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 Go FigureGo Figure by Jan Sand
Like the average guy I shop for various items in a store and try to keep the prices in my head so that when I approach the cash register I have a vague idea about how badly I am about to be hit. But living in the real world is like being under
 Kicking a Dead Horse by Jan Sand
There is a very old story of a canny farmer whose life style was to wring every last cent out of all of his operations. He cut down on his own food and maintenance to the bare bone and, for a while, made extreme experiments on his horse to cut dow
 How honest are you? by Clint Wayne
According to a recent survey carried out by the popular drinks brand WKD, men admitted to telling an average of five fibs a day, whereas women only admitted to telling an impressive three fibs a day. But is that the truth?Vote
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 Where Have All the Good Drivers Gone? by Artie Knapp
I read recently that if our Sun was the size of a dot over the letter “i”, the nearest star would be a dot ten miles away. That’s an impressive statistic on the vastness of space, but it doesn’t impress me as much as people
 Law of the stag by Asa Butcher
Whether you call it a bachelor party, a stag night, a bulls party, a bucks party or even polttarit, it is commonly known as the groom's last glimpse of freedom and an excuse to party one final time with his friends, although the exten
 Blaming the Instrument by Jan Sand
If a door bangs you in the face as you try to enter a room you might have an impulse to bang it back. A bear or a chimpanzee might feel the same way, but humanity should, it seems to me, should be able to exercise a bit more considered restraint.
 Stars in their eyes by Richard Berman
Every now and then my mother in England will send some of her old magazines to Finland that she saves for my wife, and to tell you the truth I also like to have a read of them. The magazines are women's magazines, the kind that have a problem
 Lands of milk and honey by Jan Sand
The ancient Greeks and the Northern peoples envisioned, respectively, the Elysian Fields and Valhalla, as the final delightful resting places of their honorable dead. The Christians followed suit with a Heaven whose inhabitants occupied themselves
 Happy New Year!Happy New Year! by Thanos K & Asa B
New Year’s Day is a day for wishes and expectations. Happy new year, healthy new year, peaceful new year! We are not going to complain and we are not going to remind you of all the bad things happening around us,
 The cost of fire by Rinso
Matti Orrainen, the director of the Finnish National Rescue Association, has proposed that a sprinkler installation is installed in every house in Finland. The idea is that this could prevent nearly every fire death
 Walking around…my 30s! by Carlos Eyl
Who said thirty was a big number? Looking back at my last line of deeply rooted one-millimeter hairs on my scalp, I realize that it wasn't just yesterday that I was born. The thought has been haunting me for the
 Rob Jenkinson's Letters from America #5 by Rob Jenkinson
Have you seen the film Office Space, starring Jennifer Anniston and is written and directed by Mike “Beavis and Butthead” Judge? Well, if you haven’t, I suggest you rush out and buy a copy
 The Midas nudge by Jan Sand
Human excess is not so much a sin as a miscalculation of sufficiency. Sometimes it can get you in trouble, sometimes it can get everybody else in trouble and sometimes it can get you fame, fortune and a reasonable crack at happiness or what is
 The name game by Asa Butcher
While I was watching my daughter happily playing in the sandpit in front of our apartment building, a Finnish neighbour decided to strike up some conversation, "You're English aren't you?" I pleaded guilty to the accusation and t
 Sofia's Letters from London #2 by Sofia Gkiousou
Put that cigar out, Mr Churchill!Consider. Remember. Churchill, a beloved British politician, not to mention cultural icon, always comes to mind with a cigar somewhere about his pers
 Sofia's Letters from London #1 by Sofia Gkiousou
I am Greek. Now stop right there. Do you have an image taken from My Big Fat Greek Wedding hovering somewhere behind your eyes? Do you see me shrouded in some sort of white bed sheet and sandals? Well, I don
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