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 Photos from George Sou
by Georges Sou
Poetic photographs from the lens of a Greek known as George Sou.
 Ovi ,,,Ovi ,,, by Georges Sou
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 Walk with me...Walk with me... by Georges Sou
 Need to fly...Need to fly... by Georges Sou
 Just for you...Just for you... by Georges Sou
 Hands upHands up by Georges Sou
 Don't lock me out...Don't lock me out... by Georges Sou
 Deep breath...Deep breath... by Georges Sou
 Blue ... blueBlue ... blue by Georges Sou
 Alone...Alone... by Georges Sou
 Where to...Where to... by Georges Sou
Too difficult to make them all over again. Cycle our life. Where are you going then?
Δύσκολα θα γίνουν τα πράγματα ξανά. Κύκλος η ζωή μας. Που θα πας τότε..
 Waiting for you...Waiting for you... by Georges Sou
She will come back. I will be there just like I used to…
Μα θα ξανάρθει δε μπορεί. Θα 'μαι κει  λοιπόν, όπως παλιά...
 Residents Of This World...Residents Of This World... by Georges Sou
Before us and after. There were and there will be others. You said a break…
Πριν από εμάς και μετά. Υπήρξαν και θα υπάρξουν άλλοι. Είπες διάλειμμα...
 Open Mind...Open Mind... by Georges Sou
We live in our tiny little world. Ignoring anything further. While is so simple, just look around….
Ζούμε στο μικρόκοσμο μας. Αδιαφορούμε παραπέρα. Κι όμως είναι τόσο απλό. Δες τριγύρω...
 Hearts made of stone...Hearts made of stone... by Georges Sou
Hard our world. But how harder is our heart…
Σκληρός ο κόσμος μας. Μα πόσο πιο σκληρή η καρδιά μας...
 Guards to guard me...Guards to guard me... by Georges Sou
Sleepless guardian your love, to guard me…
Φρουρός ακοίμητος η αγάπη σου, θα με φυλάει...
 Flying on clouds is...Flying on clouds is... by Georges Sou
If you want to fly there are ways. And roads….
Αν θέλεις να πετάξεις, υπάρχουν τρόποι. Και δρόμοι...
 Beauty is...Beauty is... by Georges Sou
How can you not leave your heart here ….
Πως να μην αφήσεις την καρδιά σου εδώ...
 A Spear...A Spear... by Georges Sou
A spear, in the heart of the sea, alike a bridge between two worlds.
Δόρυ, στη καρδιά της θάλασσας, γέφυρα σε δυο κόσμους ανάμεσα, θαρρείς
 WisdomWisdom by Georges Sou
Arms. Rose in the sky. Present their wisdom to everybody…
Χέρια, υψωμένα στον ουρανό Δώρο η σοφία τους, σε όλους...
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