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Living there - Suomi - Finland

 Kolumni: MiehuusKolumni: Miehuus by Asa Butcher
Jälleen kerran vietän pitkää päivää kotona, sillä aikaa kun vaimoni on töissä ”housut jalassa”, ansaitsemassa rahat laskuihimme. Mitäs minä teen
 Column: ManhoodColumn: Manhood by Asa Butcher
Once again I have another long day at home while my wife is at work wearing the trousers and earning the money to pay our bills. What am I doing? Well, there is the washing up from the meal I cooked last night and if
 Kolumni: AsunnotKolumni: Asunnot by Asa Butcher
Elämä Englannissa on jälleen kerran pysähtynyt rankan lumisateen vuoksi. Kouluja on suljettu, lentoja on peruutettu, autoilijoita on kehoitettu pysymään kotona ja julkinen liikenne on sekaisin, kaikki 25cm lumikerr
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 Kolumni: ParvekkeetKolumni: Parvekkeet by Asa Butcher
Rakastan parvekettamme. Haluatteko tietää miksi? Se ei vaadi ruohonleikkuuta, siellä ei kasva rikkaruohoja, eikä siellä ole kukkia, joita tarvitsee kastella, tai puutarhahuonekaluja, jotka ka
 Column: BalconiesColumn: Balconies by Asa Butcher
I love our balcony, and do you want to know why? It doesn’t require a lawnmower, weeds don’t grow, flowers don’t need watering and the garden furniture doesn’t need cleaning because the only o
 Kolumni: TerveysKolumni: Terveys by Asa Butcher
Jotkut teistä ehkä muistavat, että viime kuussa minulla oli suunniteltuna matka Tukholmaan ja ajatus laivalla olosta täytti minut pelosta, ja alusvaatteeni jostain mu
 Columns: HealthColumns: Health by Asa Butcher
Some of you may remember that last month I had a trip to Stockholm planned and the prospect of time spent on board a ferry was filling me with dread and my underwear with something else. You will be relieved to hear
 Kolumni: LaivaristeilyKolumni: Laivaristeily by Asa Butcher
Ollessani noin yhdeksänvuotias koululuokkani teki projektityön Titanicista.Kyseinen projekti tunkeutui myös uniini ja eräänä yönä näin unta, että olin matkustaja tällä tuhoontuomitulla
 Column: Ferry CruiseColumn: Ferry Cruise by Asa Butcher
When I was about nine-years-old we did a project about the Titanic at school. This class project managed to infiltrate my dreams and one night I dreamt that I was a passenger on the doomed ship. The story gets better
 Kolumni: Oudot UrheilulajitKolumni: Oudot Urheilulajit by Asa Butcher
Eräs Kangasalan Sanomien juttu pisti silmääni jokin aika sitten ja se inspiroi minua kirjoittamaan oudoista urheilulajeista ja harrastuksista. Kyseinen juttu kertoi kanihyppykisoista, jotka pidettiin
 Columns: NewspapersColumns: Newspapers by Asa Butcher
A few months after arriving in Finland, we received a coupon from Helsingin Sanomat offering a free trial of their newspaper for two weeks. Free! Where do I sign? For a fortnight, we were suddenly awoken at
 Kolumni: JuhliminenKolumni: Juhliminen by Asa Butcher
Yleisön pyynnöstä olen päättänyt pyytää rakasta vaimoani, Päiviä, suomentamaan artikkeleitani, jotta tämän hienon lehden jokainen lukija voisi nauttia omitu
 Columns: CelebrationsColumns: Celebrations by Asa Butcher
Due to public demand I have decided to ask my darling wife, Päivi, to translate these articles into Finnish, so now each and every reader of this great paper can enjoy my strange thoughts and opinions on a varie
 Column: DifferencesColumn: Differences by Asa Butcher
Last week on BBC News there was a story about an attempt to ban large stores from opening on Christmas Day and turning December 25th into just another shopping day. Apparently, Britain has fewer public h
 Columns: ApartmentsColumns: Apartments by Asa Butcher
Life in England has once again stopped because of heavy snowfall. Schools have been closed, flights have been cancelled, motorists were told to stay at home and public transport was disrupted, all because of 25cms of snow.
 Kolumni: ErotKolumni: Erot by Asa Butcher
Viime viikolla BBC:n uutisissa oli juttu siitä, että suuria myymälöitä yritettäisiin kieltää avaamasta oviaan joulupäivänä ja että joulukuun 25. päiv
 Four interviewsFour interviews by Mark Hayton
My name is Mark James Hayton, I am a 23 year-old British citizen, I have a Bachelors degree with honours in International Business and I am currently working on a five week unpaid work placement at Helsingin Liiketalouden A
 Creating a business 1Creating a business 1 by Thanos Kalamidas
A year ago, I had the brilliant idea that due to the nature of my work it will be easier to be employed as a free license than as an employee. Now logic and former experience told me that the way to open
 Creating a business 2Creating a business 2 by Thanos Kalamidas
In the first part of my ‘creating a business in Finland’, I wrote about my first appointments with the business counsellors. I described my fight to persuade them that I’m not creating another grilli kiosk
 Married to a FinnMarried to a Finn by Alex Cross
Having been married to a Finnish woman - Taina - for almost four years and living with (the same) one for almost seven, it leaves a lot to tell to others currently dating a Finn or for the Finns who are curious to know how
 My first saunaMy first sauna by John Pederson
Sweating the silence all in a rowEyes strait ahead, never to or froThe rocks hiss, the heat consumesYet naked we sit in this small wooden roomA cultural practice, some say an art
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