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Poetry There are a number of poets among the Ovi team, so we have gathered the together here.

 O valleyO valley by Amir Khatib
O valley, I will order you to pass the infant on its mother's breast, From the sky If I decide not to enter your land To be thrown, or killed!
 Clues All On In LineClues All On In Line by Saloni Kaul
Linger leaves in air! Time floats, she daydreams... Grasps leaves, flash clues from nowhere.
 Rustic PlacesRustic Places by Nikos Laios
What will happen When all the Rustic places Are gone?
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 A Fair ShakeA Fair Shake by Jan Sand
Life, stuffed into a bag. A sack of bones, glutinous flesh, Strings and tubes, blobs of cells, Lakes of blood, piss, snot and indeterminate goo
 Come to meCome to me by Osy Mizpah Unuevho
pick a choice object of the earth, it is not today these hands river in places lacking stars in
 Cyber WormholeCyber Wormhole by David Barger
I read and wait Then I write and wait Ever clinging what anticipates Of things in truth or fabricate. Again and again what words to be? Repetition builds from nimiety.
 Our march in timeOur march in time by Bohdan Yuri
Our march in time seems so sublime, yet, we cannot savor life's forward climb.
 A message to a widowA message to a widow by Amir Khatib
I am a lonely man worthy of you, madam, share your unit or double it, He puts you on your coat and arranges your collar, which you neglect every time, But because of the back pain,
 Exa!tationExa!tation by Saloni Kaul
Bag of bones precious Empowered by breath's treasure Exalted dry-dipped.
 At The CafeAt The Cafe by Jan Sand
At small gobbletime I squatted in clocklight To glancegrab streetwheel swifties and stumblebys. Skyfog chunks ambled in the blue, allwhite, While chirpers quietchopped with whistletries.
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