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 Joe and other plumbers by Thanos Kalamidas
Joe the plumber is ready to write a book about his involvement in the last American election and in his last press conference he was ready to help any future leader of the Republican Party including Sarah Palin but another plumber made history lon
 HOGWASH!! by Leah Sellers
A little of Fannie Mae this - and Freddie Mac that - and the Auto Industries needing an Overhauling and Modernizing at Someone else’s expense here - and the Banking Industries Holdings and Interests here, there and everywhere. And well paid
 Collecting Business Requirements - Web Design Requirements in SEO Rap by Linda Lane
A common mistake of consulting companies is to insist the corporation they are working for deliver business requirements in specific formats. This makes the corporation they are working for do a lot of work. Because collecting and reforming inf
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 Controlling IT Costs by Linda Lane
To control Information Technology (IT) costs we think about and act within the enterprise as a whole, in part because we sell enterprise and mid-level solutions. We apply an Enterprise Architecture (EA) s
 Koistinen (1/3) by Luis Alves
Nokia1. Visão “interMédia “
 Fed eyes Nordic Model by Luis Alves
Recently, the online version of the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph reported that the US Federal Reserve was ex
 Economic Euphoria or Inferno? by Valerie Sartor
China's progress into the international economic community has not been simple or linear despite the fact that Chinese businesses are currently enjoying enormous economic success. The western world has been hurt job wise b
 A Must Read: China Shakes the World by Valerie Sartor
On 26 October 2006 James Kynge won the prestigious Financial Times & Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year Award for his work: CHINA SHAKES THE WORLD, (Weidenfeld & Nicolson, publisher). He picked up the award and the 30,000 pound prize
 98% of Nokia is ownership of American funds by Luis Alves
In the last film of Aki Kaurismäki, "Lights in the Dusk" - third part of a trilogy begun by “Drifting Clouds” (
 New ways to make a livingNew ways to make a living by Joseph Gatt
Yuwie.com is a networking website that pays its members for various contributions. In the meantime, businessmen are coming up with new ways to promote their products:
 Peace and ecommerce by Linda Lane
"In his book, The Lexus and the Olive Tree, Thomas L. Friedman proposed The Golden Arches Theory of Conflict Prevention, observing that no two countries with a McDonald's franchise had ever gone to war with one another, a version of th
 The IT Tsunami Wave rolls into China by Valerie Sartor
Cyrill Eltschinger, celebrated author of Source Code China (2007, John Wiley and Sons), arrived on the Chinese mainland in late 1994, working for a subsidiary of GM after being based in Singapore, the business hub of the Pacific Rim at
 China's Copycat Economics by Valerie Sartor
North American factory workers are fuming as China taps into more and more industries, almost effortlessly gaining the market share majority. “They copy us and sell cheaper!” irate laid-off American workers shout. But China experience
 Growing Pains by Valerie Sartor
As China continues to enter the global arena many Western nations have questioned many of the country's policies and actions. Some countries consider China as a threat, a lone bully and/or an economic wildcard. To begin to understand the mo
 The current capitalist system by Luis Alves
Concept of social class [1] The capitalist system is based on two institutions, whose integrity is crucial for its survival: The priv
 "Mainstream media" vision by Luis Alves
1. Nokia 1.1 "Mainstream media" vision
 Corporate Diminishment of Education by Leah Sellers
Giving the youth of America an education with a corporate mentality is an accident waiting to happen. The process of educating young minds to think should have less to do with the bottom dollar and corporate driven national tests and educational
 China & Food: The Tao of Food by Valerie Sartor
It's no secret that the Chinese have always cherished exquisitely prepared, thoughtfully presented and delicious food. In China business has long been conducted over banquet tables and every Chinese friend will tell foreigners that no meeti
 Like an insurance salesman by Thanos Kalamidas
Would you ever expect a nation to have a party because an insurance salesman made a deal of 3000 euros a year? I imagine not, I doubt if the insurance company would make a party with an insurance contract like that. They might have if it was a con
 Fiendishly Clever by Linda Lane
Fiendishly clever she made a deposit to move in but never paid the rent. Her landlord called the first time on the 5th and inquired when the rent would be sent. Some excuse was made.
 Compassionate Business by Matt Williamson
I wonder how many CEO's would consider the companies they run as compassionate? How many corporations would be classified as 'right', as in, the Eightfold Path right?
 When global warming reached Aspen by Thanos Kalamidas
Media and organizations from all around the world are talking about global warming and the greenhouse phenomenon more and more lately. As amazing as it may sound, some of those voices belong to chief executives from some of the largest companies i
 FAIRTRADE - is it fair? by Asa Butcher
Everywhere I looked recently there were billboards promoting the FAIRTRADE Mark, which reminded me of England's own Fairtrade promotion about seven years ago. At the beginning of 2000, the UK had huge marketing campaign that encouraged consume
 Fining a strike by Thanos Kalamidas
I never understood why some people insist on proving true negative stereotypes. Tell me at least one boss that likes strikes. International powerful companies, like Wal-Mart and Carrefour, have gone all the way to forbid their employees becoming m
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