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Hemingway's Curse

A fire deflagrated Friday morning destroying the museum of Ernest Hemingway and the Compleat Angler Hotel on the island of Bimini, in the Bahamas. Photographs and objects, which had belonged to the writer, were consumed in the flames that destroyed the wooden building that constituted the greatest tourist attraction of the small island and was, in the 1930s, one of the favourite refuges of the American novelist.
Hemingway's Curse: Chapter 1 by Alexandra Pereira
04 January 2007
I am of the opinion that the news did not relate with substantial veracity the incidents: only that one whom has not been in the Bimini. Bimini (I have been there already) is an incurved grouping of small islets situated in the Bahamas..
Hemingway's Curse: Chapter 2 by Alexandra Pereira
05 January 2007
Everything begun two months ago, inside my modest house at the small city where I inhabit. I was never one of long conversations, neither was I ever one with very numerous friendships.
Hemingway's Curse: Chapter 3 by Alexandra Pereira
07 January 2007
The dining-room was already in the dimness thanks to the melted candles, but there was a tepid atmosphere intensifying the flowers perfume when I returned to keep my mother\'s orphan and damaged poor body company, which was all alone in the desert room.
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Hemingway's Curse: Chapter 4 by Alexandra Pereira
07 January 2007
The next morning, after having a pleasant bath at an almost deserted beach - the cool and tame water felt so good soon in the morning, provoking a healthful chill in the column that wakes one up, with languor, for a new day.
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