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Stirred Up!

Stirred Up!

Stirred Up is a new magazine launched in November 2006. We believe that a sense of collective identity has emerged in Europe, yet no pan-European publication exists as the voice of our generation. We aim to fill this gap, to create a transcontinental dialogue, and to raise the bar of debates. www.stirredup.net
 A Break from Boredom by Stirred Up!
I was at the site of the Bronze Soldier with a friend, intending to show support by bringing along a bottle of vodka for the Russians. After hanging around for a bit, we went to a Spanish restaurant nearby for some wine and canapés. The a
 Power and Error - The People's Palace in Bucharest by Stirred Up!
After the fall of totalitarian regimes in 1989, former communist countries have chosen different ways of dealing with the legacy of the past. One important question is what to do with the monumental buildings inherit
 Finnishing Touches by Stirred Up!
For many designers, sustainability is an afterthought and a recent fad. In contrast, Finnish design has emphasised sustainability for decades and continues to innovate.
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 European Meat Markets by Stirred Up!
Singles never had it so good: meeting places for them have popped up all over the continent. You know what we're talking about: those posey social scenes in every city where we go to see and
 Love Design by Stirred Up!
Designers are embracing love and sex is becoming bespoke. It would seem that nothing is taboo anymore. Netherlands based Studio Oooms states, “by playing in to taboos and expectations in the mind of the beholder, [their] products trigger
 On the Hunt Online by Stirred Up!
In the ‘90s, a New York rabbi and a few pushy mothers, determined to marry their offspring to a doctor or to a lawyer, brought us the 3-minute-hop, commonly known as speed dating. The ‘00s brought back da
 Food, Art & Urbanism by Stirred Up!
Club 11, initially supposed to be a temporary lunch place, has turned out to be one of the most popular and edgy clubs in the city. The club is located in the Post CS building, the old postal services building a bit east of the Central Station
 Men Are from Earth, Women Are from Planet Impossible by Stirred Up!
The growing cohort of European ‘Bridget Joneses’, the assertive kind whose major spiritual influences have been the Spice Girls and endless repeats of Sex and the City, deserves zero sympathy for being si
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