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Green Skulls!

Green Skulls!: Chapter 1 by Pamela Hunt
08 April 2009
In the valley of bones....In the depths of Hades....was a weird place called Golgatha! A pyramid of green skulls....could be seen, which glowed ominously day and night!
Green Skulls!: Chapter 2 by Pamela Hunt
13 April 2009
\"Wow,\" said Aaron. \"You pull this one off and you will be an American hero!\" Kevin just smiled at his friend!
Green Skulls!: Chapter 3 by Pamela Hunt
22 May 2009
When we last saw the two boys Kevin and Aaron...sixth graders at McKinley High, they were working on a plan to end the horrible demon Goth\'s reign of terror on earth as well as in the valley of the skulls!
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