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Virginia Maria Romero

Virginia Maria Romero

Virginia Maria Romero is a visionary artist with works in public, and museum permanent collections, as well as numerous private collections throughout the United States and abroad. Romero’s biographical artist profile is included on the New Mexico Office of the State Historian website: www.newmexicohistory.org; and in 2013 Romero was recognized as a distinguished Artist and Poet by the American Council for Polish Culture.

The style, color, and compositions of Romero’s acrylics as well as her pigmented wood panels (retablos) and sculpture continue to exhibit her uniqueness and creative quality. Romero is one of a handful of “Anglos” to be counted among the santero artists of the American Southwest with works inspired by the culture of New Mexico and her Polish/Irish heritage that are just as strongly driven by her own experiences, setting her works apart from others. In reference it has been said that, “Romero has taken an ancient art form and redefined it, reinvented it, and made it her own.” “Virginia Maria Romero’s art speaks a language unlike any other…it is a language of the heart, of the soul, of life...”

 Desert In BloomDesert In Bloom by Virginia Maria Romero
He walks through the desertgrabbing handfuls of silken petalsheavy with morning dewnot thinking of the thorns    piercing his calloused f
 Quantum #1Quantum #1 by Virginia Maria Romero
Quantum #1 Searching for something        I found nothing was everything…  
 Poet Meets Snake ManPoet Meets Snake Man by Virginia Maria Romero
“Poet Meets Snake Man” My poems - laid hidden        beneath a colorful Turtle cover       
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 Coyote WhispererCoyote Whisperer by Virginia Maria Romero
Coyote WhispererIn a moment of absolute abandon...warmth from the sun’s first rays             
 Yuna:wikko'oYuna:wikko'o by Virginia Maria Romero
Yuna:wikko’oWolf song,a primal chorus that I dance toas the fullness of my heart emptiesinto dreams that come with the sun’s last brea
 Tribute to Keith Wilson (1927 - 2009)Tribute to Keith Wilson (1927 - 2009) by Virginia Maria Romero
Tribute to Keith Wilson (1927–2009)His fingers tap the keysone by one -in the wakewords take form,dance across an empty pageonce white w
 Growing OldGrowing Old by Virginia Maria Romero
Growing Old (dedicated to Wild Bill & Wild Vic)Summers bloom, gives way to rich hues of autumn         to rough and weathered landsca
 IktushiwiIktushiwi by Virginia Maria Romero
Iktushiwi  Collectivelywe are creating a living story ….no beginning           
 Last ChanceLast Chance by Virginia Maria Romero
Last ChanceBehold the fading beautyof an unfurled rosefrail petals fall from touchone by onesweet fragrancelingers...
 Nakashawu Nakashawu by Virginia Maria Romero
Nakashawu (Tribute to Wild Bill (1913-2001) a
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