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You Are History

You Are History


Perhaps, an introduction to my new book is not strictly necessary: those who feel like reading it will do so. Yet, I would like to say a few words first.

Although the main story takes place in Ancient Rome, it is by no means a historical fiction. (Even though I made use of several historical figures - Caligula, his sisters, a few senators and … well, Caligula’s horse - the rest of personages, such as the three time travellers, for example – are products of my imagination).

By choosing a historical setting for a fantastic novel, I wished to try out an idea of mine – a conception of ‘vulgar history,’ - which, in a plain language, means a story full of anachronisms. I have no idea if the ancient world would have felt drastically different from the one I am familiar with; all I wanted to achieve was to picture the past as a humorous antithesis to the huge bulk of already written historical fictions with the Imperial Rome as their main topic.

I know (or rather suspect, for there is no historical proof way or the other) that pizza parlors, hostels, private investigators, coffee houses and rebellious street youth did not exist back then. I am also well aware that ‘lictors’ were not a police force, although it is possible that Caligula could have indulged himself in getting high on unnamed ‘substances’ (his famous dilated pupils, tendency to hallucinate and to behave erratically are the historical facts).

Therefore, I limited my true historical references to only two books: Svetonius Tranquillus’ ‘Live of 12 Caesars’ and Petronius Arbitrus’ ‘Satiricon’ (I borrowed some details from the latter).

Finally, I would like to present my apologies:

To those, who might find some scenes and innuendos unduly racy – after all, I cannot be hold responsible for the morals and attitudes of the decaying Imperial Rome.

To those, who will find my writing somewhat ‘unbaked’ – yes, I realize that my book needs thorough cleaning by a professional editor but… such an opportunity is still out of my reach.

And to those, who might get confused by the author’s double name. Dale Radwin is my pen name (now I have blown it!). It is just I did not see much sense to put my book on Ovi under an alias’ name.

I will greatly appreciate all responses, including even the harshest critique! And…thanks!

You Are History: Chapter 1 by Alexander Mikhaylov
13 March 2009
It was believed in antiquity that one of the lesser-known philosophers had once presented his pupil with a valuable advice. It sounded approximately like \'Travel as much as you want! Travel widens your horizon but please, man! Travel light.\'
You Are History: Chapter 2 by Alexander Mikhaylov
17 March 2009
Senior lictor Cicero Galbus was staring dumbly at a bungle of old and new police reports, stacked on his desk, unsure where to begin. Damn all this bureaucracy, he thought angrily. He was an officer of the law and not a deskman!
You Are History: Chapter 3 by Alexander Mikhaylov
20 March 2009
It was said on numerous occasions that the good Roman citizens cared about only two things: bread and entertainment. No one had clarified that, in truth, the people cared mostly about entertainment. Unlike bread, quality fun never went stale.
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You Are History: Chapter 4 by Alexander Mikhaylov
24 March 2009
Proculus sat at a small writing table and contemplated a certain action that involved a sheet of papyrus, a stelos and an inkpot.
You Are History: Chapter 5 by Alexander Mikhaylov
02 April 2009
It was yet another satisfactory evening. Proculus sat at the writing table and surveyed his notes. He managed to complete quite a few of them. He smiled, chewed on his lips and began to compose the next entree.
You Are History: Chapter 6 by Alexander Mikhaylov
06 April 2009
Several seriously looking men were lying on couches on a spacious balcony of a senatorial villa, sipping wine and conversing in careful voices.
You Are History: Chapter 7 by Alexander Mikhaylov
11 April 2009
A young girl was standing at the doorframe of a closet and looking at him with an unmistakably mocking expression. \"If I were you, I would slow down,\", she repeated and grinned meaningfully.
You Are History: Chapter 8 by Alexander Mikhaylov
19 April 2009
Senator Aemilius Lepidos was doubtlessly a \'jolly old man\'. It stood to reason. For instance, everyone who knew him personally tended to exclaim \'Oh but he is a jolly old man!\'
You Are History: Chapter 9 by Alexander Mikhaylov
24 April 2009
I feel it is my duty to inform you that a certain high placed individual, whom I cannot name in writing, is seeking to kill you. I believe it would be in your best interest to meet me in person this evening...
You Are History: Chapter 10 by Alexander Mikhaylov
03 May 2009
Pelagea and Cumulus were sitting in Mama Pro\'s drawing room. Both lovers kept gloomy silence. Cumulus felt that he must say something but could not think of any appropriate topic and only sighed instead.
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