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Satya Prakash

Satya Prakash

He is an Indian who fell in love with Finland two years ago. A professional manufacturing consultant, whose interest also lies in World politics, current affairs, and business.  Loves traveling, food, wine and reading.
 Hamas victory and democracy by Satya Prakash
The shock waves, which came with the results of Palestinian election in ten years, were not limited to West Asia but transcended continents and countries. Most of the western nations and obviously Israel have expressed 'serious' concerns w
 Mittal Steel & Arcelor by Satya Prakash
The New Year has not been particularly good for the board executives of Arcelor. Just days after wining the tough fight with ThyssenKrupp AG for buying out the Canadian steel maker Dofasco Inc, they are again huddling in their board room. This tim
 The vociferous pack by Satya Prakash
The only surprise in the bid of Mittal Steel over Arcelor has been the bid itself. Every step after the bid is proceeding on expected lines. France is leading the vociferous pack of political opposition to this bid. Given the history, no one would
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 Internet memory lane by Satya Prakash
Today I had the trip down my internet surfing days. The day perhaps 6 years back when I opened my first email id, the days of slow dialup connections, high surfing rates in cyber cafes eating up most of my pocket money and the days of Yahoo! Those
 Computers changing the Organizations by Satya Prakash
Today the business world has become highly competitive with most of the bargaining power shifting towards the customers. Those companies, which can give maximum value to customer at least cost are the order winners. All this has hurt the bottom li
 Empowerment through Computers by Satya Prakash
It would only be a slight exaggeration if I say that today computers have become as ubiquitous as air, if only we could see it. The use of computers in many ways have revolutionized our world and introduced radical changes. Some of the effects are
 New Year Resolution by Satya Prakash
Once again we are at the threshold of a new year and ready to say goodbye to the year gone past. The month of January, named after the double faced Roman king Janus, who could look into the past and future, symbolises the reso
 Outsourcing: The real story by Satya Prakash
Outsourcing is the latest buzzword and also the bone of contention in many economies across the globe. For some countries it is matter or concern and for others it is seen as some thing which can catapult them to levels of developed country. Outso
 Selfishness by Satya Prakash
What exactly is Selfishness? The popular usage of selfishness is for a sinful adjective where one person behaves in total disregard to consequences of his/her actions on others. The selfish person will be ever ready to do anything just to satisfy
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