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Full Measure

Full Measure

Full Measure: Chapter 1 by Bohdan Yuri
18 June 2007
It was a spring day, hazing the brisk side of change. Josef Korn sat on a park bench waiting for his friend, Myron Melnyk. But Myron was late. It was so unlike him. Josef tried to distract his feelings by stretching his patience with measured motions, to
Full Measure: Chapter 2 by Bohdan Yuri
18 June 2007
Josef checked his watch, tapping it as if it had purposely skipped ahead two hours. In the old days this was unheard of, a conductor being late. He couldn\'t stand it anymore. He banefully emptied the bag of peanuts and proceeded to the Black Note Cafe, a
Full Measure: Chapter 3 by Bohdan Yuri
19 June 2007
The sun was losing its balm as a moist chill hovered from nowhere. Josef pulled out a neatly folded handkerchief, from his trouser pocket. He looked at the monogrammed \"J.K.\". It always bothered him, he thought, that first use, a rape of decorum...
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Full Measure: Chapter 4 by Bohdan Yuri
20 June 2007
Defiantly, walking down 7th St.. He felt the surge of youth, reborn. Josef gathered his spittle from every passageway. He stopped near the front steps of the stone church and in a disgustful salvo that only hatred could enforce he let loose his revile.
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