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Sliced Bread

Sliced Bread

Rob and Doug make videos. It's our policy to never spend more than two hours max in writing, filming and editing of our videos. That deserves some credit.
 YouTube vs. Viacom by Sliced Bread
Ladies and Gentlemen,Sliced Bread presents their take on the whole legal battle waged by Viacom against YouTube.Inspired by the Apple Mac vs. PC ads (running in the States and the UK at least), Doug and Rob take
 Une Pretentious du Filme by Sliced Bread
Ladies and Gentlemen,Sliced Bread Presents 'Une Pretentious Du Filme'.Inspired by the many pretentious and down right un-understandable student films which are made by angst ridden teenagers pretending t
 Bored In Ronkonkoma by Sliced Bread
Ladies and Gentlemen,Sliced Bread are proud to present "Bored In Ronkonkoma", the film that actually created the "comedic"(?) duo. Rob Jenkinson and Doug Howe were out in Ronkonkoma, NY and had to stay a
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 To Catch A Paedophile by Sliced Bread
For those of you outside of the US, To Catch A Paedophile, may go over your head a bit. but I'll try to explain. Over here there's a hysterical show called 'To Catch A Predator', where they get people to pretend to be 14-year-old g
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