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Poetry There are a number of poets among the Ovi team, so we have gathered the together here.

 Withered AgeWithered Age by Nikos Laios
On the rocks The withered age lay Collecting barnacles And the flotsam of the sea,
 Another DayAnother Day by Jan Sand
Time calculates With the smallest particles of moments. My clock spits minutes In its assault on my life.
 Chant of the wild birds in my throatChant of the wild birds in my throat by Abigail George
My mother never taught me things (mostly nothings). My mother never told me that she loved me. My mother never spoke to me again after she
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 Your life against mineYour life against mine by Katerina Charisi
You wake up at dawn, your eyes adjust to the pale light. I wake up in the middle of night, eyes burning.
 Touching FinalityTouching Finality by Jan Sand
The faint scent of death pervades Latter days. There are ways to wave away that trace. Present time strikes one
 Just Passing Through Just Passing Through by Nikos Laios
I think of the decades Of people that I have know In the streets and suburbs Of my life.
 Salience Salience by Saloni Kaul
Submerged coherently in a deluge Deliberations delicately explosive A torrent of semiquaver-like arguments
 The tall man, the thin man, the dark man, the sad manThe tall man, the thin man, the dark man, the sad man by Abigail George
The sea's green eyes watch me with care. I have to get my soul out of here, the river is here now swallowing me whole, meta lost in translation.
 Will They Remember Berlin?Will They Remember Berlin? by Nikos Laios
The plane, Metallic and silver Soared through the clouds Over the city and vibrated And hummed glinting
 Old Hens and Young Folks (V2)Old Hens and Young Folks (V2) by Michael Lee Johnson
Why do old hens' cry- socialize in familiar doctor offices. The smell and the scent of times unchanged.
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