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Poetry There are a number of poets among the Ovi team, so we have gathered the together here.

 AwakenAwaken by Bohdan Yuri
What was he thinking when he stood across from her. the children were sleeping upstairs,
 Ebola Ebola by George Cassidy Payne
There is respect and there is that snot dripping, wrist shaking,
 Collapsible ChairsCollapsible Chairs by Neil Leadbeater
lie in confinement, arms folded, without complaint. They are not like other chairs. Uprights are so stand-offish. Unbending,
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 A swimmer's life under waterA swimmer's life under water by Abigail George
There's an accident-prone toddler in the house. My brother's son. Will he have more children,
 Aegean Night Aegean Night by Nikos Laios
I will take you On a journey With me.
 Set in stoneSet in stone by Bohdan Yuri
Never can be told a story set in stone, for what the message was may not be at all.
 The Quiet EarthThe Quiet Earth by Nikos Laios
The light faded Behind dark blue clouds Gilded by the sun, The sky rumbled And soft streams of misty Light fell on streets And sidewalks In wobbling Patches.
 Love or be lovedLove or be loved by Amir Khatib
We were created to love or be loved. I love a blind companion looks like my mother, hide from him, And finds me red-handed.
 Slow hands finding the car keysSlow hands finding the car keys by Abigail George
The subtle signs of the personality I had once as a youth are
 In The CaseIn The Case by Jan Sand
No stuffed bird in a museum display Can convey the twitch and swirl that Events hurl at something struggling to stay Alive.
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