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 Ohayo gozaimasu from Tokyo!
by Sarah Beetson
Freelance artist and illustrator, Sarah Beetson recently visited Tokyo, the de facto capital of Japan and is home to over 35 million people. It has the largest metropolitan gross domestic product in the world for a city, and it has held the title of the world's most expensive city for a decade. Take a look at the Japanese capital through her eyes...
 GeishaGeisha by Sarah Beetson
Tokyo, Japan
Photo by Sarah Beetson
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The A-bomb dome

The A-bomb dome
The only thing left after the 1945 atom bomb exploded 120m above it. It was a very sombre experience visiting the peace park, especially seeing all the photos and glass cabinets containing clothing worn by victims, etc, but incredibly inspiring the way the Japanese have dealt with it in such a peaceful way - you can buy "Hiroshima city of peace t-shirts" in the museum.  The Americans and the Brits could learn a lot from them. I was also astounded to learn that the countries who currently possess the largest arsenals of nuclear weapons apart from Russia and India are - The UK, The USA and France!!!!!! Am I rather ignorant - or has something been 'kept' from us....?
Tokyo, Japan
By Sarah Beetson

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