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Tony Butcher

Tony Butcher

Tony Butcher lives, works and breathes in London, England. Following the completion of an Economics Degree, he found his dream job as a STIR Trader in the City of London, the heart of the world’s financial system. He studies the world stock and bond markets on a daily basis, while monitoring world economic and political events which affect his markets.
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 Hold onto your hats by Tony Butcher
So far this year stocks and commodities have been as strong as an Olympic power lifter, cruising to multi year highs on the back of some major buying by Hedge Funds and Pension Companies. The current price has leapt passed fair value and entered t
 Predictable Men by Tony Butcher
If you read information about financial markets you won't be able to get through many paragraphs without someone saying, "Markets don't like uncertainty". Well from our point of view, this is not strictly true. If everyone in the
 The King has left by Tony Butcher
The King has left the building. Now the United States of America and a small percentage of the rest of the world is in the hands of Ben Bernanke. He will have to preside over further rate increases and his first few speeches will be scrutinised
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 Watching 2006 closely by Tony Butcher
Happy New Year everyone! There's plenty to look forward to in the coming twelve months. Worldwide stock markets have had a very strong start to the year, but the real headlines are going to the commodities.Large banks and
 ECB & office parties by Tony Butcher
The time for change has arrived in the Euro zone. The President of the European Central Bank (ECB), Mr Jean-Claude Trichet, has finally decided that risks to inflation are increasing and that a pre
 Help thy neighbour by Tony Butcher
Having a look back at October, it has been an eventful month with plenty of developments both within the European Union and on the wider international stage. Mother Nature continues to bring havoc, death and destruction to all corners of the
 Ending the bull run by Tony Butcher
The results are in from the German Elections but it may be some time before any formal government is announced. The cynical tactics resorted to by Gerhard Schröder, in order to bring about the earlier than expected polls, have left him facing
 Luck or brains? by Tony Butcher
In the office where I work, luck or superstition are parts of the daily routine. I know a guy who sits on the same seat on the train every morning, walks into the office through the same turnstile (choice of four) and even uses the same toilet eve
 July 7th, 2005: My diary by Tony Butcher
I am sitting at my desk and it’s about 6.40am. My boss and I have talked through what we want to be done and I’m getting ready for the day ahead. I’m flying high this morning, I have become an uncle for the first time, as my brot
 Markets on solid ground by Tony Butcher
The more Europe changes the more the markets stay the same. London suffered a dramatic tragedy on July 7th, when bombers targeted Underground Subway stations with precision timed blasts, which caused over 50 deaths and hundreds of casualties. The
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