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 Diabetes and childrenDiabetes and children by The Ovi Team
Diabetes is one of the most common chronic diseases to affect children. It can strike children of any age, even toddlers and babies. If not detected early enough in a child, the disease can be fatal or result in serious
 Forget Disney's hyphenless PoohForget Disney's hyphenless Pooh by Asa Butcher
There is only one way I want to start this review celebrating Winnie-the-Pooh and that is to accuse Disney of ripping the soul out of this lovable octogenarian teddy bear and profiteering from his famous gang of frie
 AD(H)D Learning Disability or Gifted Ability? by Jack Wellman
Let no one fool you. Special Needs children are not handicapped at learning. They may appear to be deficient in learning in traditional ways, but the most certainly are not incapable of learning. In fact, in my many years as a Special Needs teache
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 Become as little children by Jack Wellman
Children are a gift of God, no doubt. Children take things literally. In this article, you will read of two true stories that show we must exercise great care in how we share the Gospel with young children. And for adults, unless we come to Chr
 Mummy likes it on top by Asa Butcher
Don't worry, this isn't the long-awaited follow-up to the My Dad's balls article that shocked a number of Ovi readers last year. Instead, this is about baby clothing - don't click the Back button just yet, bear with me! There is a
 The caterpillar with an appetite by Asa Butcher
In the summer of 2001, the New York Post reported that President George W. Bush never leaves the White House without his copy of the children's book The Very Hungry Caterpillar - well, well, the infamous man did have some
 Stop Child Labour by Thanos Kalamidas
Living in the 21st century and wondering if two foreign languages, piano lessons and ballet is enough for your little daughter – if it is too much or if you could add something more just to make sure that she will have the best supplies for
 Child Labour in ...pictures by Thanos Kalamidas
 Red Hand Day by Thanos Kalamidas
Once more it is up to me to write about Red Hand Day and remind you about the invisible kids behind the khaki and camouflage uniforms, the guns in hands and the blood in their souls and minds. I suppose during my adventures, having met a few of
 Hans Wilhelm, distinguished children's author: I wish children were our teachers! by K. Ziabari & A. Tavassoli
 "Cheating death" by Jack Wellman
This poem is dedicated to two desperate parents, enduring a night of living hell. That of a dying child, spending the night, battling a life-challenging and ultimately, like-taking cancer…only to have their only son die i
 Stuttering Stan Takes a Stand: A New Book by Artie Knapp
Stanley is like most squirrels: he loves nuts, climbing trees and playing with friends. But Stanley feels different from the other animals in his neighborhood, because he has a problem with words. Teased and bullied about his stuttering, Stanle
 Every day is Children's Day... by Asa Butcher
Often as a child I would approach one of my parents and ask, "There's a Father's Day and Mother's Day, so why isn't there a Children's Day?" The stock reply would always, without fail, be "Every day is Childre
 Grandpa's 'Divining Ear' by Leah Sellers
“What do you mean when you tell me to listen with my ‘Divining Ear’, Grandpa?”“When you listen with your ‘Divining Ear', Baby, you’re listening to the Heartbeat of God within Every
 Sticky Backed Plastic by Clint Wayne
As all children, and now many adults, through the years will know this is the famous phrase that is synonymous with the BBC’s children’s programme "Blue Peter", the national television institution that amazingly celebrates it
 Twice a day by Asa Butcher
The imminent arrival of our late-maternal Grandma when my brother and I were children would send us into a dental frenzy. The first thing Grandma would do was check that our teeth were nice and clean, so as their car pulled up the drive we would b
 The Moment of Conception by Leah Sellers
We will march Our Children off to fight Wars on foreign soil for lofty Ideals of Freedom and Liberty with patriotic zeal, while silently condoning the deadly and destructive bombing of a Pro-Choice Clinic. We refuse to Bl
 Attention 10 -14 year olds! by Robert Scott
Introducing a new educational website entitled WordsPlease. WordsPlease is a new interactive website designed by education professionals to inspire children with the English language. The monthly subscription website i
 He wants the world and he wants it now! by Thanos Kalamidas
 Plane and simple by Asa Butcher
Recently there was a news story about a two-year-old autistic boy and his mother being removed from a flight scheduled to take-off from a North Carolina airport because, according to the mother, her son was screaming uncontrollably, while the airl
 The challenge by Thanos Kalamidas
Living in the EU I have seen refugees for decades coming not only for a better future but for the simple reason to save their and their children's lives and the bitter truth is that in the beginning of the twenty-first century the refugee real
 Let My Children Go: World Efforts to Eliminate the Worst Forms of Child Labour by Rene Wadlow
June 12 is a red letter day on the UN agenda of events as the World Day Against Child Labour. It marks the June arrival in 1998 of hundreds of children in Geneva, part of the Global March against Child Labour that had crossed 100 countries to pre
 Won't somebody think of the children!? by Asa Butcher
Kudos to those who recognise the article title as Helen Lovejoy's catchphrase from "The Simpsons", but today that question should be on everybody's minds because it is International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression.
 Where Reality Fears to Tread: Art and Obscenity in Oz by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
A barrier of illiterate policemen and officers stands between thetender Australian mind and what they imagine to be subversive literature.- H.G. WellsArt exhibitions can be a hazardous bu
 Don't let it be by Thanos Kalamidas
Kids live their darkest times, not that they ever lived any better times since they have been the victims all through human history, but what they have to deal with today in the beginning of the 21st century with all this social and scientific adv
 Don't poo-poo washable nappies by Asa Butcher
While taking a break from this on-going Ovi saga currently unfolding in the Finnish press, I stumbled across an article that highlights a recent guide that encourages parents to switch from disposable nappies (diapers to our American readers) to r
 It's not all Harry Potter by Thanos Kalamidas
I’m going to borrow an intro Asa has used because I feel like it works perfectly with what I want to write. Did I like the Harry Potter series? Yes! Do I believe Harry Potter series helped children’s literature? No! Actually, regarding
 Brush with the Law by Clint Wayne
Following the previous pathetic banning of Punch and Judy Shows and the demise of the Golliwog, Britain has finally arrived in ‘Looney-Land-City-Centre’ with the announcement this week that Northamptonshire police are investigating a c
 Behind The Iron Doors of Hell by The Ovi Team
Browsing through the beautiful memories of her Eastern European childhood and, later, the hardship of her life during the Balkan conflicts and as a non-EU immigran
 The Cradle Project by Alexandra Pereira
The Cradle Project seeks to fill an abandoned warehouse (former train station) in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with one thousand cradles and cribs made by artists from around the world, in June 2008.
 Aisha's Red Hand by Thanos Kalamidas
How does it feel when you look into a sixteen-year-old girl's eyes and you feel that, even though she is just sixteen, you are looking into the eyes of the oldest woman on earth? How does it feel to look into a sixteen-year-old girl’s
 Corporate Diminishment of Education by Leah Sellers
Giving the youth of America an education with a corporate mentality is an accident waiting to happen. The process of educating young minds to think should have less to do with the bottom dollar and corporate driven national tests and educational
 Do girls have willies? by Asa Butcher
I have a problem, which began last weekend when I took my two-and-half year old daughter swimming. We had just finished a marathon splashing session and had returned to a private cubicle in the changing room. I dried an
 They huffed and they puffed by Asa Butcher
When my daughter was seven-months-old I wrote an article discussing the surrealism of nursery rhymes and the strange messages contained within their prose, but it seems that the world of chil
 A wish for 2008 by Thanos Kalamidas
When writing an article of the most important events for the year 2007, I think I wrote is what I wish and want most for the year 2008. You see, I have lost all my hopes for peace on earth soon, I don’t think anymore for the end of criminali
 A catastrophic mistake by Asa Butcher
"Let us be clear about the scale of this catastrophic mistake - the names, the addresses and the dates of birth of every child in the country are sitting on two computer discs that are apparently lost in the post, and the bank account details
 Chinese toying with the Olympics by Thanos Kalamidas
Another blow for Chinese toys manufactures was the latest news from the USA and Australia with the recall of millions of toys due to a drug contained in the coating of the toys. I decided to check in my daughter’s room, not to make sure what
 Empty arms, shattered dreams by Asa Butcher
Here at Ovi magazine we are an emotional group of people, with acute awareness and sensitivity for many global issues. Our heightened conscience has inspired us to fight against the abuse of the environment, inexcusa
 One horrible day by The Ovi Team
One of the Ovi team has been brave enough to share her own painful experience of a recent miscarriage with us and we present it below. * * * * * * * * * I cannot express how pleased my husband and I wer
 Home alone by Asa Butcher
A few hours ago, my wife dashed out of the front door carrying a few bags and pushing a pram containing my sleeping daughter. Don't worry, we haven't had an argument - I think. The reason for her whirlwind ex
 Joulukirkko lahenee uhkaavasti by Susanna Ahonen
Vuosi sitten koin järkytyksen päiväkodissa. Olivat raahanneet puolustuskyvyttömän yksivuotiaani kirkkoon kysymättä vanhemmilta mitään. Lapsi vaikutti kaikesta huolimatta rauhalliselta. Itse menin aivan
 Meanie Mummy by Asa Butcher
Chocolate, biscuits, sweets, ice cream, crisps and fizzy drinks will win over most children’s affection in the time it takes a dentist to say, “Brush twice a day!” However, at what age should children be allowed to sample the sug
 My First 'Useless' Words by Asa Butcher
It was only a matter of time before I exchanged adult literature for bedtime stories and educational books, but it has opened a new dimension between father and daughter to such an extent that Daddy’s job is the reading. Every night, as part
 ...of the year! by The Ovi Team
Over the last few weeks I’ve been talking with Asa about the persona or the event of 2006. Together we suggested figures and events including the Pope Benedict, Saddam Hussein, the war in Somalia, Kofi Annan, HIV AIDS, Rwanda, any war, even
 Santa's classic toy sack by Asa Butcher
Last weekend we had a premature Christmas Day with my wife’s parents and this also meant that my seventeen-month-old daughter opened a few of her presents a couple of weeks early. Aside from the usual selection of clothes and baby equipment,
 The joy of motherhood by Thanos Kalamidas
A woman’s pregnancy should never become a media case with analysts spending their time writing about it. On the contrary, it should be seen as a positive act against the aging population of Europe and America, furthermore how this woman conc
 28 days of life by Amin George Forji
The World Health Organisation (WHO) in partnership with nine other organizations released the results of their recent study on infant mortality in Africa in a report titled: Opportunities for Africa’s newbo
 Let's hear it for Pudsey by Clint Wayne
For you non-Brits, Pudsey is the little bandaged Teddy Bear and BBC Mascot for their annual Children in Need Telethon, which once again hit the TV screens last Friday. It is the only event in the BBC calendar that brin
 Child soldiers by Thanos Kalamidas
The image of a ten-year-old holding a toy machine gun always disturbed me; it gives me a bad feeling of the ultimate horror - something that even Hollywood has avoided pictures like that.
 Pocket money by Asa Butcher
A common question that children ask their parents is, "There's a Fathers' Day and a Mothers' Day - when is Children's Day?" The parent's stock reply is, "Everyday is Children's
 Madonna's confession to OprahMadonna's confession to Oprah by Amin George Forji
Madonna's 2005 release Confessions on a dance floor is said to be her most successful album ever. The title has been very appropriate not only for the lyrics of the album, but also for her life ever since. Commenting about the a
 LEGO blocks creativityLEGO blocks creativity by Asa Butcher
One of my favourite toys as a child was LEGO and, if I am honest, it is still my favourite toy as an adult. It was for this reason that I made sure that my daughter received her first Duplo set on her first birthday,
 TV Linked to Attention DeficitTV Linked to Attention Deficit by Jean Lotus
TV watching "rewires" an infant’s brain, says Dr. Dimitri A. Christakis lead researcher and director of the Child Health Institute at Children’s Hospital and Regional Medical Center, Seattle, Wa
 My first Chinese orgasm by F. A. Hutchison
I heard my first Chinese orgasm the other night (or morning)! I think it was something like 0430 B.T. (Beijing Time), although the Chinese are late uppers!It was the female partner, as men only snore in China! How do I know
 Biblical beatings for babies by Asa Butcher
Forget the Koran as the most misinterpreted religious text of our time because the Bible is still firmly on the scene. It is now being used to excuse the chastising of babies and small children with a nine-inch long
 Christ-mouse Day by Asa Butcher
Today is the 35th anniversary of the opening of Magic Kingdom, the main part of the world's most famous theme park Walt Disney World. The Magic Kingdom attracted 16.2 million visitors in 2005, making the theme park the most visited in the w
 A paedophile party? by Asa Butcher
The idea of a political party advocating underage sex, gambling, drugs, public nudity, the elimination of marriage and legalizing the private use of child pornography should be the product of a twisted comedy sketch
 Delivering the goods by Asa Butcher
Last month Thanos was taken by surprise at my review of a board game. Well this month I felt a profession deserved an iKritic, so midwifery goes under the microscope. Over the course of a week staying in hospital with my wife, I met a number of di
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