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Walter's Heart


Walter was buried in California, where he'd lived the last twenty-five years, but my destination, instead, was Bluefield, New York. It was what he'd remembered.

Walter's Heart: Chapter 1 by Bohdan Yuri
06 August 2007
A message from my Mother. I was surprised. She\'d usually wait for me to call first after an assignment. But this one was important to her, and as I listened it become so for me as well, \"...Walter died.\"
Walter's Heart: Chapter 2 by Bohdan Yuri
07 August 2007
That first summer, though, Dad had actually wanted to take his new car for a leisurely drive along the coast to Nova Scotia, to \"...break the car in properly.\" It was Mom\'s idea to visit her sister.
Walter's Heart: Chapter 3 by Bohdan Yuri
08 August 2007
Walter and I were in the same grade but he was a year older than me, so he was always smarter; but physically we were almost the same size throughout our meetings, only I was more athletic.
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Walter's Heart: Chapter 4 by Bohdan Yuri
09 August 2007
All summer it was daring us, ever since we\'d heard that it was called \"Dead Man\'s Pool\", because about five years earlier a body had been found near it. That knowledge tested our budding logic, and stretched its mortal curve.
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