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by Alexandra Pereira
Alexandra sent us a selection of work from www.designforobama.org to share with the readers of Ovi.

Designforobama.org states, "The opportunity to bring the spirit of grassroots style organizing and collaboration to poster design which, to us, meant not only forming communal bonds but sharing the fruits of our efforts equally and in such a way that anyone can enjoy and benefit from (because most of us do not own our own printing presses)".

 barack1_dnewbybarack1_dnewby by Alexandra Pereira
barack1 - by dnewby
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barack3 - by rafael lopez
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AP2008-11-11 21:12:03
"This is Latino Heritage month and I wanted to create a poster celebrating
Barack Obama that I hope will speak to fellow Latinos about a man I believe
has vision and leadership. The piece is painted on a piece of wood that has
been sanded as I wanted it to be textural with authentic cultural
iconography. Hearing him speak I keep thinking to myself here is someone I
can relate to, someone who can be a genuine voice for the issues we face in
America and around the world.
Nuestra Voz.

I paint it for my young son Santiago as Obama represents the hope I have for
his future. For my wife who teaches at San Diego City College, an urban
community college and for her students because Obama knows that education is
the open door that changes lives and he will make it a priority. Both my
parents were born in Mexico and were architects and teachers who taught me to
be a world citizen. I believe this nation is part of a global community and
Obama can change the negative perceptions that cloud the future as he is a
man of ideas who values and understands the social, economic and cultural
issues of our time."
by the artist, rafael lopez

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