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Poetry There are a number of poets among the Ovi team, so we have gathered the together here.

 Talk All TranformingTalk All Tranforming by Saloni Kaul
Those obstacles that our paths do harrass, At each turn rise of newest plot contrive, Bring in line, override tactics crude crass And from the whole only pleasure derive.
 How To Resolve a Self ContradictionHow To Resolve a Self Contradiction by George Cassidy Payne
I pray to God but don't believe Does God believe in me
 Dormant EmotionDormant Emotion by David Barger
The smallest infringement is a ruse Where I am entertained in laughter, And tied by the bonds of sorrow, But where is my enlightenment That kindles each parting gift released? Where then is my muse?
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 ApathyApathy by Bohdan Yuri
While waiting for the sun after a midnight rain my dampened dream conspired to put forward a stream of colorless schemes immersed in the running time of lost persuasions.
 InevitabilityInevitability by Amir Khatib
It is inevitable, after sixty years, And my eyes are on the ground, Search the forest, Among the bushes behind the humps
 Desert Valley Desert Valley by Nikos Laios
An orange sky Stretched behind Purple mountains Over a desert valley.
 Where the River BendsWhere the River Bends by George Cassidy Payne
Our memories were Once possibilities of God's timeless perfection
 To a Friend Who Died in the SwampTo a Friend Who Died in the Swamp by Shola Balogun
Rivers meet in my eyes for you. Transfixed on the veiled Mound of the swamp, Lone Beholder of unsteady opera On rotten marble, You saw the reeds dancing To unknown winding plight, Smothering storms broken At your feet.
 CreedCreed by David Sparenberg
There is no blood on my hands; no blood-lust in my heart.
 Thoughts All Forthright Thoughts All Forthright by Saloni Kaul
How many times do we seek so at the highest Their thoughts opinions on matters of our concern As though age or position makes them much the wisest, Able to take stands, magically matters discern.
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