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 Conversations with aliensConversations with aliens by Jan Sand
Kurt Vonnegut once speculated that if a friendly alien landed his spaceship in a populated area and made his greeting speech in his native language, which consisted of tap dancing and farting, he would have a very aggr
 Christian the Dog Thief AKA The Enforcer by Linda Lane
Standing in the Central District Safeway with Rosie on her new long black leash, a well dressed, calm man walked up to my friend Julie and I, said hi, kneeled down on the floor and nuzzled my dog."A rescue?" he as
 Prague ZooPrague Zoo by Alexander Mikhaylov
It is yet another hot and dusty afternoon, full of laziness and dog shit, drying on pavement. Valerie and I are resting on a bench in the Prague Zoo’s picnic area, holding half empty beer cups, smoking and admiring the view. It is surpris
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 Korkeasaari: Helsinki's Zoo by Frances Zheng
The picture of this handsome "guy" (pictured) was taken in Korkeasaari, which is a zoo on a beautiful island not far from Helsinki. And he is the only big cat in the Cats Valley that was not sleeping in
 Our Furry Friends in Beijing by Valerie Sartor
If you come to Beijing most tourists and ex-pats will take one long upward look at the towering buildings, scurry out of the way of European Audis and ogle all those stylish women clip clopping along on designer heels. Foreigners think: “Gee
 Celebrity Dogs OK! by Wyllie O Hagan
Celebrity Dogs OK!, is a three minute dig
 Killing by Jan Sand
One of the fundamental capabilities of a living organism is the power to kill. Each living thing is a neat package of tasty edibles. Life either takes its energy directly from solar radiation and its substance from the soil and the air or appropri
 RGBRGB by Jan Sand
In spite of what I learned in grammar school about red, blue and yellow being the primary colors, the latest fashion is red, green, and blue. The first group, of course, deals with those weakly colored wax crayons we
 Counting fallen sparrowsCounting fallen sparrows by Jan Sand
A human being is one of the most intricate machines ever devised, if devised is the appropriate term. The latest model is the current variation from a tree-climbing mammal where it acquired the very useful capability
 Animal Instinct by Asa Butcher
Have you seen that incredibly funny video where an orangutan is urinating into its own mouth? What about the one where a monkey sticks its index finger inside its anus and then sniffs it? Come on, you must have seen
 Hippopotamus and other farm animals by Thanos Kalamidas
When I was two, perhaps three-years-old, I saw an elephant, according to what others have told me, since I don’t have memories from that period. For the next couple of days I walked around the house moving my hand oddly in front of me like a
 City folks by Jan Sand
I think it was in one of Kurt Vonnegut’s pieces that an alien landed on Earth and noted that the dominant life form had six legs. I doubt it landed in Finland.
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