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 Interview with Ruben Reddy by Fiona Zerbst
Ruben Reddy's passion for designing sports facilities was probably influenced by his immersion in sport, as both a competitor and a spectator. The Durban-based architect played cricket competitively for 20
 Danish Design Down Under by Clint Wayne
In April 2008, Ovi published this article by Clint Wayne to celebrate Jorn Utzon's 90th birthday. On November 29th he sadly passed away, so it is only fitting for a reprise of the article... * * * * * * *  As a f
 Obamart by Alexandra Pereira
Alexandra sent us a selection of work from www.designforobama.org to share with the readers of Ovi.Designforobama.org states, "The opportunity to bring the spirit of grassroots style organizing and collaboration to poster d
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 Manufactured Landscape - Landscape as Architecture by Luis Alves
Who are the users of an industrial structure like a factory, a mine, a quarry or an industrial village? Obviously they are the workers. In fact, who defines the requirements of those structures are the investors
 Function and Aesthetics by Luis Alves
"Function"The functional requirements of buildings and other physical structures are defined by the requisites that the users make for the realizati
 There's that word again by Jan Sand
The old story is that one psychoanalyst passes a professional associate on the street, raises one hand in recognition and says, “Hi!” The second nods in acknowledgement and the two continue on their way. Each in his turn frowns and say
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