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 Missiles on Bush and Cheney's profits by Thanos Kalamidas
When some people reacted to Washington’s decision to establish a missiles defense system in Europe – mainly in Poland and the Czech Republic – they were nearly called traitors, and that’s because the big plan of the Bush adminis
 George W. Bush's legacy by Thanos Kalamidas
Over the last few months all the news agencies, blogs and websites have been building up to the day Barack Obama will move in to the White House and George W. Bush will exit the global scene. And it is not only the media, the analysts, the reporte
 Goodbye President Bush! by Newropeans-Magazine
George W Bush, the 43rd president of the USA, gave his final conference to the White House press corps in which he made a rather robust defence of his eight-year legacy. Defiant at times, reflective and even funny at othe
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 It is a 10 size by Tahir Khan
The Iraqi journalist, Muntader al-Zaidi, 28, a correspondent for Al Baghdadia, stood up in front of Bush during a news conference in Iraq and shouted, "This is a gift from the Iraqis; this is the farewell kiss, you dog!" Zaidi then threw
 A pair of shoes make a historic goodbye by Thanos Kalamidas
After Mugabe it was George W. Bush’s turn to make me laugh. But let me take the story from the beginning as I read it in the news agencies; George W. Bush paid a surprise, farewell visit to Iraq and during the press conference with the Ir
 G20 and the European leaders by Thanos Kalamidas
The G20 summit was nothing more than George W. Bush’s goodbye to the international political scene and his final effort to leave something - it doesn’t matter how small - good behind him, but only looking at the guest list of the
 TweedleBarack, TweedleJohn; At Least Bush Is Gone by N. L. Wilbur
 Like the Trojan horse by Thanos Kalamidas
Soon in Africa we are going to have a real taste of how much damage George W. Bush and his private war in Iraq has done to international peace and the institution that was founded to guarantee international peace. A civil war has turned into a loc
 Caption This! November 2008 by The Ovi Team
It is simple. Look at this photo of Bush and McCain and write a caption/speech bubble/thought bubble or anything else that captures your imagination.
 The Road to Damascus: Attacking Syria by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
The Bush doctrine continues to live a charmed life less than a week before the US Presidential elections.  It has made sovereignty nigh redundant – attacks on the soil of Washington’s close ally Pakistan, and now, Syria.  The
 A patchwork of mistakes by Thanos Kalamidas
For the next few days we are going to see a lot of photos with George W. Bush embracing Nicola Sarkozy, actually we are going to see the American president loving and kissing the old Europe just to put the last patch in the gigantic patchwork call
 "Dilettanti". Bush's press office and its unprofessional behaviour by Newropeans-Magazine
If an Italian writes about Berlusconi, he has to be in favour or against.  You cannot say "this is good, this is bad...", you cannot argue normally. There are several reasons for that (the main one being th
 Bush Fait Ses Adieux a l'Europe by Europe & Us
Ce fut davantage une visite protocolaire qu’une tournée d’adieux chargée en émotions. A cinq mois des élections présidentielles américaines, les Etats-Unis et le reste du monde semblent désormais fixe
 One more year to go by Thanos Kalamidas
Reading reports, mails and news bulletins for George W. Bush’s visit in the Middle East the only thing coming to your mind is that this is going to be a very hard year; the man decided to leave a legacy of mistakes and wrong policies and who
 Medias et politique en France: la loi du silence by Newropeans-Magazine
Je me souviens combien les médias français s'étaient pris un plaisir de dénigrer Angela Merkel quand à peine nommée Chancelière d'Allemagne elle s'était empressée d'aller serrer les m
 Another U.S. close ally imposes emergencyAnother U.S. close ally imposes emergency by Abdulhadi Hairan
The world yet had to see another emergency which was imposed by Georgian president Mikhail Saakashvili, a close U.S. ally, only three days after another close ally Gen. Pervez Musharraf.Demonstrations, Private TV channels a
 La Crise climatique au secours de Bush by Newropeans-Magazine
Le Président George Bush s’est pour la deuxième fois adressé à la nation américaine. On savait que son discours portait sur les affaires intérieures, et il n'a donc soulev
 Wheelbarrows by Jan Sand
Many parts of the world are engaged in terrible turmoil today, but the area of most violent action is unquestionably Iraq. And, unquestionably, the man most responsible for the conflict there is the President of the United States. People throughou
 French paper Reports That Bin Laden has died of Typhoid by Amin George Forji
The French daily L’Est Republicain announced on its website on Saturday that the most wanted man on earth, Osama bin Laden, died in Pakistan in August of typhoid, mainly because the terrorist mastermin
 iBite by Thanos Kalamidas
The number of women graduating from Iran's universities is overtaking the number of men, promising a change in the job market and, with it, profound social change. Are we going to see female mullahs? A puppet president wi
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