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 Brazil in the short Strikes - the ultimate price of welfare by Ovi Magazine Guest
 Brazil - New Age by Ovi Magazine Guest
 The murder of the Brazilian slums by Thanos Kalamidas
Every time I read something from Brazil I cannot avid remembering the tour some friends and colleagues gave me to the Brazilian slums. A place where human dignity fights misery, poverty, bugs and reptiles and that only kilometres from where Hollyw
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 Brazil is moving from Third World to First World by Newropeans-Magazine
If Brazil has long lived out its personal fantasy as the archetypal relaxed, tolerant and gregarious country with Copacabana beach, the samba, the carnival and a great deal of sexual freedom it is now living out in real time its almost fo
 Modernism in Brazil by Alexandra Pereira
Modernism in Brazil was always contemporary of other distinct movements, however if the original contributions of all these groups to South-American culture are undeniable, their contributions on a global level are very poorly
 Tropicalism and Tribalism by Alexandra Pereira
 Greenpeace Brazil wins transgenic rice dispute against Bayer by Alexandra Pereira
 Amazon, Where Are Your Bodyguards? by Alexandra Pereira
The rebel bishop can not stand having to obey to his two bodyguards even during the Catholic prayer services. "Having to deal with two armed men even here?" - he says annoyed and filled with indignation, in spite of the fact that the two
 100 years of Japanese immigration in Brazil by Alexandra Pereira
On June 18th 2008, Brazil celebrates 100 years of Japanese immigration that began with the arrival of the Kasato Maru ship, which departed from Kobe to the port of Santos with 165 Japanese families aboard
 Brazil raped for one month by Thanos Kalamidas
Speechless and in real anger were my reaction a few hours ago after reading what happened in a Brazilian prison with a 15-year-old girl. The young woman was put in the same cell with 20 to 30 men and for one month she was repeatedly sexually abuse
 Brazil's Mr. Loco by Thanos Kalamidas
What makes a 21-year-old man send a letter to a judge begging for an extension to his imprisonment because there is nothing for him outside of the prison bars? The young man, in perfect mental and physical health, has a very strong argument: if he
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