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You search by tag - Burqa

 The European Veil Debate - the prelude to eliminationist politics by Dr. Habib Siddiqui
Belgium is all set to become the first European nation to ban the Burqa (the face-covering veil that is worn by some Muslim women). The move will affect an estimated 650,000 Muslims in Belgium – 6 per cent of the population. Belgium
 Prisoners behind a screen? by Marko Kananen
“The burqa will not be welcome on the territory of the French republic,” declared President Nicolas Sarkozy in his speech at the Versailles Palace. According to Sarkozy, the head-to-toe Islamic garment is not a symbol of religion but a
 Burqa: a veil on women liberties by Thanos Kalamidas
Sometimes I feel that we are trapped in semantics and victims of our own fear of being prejudice. In doing so we are unfortunately crossing the lines we have put ourselves when it comes to our right to be free and enjoy the fruits of equality and
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