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SSQQ-01: The Beginning by Mike Jennett
15 December 2011
It\'s Zhila\'s fault, I think to myself, as the number six subway leaves Brooklyn Bridge station. If I make a fool of myself on the dance floor I can blame her. It was all her idea. I never wanted to come, not at first, but she persuaded me. \"We\'ll go
SSQQ-02: First Party by Mike Jennett
18 December 2011
\"Quick-quick, slow-wuh,\" Rebecca says, stressing the nonexistent syllable like a southerner. After four weeks of endless variations of quicks and slows, my head is overflowing and they\'re coming out my ears. I have invincible days when everything falls
SSQQ-03: Susan by Mike Jennett
26 December 2011
All I said to Susan was ,\"Next time you guys go practicing, please let me know.\" It wasn\'t a date. Susan\'s a fixture at the studio. If there was a shower there she might move in. During the day she looks after Jennifer\'s daughter so I see here every
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