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The Trunk

The Trunk

The Trunk: Chapter 1 by Bohdan Yuri
27 December 2006
There were earlier signs. Like the time Taissa refused to talk to her science teacher for almost the full school year because, during a discussion about the big bang theory, he\'d made the class laugh at her expense.
The Trunk: Chapter 2 by Bohdan Yuri
28 December 2006
It was late August, two months since Gramps had died in his sleep, heart failure.
The Trunk: Chapter 3 by Bohdan Yuri
29 December 2006
\"My Dearest,\" he wrote. \"Soon you will be embarking on a journey that will take you to the farthest reaches of your abilities.\"
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The Trunk: Chapter 4 by Bohdan Yuri
30 December 2006
She knew the story by heart: War refugee.
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