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 Decline of Buddhism in South Asia - an analysis by Dr. Habib Siddiqui
Popular myths circulated and believed amongst many Buddhists about the decline of Buddhism
 Do Asian Management Paradigms Exist? A look at four theoretical frames. Do Asian Management Paradigms Exist? A look at four theoretical frames. by Murray Hunter
 The Enlightenment Machine by Linda Lane
Tibetan Buddhists claim to have an Enlightenment Machine which guarantees personal enlightenment, complete freedom, in as little as one lifetime's effort. This claim could be considered suspect had it not already produced a steady stream of
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 Hyon Gak Sunim's teachings about life and BuddhismHyon Gak Sunim's teachings about life and Buddhism by Joseph Gatt
Hyon Gak Sunim was born Paul Muenzen to a devout Roman Catholic family from New Jersey. After attending Harvard divinity school he became a Buddhist monk in Korea. His teachings are notorious for their simplicity and his sense of humor has made
 A Son of Minnesota Returns as a Worldly- Wise Monk by Doug McGill
Jim Reynolds began his 40-minute talk to a group of Mayo Clinic physicians and health care workers last week by closing his eyes, putting his palms together and int
 Statement of Faith by Matt Williamson
Why is it hard for many people to accept miracles in a religion other than theirs? Very normal, logical and sane people accept that Jesus walked on water, changed water to wine, healed the sick, brought Lazarus back
 Hidden Agenda by Matt Williamson
We all have a hidden agenda. Whether we want to admit it or not we are trying to make our life in our own image. Sometimes we are honest and we tell people that we seek a certain outcome within a given situation; som
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