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 Photovoltaic Ink-Jet Cells and Printable Electronics by Alexandra Pereira
 Design and Change in Highly Secure Corporate Settings: A brief reflection by Linda Lane
The question posed was how do you design and develop in highly secure corporate settings, are there standards? What do you do when the corporate environment makes it too difficult to mee
 Security for Secure Sites, HIPAA (US) by Linda Lane
Experience in HIPAA compliance with Web applications The most basic risk factor in secure software applications is cost, and the s
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 Damned computers by Mike Jennett
One day Bill Gates and his partners in this miserable existence we call the computer age will be called to task. No heaven for them. They off down below, to the place of everlasting warmth – and I don’t mean Florida.
 SpamSpam by Joseph Gatt
Ever since I first opened an email account about ten years ago, I received tons of spam. I’ll share their contents with you.I have accumulated around 2,000 years of good luck ahead of me for forwarding spams. I also g
 Father Bill Gates by Thanos Kalamidas
The European Commission announced two more anti-competition investigations against Microsoft while there are already a couple against the same company going on and some millions the company pays for penalties month a
 John Searle on the Human Mind and the Nature of Intelligence by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
Modern rationalists whose paradigm of reality is Descartes’ philosophy and its idea that we are nothing but so much matter extended into space and complicated biological machines are fond of pointing out that o
 IP & Creative Commons by Sofia Gkiousou
There are more updates coming but for the benefit of my Creative Commons supporter friends in Greece here is a question I just posed in the WIPO International Conference on IP and the Creative Industries. I asked if the panel thinks t
 International Conference on IP and the Creative Industries by Sofia Gkiousou
This Monday and Tuesday (October 29 and 30) I will be at the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) conference in Geneva on
 PC Paranoia by Mike Jennett
Forgive me if I sound biased or even a tad paranoid, but I’m convinced that computers are out to get me. Just me. Not a single 24-hour period goes by
 The DVD Drive by Mike Jennett
My DVD drive is one of those do-everything-all-singing-all-dancing gizmos displaying a multitude of acronyms, all followed by pluses and minuses and R’s and W’s, which shows how many types of wonderful new tech
 OS, Windows or Linux? by Thanos Kalamidas
I don’t know who created Earth, but at the moment I’m angry with the one who created three environments for my digital life and a couple of more sub-environments to make sure that I am in really deep shit! To give
 Alexander Mikhaylov's Digital ArtAlexander Mikhaylov's Digital Art by Alexander Mikhaylov
Alexander Mikhaylov presents a growing exhibition of his digital art and computer drawings. For the full Exhibition, click
 New Moon's Senior ADvisor on Removing Bio-InfoExtremists by Linda Lane
Compiled from Several Sources by Wonderlane CNNBCMS, Monday, July 15, 2205; Posted: 47:08 post meridian, NMSGST (10:08 NWT)
 Lighter fluid on a flameLighter fluid on a flame by Linda Lane
A while back when working for a local software firm, I heard a ruckus when an upset woman phoned into the support line and later got more than she bargained for. She screamed so loud into the p
 Garages, Wozniak and my son by Jan Sand
Just the other day I heard an interview with Steve Wozniak on a National Public Radio Science Friday broadcast. He and Steve Jobs were the two Steves that innocently slipped that tiny wedge under civilization around
 Get creative by Thanos Kalamidas
Every time you are facing the name Adobe there are two programs coming to mind: Photoshop and Reader. Over the last three years Adobe followed the competition by selling the programs as a packet and selling them all together in a more economic for
 ROMantic comedy by Thanos Kalamidas
In an issue about computers we needed a film, a book or something about computers and I don't know why I remembered that somewhere I have a film with a computer in love. I think what came to my mind first was the musical beat that was part of
 iMac it easier by Thanos Kalamidas
When you buy a program for your Mac or your PC computer, or even the computer itself, you always get the manuals as well. Now I know very few men who like ironing, I know even fewer who read a manual of any
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