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 Architectonic Structures
by Edyson Dos Santos
Architectonic structures with light studies, vintage landscapes with organic silhouettes, warm colours and sepias. These photos were taken in Romania, The Netherlands, Portugal and Nigeria. Edyson dos Santos is a Venezuelan-born citizen of the world in his early thirties. He loves to travel, experiencing unique cultures, caring for and learning with them, but above all helping to improve the lives and practical conditions of the people he meets on his way.

He is the man responsible for www.weekeego.net, its original combination of sustainable and responsible travel services with community-engaging activities through agreements with local partners, natural conservation, development projects and strategic planning. The idea for these services came up on a beach of Mozambique, while he travelled with a friend and noticed how separated from the true colours of the place and affections of the local people the tourists staying all the time inside a private club resort were.

Introduction by Alexandra Pereira
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