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Valerie Sartor

Valerie Sartor

Valerie Sartor is an educational researcher living in Inner Mongolia, China.

 Sardines Sardines by Valerie Sartor
A small, young gray cat with Siamese blue eyes crawled out of the broken cinder block that makes up part of the foundation of my Russian dormitory building. I think this structure, as many others around it, was built after WWII; we have no elev
 Russian GrandmothersRussian Grandmothers by Valerie Sartor
 You Rock my WorldYou Rock my World by Valerie Sartor
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 Want to beWant to be by Valerie Sartor
 Russian chocolate by Valerie Sartor
Russian chocolate has become a minor addiction for me. I eat chocolate every day, sometimes several times a day. At home
 Men's toys by Valerie Sartor
“We are floating in a barrel filled with gunpowder, down an unknown river,” said Tatiana, smiling. \"Russians describe our current economic situation this way.”  “Americans have a similar saying
 Fasting - Body and Spirit by Valerie Sartor
 Without a fur coat by Valerie Sartor
“You’re nothing in Russia without a fur coat; you’re simply not a woman,” Nastya said casually, sipping her tea. This willowy young mother with silvery blonde hair could easily have been a professional fur model.  I
 China's Evolving Medical Practices by Valerie Sartor
 Clothed in Paradoxes: The Qipao and the White Wedding Gown by Valerie Sartor
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