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 My Name Is NostalgiaMy Name Is Nostalgia by Abigail George
\"You don\'t love me.\" I was in the mood for a fight.\"I have responsibilities.\" Tyler did not look up from his omelette.\"So, the argument you had with your w
 Red BalloonsRed Balloons by Nikos Laios
The blue sky glowed And the sunshone Through the white clouds above As a group of children played in the park On the opposite side of the st
 Jalal al-Din Rumi (30 Sept 1207 - 17  Dec 1273)Jalal al-Din Rumi (30 Sept 1207 - 17 Dec 1273) by Rene Wadlow
I am neither Christian, nor Jew, nor Gabr, nor Moslem.I am not of the East, nor the West, nor the land, nor the sea… My place is the Placeless, my trace is the Traceless.
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 AntySaurus Prick #075AntySaurus Prick #075 by Thanos Kalamidas
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 Day of deaf peopleDay of deaf people by The Ovi Team
September 30th. The World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) first launched International Day of the Deaf in 1958; the
 James Byron Dean, the legend's endJames Byron Dean, the legend's end by The Ovi Team
On September 30, 1955, Dean and his mechanic Rolf Wütherich set off from Compe
 In Circle Mystic Blue  In Circle Mystic Blue by David Sparenberg
 Brueghal, CensorBrueghal, Censor by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
 Lanza Del Vasto: (1901-1981) Shantidas -Servant of PeaceLanza Del Vasto: (1901-1981) Shantidas -Servant of Peace by Rene Wadlow
 Ephemera #96Ephemera #96 by Thanos Kalamidas
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