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Vieno Vehko

Vieno Vehko

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 Siberian Diary by Vieno Vehko
 In Inner MongoliaIn Inner Mongolia by Vieno Vehko
Recently, I took a plane to Beijing. My flight was only an hour but we encountered severe turbulence. As the wind gusted, making the plan bounce, I whimpered quietly to myself. Suddenly, without thinking, I grabbed
 Social issues and societySocial issues and society by Vieno Vehko
China has undergone many social shifts over the centuries. As in many other societies, social status in China has corresponded to the way political and economic resources are distributed. However, with the advent of the Communist Party, occupation
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 ConcernsConcerns by Vieno Vehko
I have been coming to China since 2000. From 2005-2008 I lived and worked in north China; two years in XX, my current residence, and one year in Beijing. Since I came back to China in late August, I have seen and experienced many things that have
 Green World, Many Dreams by Vieno Vehko
A little Chinese history: on September 12, 1979, Zhang Changlin was working in a local chemical factory in Suzhou, Jiangsu province. He accidentally forgot to shut off a flow valve before leaving work; consequently, 150 tons of wastewater, 30 perc
 The Un-peaceful Pacific by Vieno Vehko
Today China is more than a defensive, easily offended, blustering nation: the PRC is a superpower with economic clout, nuclear weapons, an independent space program and currently the chary host to the 2008 Olympic Games. But clearly in the global
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