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 Pegasus Rides Again: The NSO Group, Spyware and Human RightsPegasus Rides Again: The NSO Group, Spyware and Human Rights by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
They keep insisting they don’t do it. But companies such as the Israeli NSO Group are global vendors for regimes, whatever stripe or colour, for surveillance tools to spy on those they deem of interest.
 AwakenAwaken by Bohdan Yuri
What was he thinking when he stood across from her. the children were sleeping upstairs, he was their father, she was his wife. she asked him to leave, he wanted to stay.
 4-day week in Iceland4-day week in Iceland by Ovi Magazine Guest
4-day week in Iceland Almost 9 out of 10 Icelanders are entitled to work shorter hoursBy Lena Krainz Ic
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 Ephemera 21#10Ephemera 21#10 by Thanos Kalamidas
For more Ephemera, HERE!
 Animal HouseAnimal House by The Ovi Team
 IRA declares end to armed struggleIRA declares end to armed struggle by The Ovi Team
July 28th 2005; The IRA has formally ordered an end to its armed campaign and says it will pursue exclusively peaceful means. In a long-awaited statement, the republican organisation said it would follow a democratic path ending more than 30 ye
 The Causes of WWIThe Causes of WWI by The Ovi Team
 Widening class division in Thailand - The Covid-19 factorWidening class division in Thailand - The Covid-19 factor by Murray Hunter
Thailand’s class divisions have dramatically widened during the Covid-19 pandemic. With students returning to the streets in protest, even with tight crowd restrictions in place, after a three-month hiatus during the p
 Ebola Ebola by George Cassidy Payne
There is respectand there is that snot dripping, wrist shaking,stuttering, knees buckling, heart pounding, eyelid swelling, tears pouring, speechlessrespect. The kin
 Norwegian perspectives on Democracy and Human RightsNorwegian perspectives on Democracy and Human Rights by Ovi Magazine Guest
Norwegian perspectives on Democracy and Human Rights (says former Prime Minister of Norway, H.E. Kjell Magne Bondevik) By Isabella Maria Bello Aroch
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