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 East Side Stories: Hol(e)y and Profane
by Alexandra Pereira
Apart from the two last images, I use representations of the arrival of westerners to Eastern lands and India (more or less related with holy fights and rituals) in the 16th century, trying to give them more contemporary, often provocative interpretations by using western personalities. Enjoy.
 II by Alexandra Pereira
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AP2008-11-15 19:37:52
This has to do with a wonderful historical myth: one of these men was an adventurer, the other was a slave trader with the cognomen of Navigator and never stepped on a vessel during his entire life. The latter had a Borgogne hat and a moustache, the first had a hat with four sharp edges, a beard and a necklace. In their homeland, while local authorities don't seem to bothered with mistakes, specially the British tourists seem quite puzzled and they regularly think every statue represents the same guy - a fellow who had different collections of vessels and hats and enjoyed changing both his facial hair and his wardrobe style once in a while.

AP2008-11-15 19:38:47
"don't seem bothered"

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