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Poetry There are a number of poets among the Ovi team, so we have gathered the together here.

 New York SubwayNew York Subway by Jan Sand
If I entwined my hair with flashing light, Inscribed my forehead bright with fire red Diagrams of curves and clouds to bring to sight The cavorting shapes moving in my head;
 Detox PrayerDetox Prayer by George Cassidy Payne
I am weak but willing I am flawed but fluid. I am lost but listening.
 New WorldNew World by Nikos Laios
Someday they will say That we lived in a world Of desolation and strife, Of empty cities and towns Pandemic bomb days Beheadings and protests.
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 Contains AllContains All by Saloni Kaul
Think hard in the box That contains all world's puzzles! That's the paradox.
 Those early yearsThose early years by Bohdan Yuri
I didn't learn much in those early years, just remembered a few essential things, and my middle years were mostly spent convalescing through my hidden fears.
 Write downWrite down by Amir Khatib
Yes, write down the legend whose author we do not know: The gravedigger woke up at dawn, as usual.
 She's Krotoa in a man's world, Cleopatra in a woman'sShe's Krotoa in a man's world, Cleopatra in a woman's by Abigail George
Once she was a high school student, reading Bessie Head, and Athol Fugard's plays, bipolar-experimenting with mascara, and lipstick, straightening
 RainsRains by Jan Sand
There are rains that drag fog skirts Across the country-side in stealthy hiss, That, gently, in determination
 Oh Carol, PoemOh Carol, Poem by Michael Lee Johnson
You treat me like soiled underwear. I work my way through. I gave up jitterbug dancing, that cha-cha-cha, all my eccentric moves, theatric acting, poetry slams.
 The sacredThe sacred by George Cassidy Payne
is when you know that shoveling the driveway is a Catholic mass
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