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Uzeyir Lokman Cayci

Uzeyir Lokman Cayci

He is a poet, a writer, and a versatile artist. He was born in 1949 in Bor. He graduated as an Architect - Designer of Industry from The Fine Arts Academy of State in Istanbul. The Reward of Eagerness was given by the Radio NPS of Holland in 1999 and the Reward of Palmares was given by the Organization of Les Amis de Thalie in France to him. He works in the Center of Adult Education (AFPA) at present.
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 Istanbul by Uzeyir Lokman Cayci
The dock birdspull me to the sealike I am pulled to suffering,to Istanbul, that wrings sorrowsthat fall on me.Solitude without you.  In this obscure city,my blood
 Istanbul by Uzeyir Lokman Cayci
Rıhtım kuşlarıAcılara koşarcasınaDenizlere sürüklüyor beniÜstüme üstüme geldikçe sensizliklerİnim inim inliyor İstan
 Istanbul by Uzeyir Lokman Cayci
Die Vögel des Hafens Schleppen mich in das Meeres Innere Als ob sie hinter dem Leid herlaufen würdenWährend deine Abwesenheit Fortwährend auf mich zukommtWimmerns, Ächzen
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 Istanbul by Uzeyir Lokman Cayci
Les oiseaux de quaiMe traînent vers les mersComme si je courais vers les souffrancesIstanbul se tord de douleursAu fur et à mesure que tombent sur moiLes solitudes sans toi...
 Projects #1 by Uzeyir Lokman Cayci
 Die Realitaten die sich in unserem Instinkt bilden by Uzeyir Lokman Cayci
Die Realitäten die sich in unserem Instinkt bilden Ich habe geklopft drei mal mit meinen Fingern an die geschlossene Türe.... ich dachte dass er..."besetzt" ist da
 Realities Which Form Our Instincts by Uzeyir Lokman Cayci
The door was closed. I fumbled three times with the doorknob. I thought the room was occupied then, buttoning up my vest, I entered, my head lowered. I feared a nasty look th
İÇGÜDÜLERİMİZDE ŞEKİLLENEN GERÇEKLER Kapalı kapıyıÜç kere parmaklarımlaTıkırdattım...“Meş
 Las realidades que se forman en nuestros instintos by Uzeyir Lokman Cayci
He azotadoTres veces con mis dedosLa puerta cerrada...He pensadoque está "Ocupado..."EnseguidaAbotonando mi chaquetaEntré...Mi cabeza estaba inclinadaT
 Les realites qui se forment dans nos instincts by Uzeyir Lokman Cayci
LES REALITES QUI SE FORMENT DANS NOS INSTINCTS J’ai tripotéTrois fois avec mes doigtsLa porte fermée...J’ai penséQu’il « Occupé... »
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