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Atalanta's Quest

“Why have you come?” The voice was so vast, so powerful, that it brought her down to her knees. The voice of a god, inside her head, no ears had heard that question. Afraid for the first time that she could remember, she opened her eyes slowly, looking up into the eyes of a god.
Atalanta's Quest: Chapter 1 by Matt Williamson
09 December 2007
For a timeless moment she stood there, swaying to and fro, dizzy, and disoriented. Her toes dug into warm sand and she could feel a gentle breeze upon her skin. Her eyes would not, or could not, open.
Atalanta's Quest: Chapter 2 by Matt Williamson
15 June 2008
Atalanta stood alone on the beach, watching the ship sail from the shore, when she first heard the sound. Like a great drum being beat, the sound had thudded across the island to her.
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