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Sofia Gkiousou

Sofia Gkiousou

Sofia has spent all of her 26 years trying to figure out what she wants to do with her life. Needless to say, she is still undecided. As a result, she divides her time between work, studying, writing, jamming with friends and reading big bulky books. Born and raised in Greece she now lives in London carrying with her a long tradition of Greek cooking, gossiping and nagging. She writes mainly on popular culture but to her annoyance that regularly coincides with politics and pop music.
 Politics in the digital age by Sofia Gkiousou
It all started when – as is customary every summer in Greece – half the forests were set alight with devastating results. The enterprising Greeks (nobody knows who exactly) started circulating an e-mail t
 Sofia's Letters from London #7 by Sofia Gkiousou
It used to be the case that if there was one thing that characterised the English, it was that famous stiff upper lip. Well, after a few years in Londo
 Sofia's Letters from London #6 by Sofia Gkiousou
This week – due to the untimely death of my trusty moped – I ended up taking the bus to work and I remembered exactly why I bought the moped in the first place. I am not a motorcycle sort of person. When I lived in
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 Sofia's Letters from London #5 by Sofia Gkiousou
I have resigned myself to the fact that writing about pop culture will frequently mean writing about things that I do not really approve of or appreciate. I do have my guilty trash culture pleasures but trust me when I say
 Sofia's Letters from London #4 by Sofia Gkiousou
Coming from a Mediterranean country, the first thing you realise about London is that it’s difficult to get accustomed to the food. Even for me, a dedicated cook of Greek cuisine and experimental fusion (which
 Would you ever sue Google?Would you ever sue Google? by Sofia Gkiousou
Greece it seems is the country of one thousand surprises. From the ludicrous law banning internet cafes that fortunately dwindled into oblivion a little whi
 Sofia's Letters from London #3 by Sofia Gkiousou
Antisocial behaviour is currently a big thing in Britain. So big in fact that in many towns Big Brother is not only watching you but He can also talk to you. George Orwell was more of a seer than we give him cred
 Sofia's Letters from London #2 by Sofia Gkiousou
Put that cigar out, Mr Churchill!Consider. Remember. Churchill, a beloved British politician, not to mention cultural icon, always comes to mind with a cigar somewhere about his pers
 Sofia's Letters from London #1 by Sofia Gkiousou
I am Greek. Now stop right there. Do you have an image taken from My Big Fat Greek Wedding hovering somewhere behind your eyes? Do you see me shrouded in some sort of white bed sheet and sandals? Well, I don
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