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 Helsinki Spring 2007 Pt. 2
by Will Martin
Will Martin, an American and long-time London resident, now lives in Helsinki, Finland, and the arrival of spring has inspired him to pick up his camera and capture its fresh glory.
 The early arrival of springThe early arrival of spring by Will Martin
The early arrival of spring
March 2007
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 Blue skiesBlue skies by Will Martin
Blue skies
Huvilakatu, Ullanlinna, Helsinki
March 2007
 ColoursColours by Will Martin
Esplanadi, Helsinki
March 2007
 Easter DisplayEaster Display by Will Martin
Easter Display
Karl Fazer cafe, Helsinki
March 2007
 Helsinki's White CathedralHelsinki's White Cathedral by Will Martin
Helsinki's White Cathedral
Senate Square (statute of Czar Alexander II), Helsinki
March 2007
 Harbour thawingHarbour thawing by Will Martin
Harbour thawing
Pohjoisranta (Kruununhaka), Helsinki
March 2007
 MooringsMoorings by Will Martin
Helsinki Harbour and Esplanadi
March 2007
 WorshipWorship by Will Martin
The German church, Unioninkatu, Helsinki
March 2007
 PenthousePenthouse by Will Martin
Stylish block of flats, Vuorimiehenkatu, Helsinki
March 2007
 DesertedDeserted by Will Martin
Tehtaankatu (by Russian embassy), Helsinki
March 2007
 Looking upLooking up by Will Martin
Looking up
Puistokatu, Helsinki
March 2007
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