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 Barroso's State of the Union speech gave me hope for a better Europe..But will our leaders oblige? Barroso's State of the Union speech gave me hope for a better Europe..But will our leaders oblige? by Christos Mouzeviris
Like many other citizens and fellow bloggers, I have watched and read Mr. Barroso's speech in the European Parliament yesterday. The President of the EU Commission gave an inspiring speech, that every sentence sounded like a music to my ears.
 Barroso, Europe's mistake! by Thanos Kalamidas
And Barroso it is! The European Parliament representatives, our representatives voted for him in a secret ballot; 382 to be precise, with 219 against and 117 abstained. Does this make Mr. Barroso feel strong, powerful? I doubt it, because the E
 EU: the dysfunctional family by Thanos Kalamidas
June started in a really tense way, with the media and politicians everywhere screaming that the euro-skeptics are increasing; the xenophobic groups are gaining more power; and the most extreme parties in Europe are going to be strong in the EU Pa
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  Barroso: Qui ne tente rien... reste president by Newropeans-Magazine
En ces temps de crise économique, José Manuel Barroso pouvait être inquiet en présentant son bilan de ses 5 années passées comme Président de la Commission européenne. Heureusement pour lui, les chefs des
 EU's Bread by Alexandra Pereira
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