocumented Refugees in Bangladesh by Rohingya Human Rights
The Rohingya refugee problem in Bangladesh is a decades-long pending issue. According to the official record, there are some 26,000 Rohingya refugees in two official camps in Cox's Bazar, a southern district of Bangladesh bordering Burma. The
 After Mugabe... Musharraf in Europe! by Thanos Kalamidas
It looks to me like this is the time for Europe to put out the red carpet to all the dictators around the world and I am wondering if Kim of North Korea will be next. However, since nobody is sure whether Kim will come, we have managed fine with M
 A la Atencian del Presidente de "eDreams" by Dr. Luis Portillo, Ph. D.
SEÑOR PRESIDENTE:Me permito poner en su conocimiento que la publicidad que su empresa está haciendo de lujosos hoteles en DAJLA (antes Villa Cisneros), ciudad del SÁHARA OCCIDENTAL invadida y ocupada por Marruecos, y per
 Take UN military interventions by Rohingya Human Rights
Dear Mr. Ban Ki-moon and International Governments, We are writing in order to urge you to take UN military interventions on the situation of human rights and political crisis in Burma, and to implement them immediately. The UNSC must
 Musharraf Holmes by Thanos Kalamidas
Reading the news from Pakistan, I was amazed to find out that dictator-president Musharraf will replace his army hat with the classic Sherlock Holmes deerstalker hat, he will start smoking a pipe and occasionally will take cocaine - the original S
 Aung San Suu Kyi independence by Thanos Kalamidas
This year and apparently today, Burma, also known as Myanmar, celebrates 60 years of independence from the British. The nearby India celebrated its 60th year last year with magnificent celebrations that lasted for days and you would expect Burma t
 The Gambari Mission: A Failed Bid? by Rohingya Human Rights
The UN which is believed to be the last resort of hope for the hopeless people, has appointed Mr Ibrahim Gambari, a Nigerian Diplomat on a mission to bring peace trough restoration of democracy and human rights in Burma, a country which has been g
 Stop the Political Crisis in Burma by Rohingya Human Rights
Appeal to UN Security Council to Take Strong Action to Stop the Political Crisis in BurmaDate: Monday 31, December 2007Dear Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and Members of the United Nations,
 Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's 'Freedom From Fear' speech by The Ovi Team
It is not power that corrupts but fear. Fear of losing power corrupts those who wield it and fear of the scourge of power corrupts those who are subject to it. Most Burmese are familiar with the four a-gati - the four kinds of corruption. Chand
 Repeating history with innocent Kurds by Thanos Kalamidas
There is something going on at the north borders of Iraq that seems like nobody gives the necessary weight. The victims at the moment are between the innocent and they count only to tens and the refugees to just a few hundred but the situation is
 Who killed Benazir Bhutto? by Thanos Kalamidas
It is like there is a huge drama scene covering Pakistan and everybody has become a pawn in the hands of an invisible power. Benazir Bhutto is dead, assassinated in a suicide attack. Sixteen more Pakistanis are dead from the attack and several oth
 The future you give by Thanos Kalamidas
So, who is going to tell the Zimbabwe people that Mugabe is going to stay there, as a dictator for life? Who is going to tell them and what excuse are they going to use when Mugabe’s terrorising regime will continue threatening, torturing, i
 Brown saves us from total embarrassment by Thanos Kalamidas
No, that’s the only answer and nothing else in response to Mugabe’s visit to Europe and his participation in a summit for the future of EU-Africa relations. Mugabe has no place anywhere in Europe except the international court of Hague
 Africa's psychopath by Thanos Kalamidas
The man is definitely a joke and even though there are a few jokes going around in the international political scene at the moment; here I’m talking about the worst of them, Zimbabwe’s Mugabe! In most countries and in most societie
 A tragedy by Thanos Kalamidas
I have often mentioned that I grew up and met adulthood during one of the darkest times of the Modern Greek history, during the seven years of the military dictatorship. And I have often said that it is very difficult to d
 Another dark day for Pakistan by Thanos Kalamidas
A few months ago I was criticized because in one of my articles I was referring to General Musharraf as one of the worst dictators and I was sure that he has no intention to let Pakistan know democracy; after all, he was the last in a long chain o
 Hope wanted by Thanos Kalamidas
Over the last months I have had the feeling that everything goes wrong and I really hope this feeling is just temporary and nothing to do with reality. But again, reading what's going on around the world makes you feel a bit depressed. It'
 Ms Bhutto's disinformation by Thanos Kalamidas
Worse than accepting a dictator is giving him an alibi for all of his or her actions and it gets even worse when this alibi is covered with excuses for democracy. Unfortunately this is exactly what the former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutt
 The creation of a monster by Thanos Kalamidas
How can you negotiate and trust somebody who took over a country with a military coup using all the resources the state gave him, exiled or imprisoned all the opposition with a lot of questionable disappearances and
 Wishful thought and a financial horror by Thanos Kalamidas
Imagine going to the bakery early one the morning to buy three small hot bread rolls. For three euros you get them with butter and a nice cheese that will make them a good breakfast. The smiling baker takes the three euros and wishes you a good mo
 Conte: Life and his throne by Amin George Forji
It is often said that those who live by the sword will die by the sword. In fact, President Lansana Conte of Guinea, who seized power in the former West African French colony in 1984 and has ruled his country with an iron fist ever since, is now w
 A dictator in paradise by Thanos Kalamidas
We live in a world that hangs Saddam Hussein one day and a day later millions watch the most disturbing pictures through the internet, even in places as remote as Fiji, a country so small and so distant. However, life does go on in the small islan
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