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The Famine

The Famine

A touching story about the journey of a Ukranian man, who goes to visit his brother only to discover the ravages of famine have gripped the countryside.
The Famine: Chapter 1 by Bohdan Yuri
16 January 2007
Working for the good of the State had become an extension of the Communist credo. Only, the twisted principle had imposed a judgment that whatever was grown on the land also became, legally, the property of that State. Why stop there they reasoned.
The Famine: Chapter 2 by Bohdan Yuri
17 January 2007
A short distance away, more soldiers were setting fire to the gasoline used to incinerate the evidence. Further down --- the collapsed remains of what once was. Beyond that everyone forgets the ghosts of ashes.
The Famine: Chapter 3 by Bohdan Yuri
18 January 2007
I had been away too long, I reminded myself. --- No, I cursed myself. Having tasted the scent of free thought, I\'d forgotten that Communism also muzzles the range of free speech, especially from Ukrainians.
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