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Saloni Kaul

Saloni Kaul

Saloni Kaul, author and poet, was first published at the age of ten and has stayed in print since on four continents. As critic and columnist Saloni has enjoyed forty two years of being published. Saloni Kaul's first volume, a fifty poem collection was published in the USA in 2009. Subsequent volumes include Universal One and Essentials All.
As broadcaster Saloni had won considerable acclaim with innumerable features and documentaries to her credit as writer producer-presenter.

Most recent Saloni Kaul poetic production has been published in Poetry Quarterly, Tipton Poetry Journal, Inwood Indiana, Eye On Life Magazine, The Horrorzine, Mad Swirl (contains ongoing Saloni Kaul poetry page), The Penwood Review, The Voices Project, Scarlet Leaf Review, Taj Mahal Review, OVI Magazine, Blueline (State University of New York magazine), Five 2 One Journal, The City Poetry, The Lake, The Whimperbang Journal, House Of Horror Glitter & Words,  Mantis (Stanford University magazine), The Paragon Press Journal, The Imaginate (Rutger's University magazine) and Amulet Poetry Magazine. Upcoming publication acceptances include those of The Imaginate Zine, The Penwood Review, Scarlet Leaf Review, OVI and The Horrorzine.

 Beauty's Yardstick & Temple Triumphs Beauty's Yardstick & Temple Triumphs by Saloni Kaul
Stars flit o’er the sky’s midnight blueAs I contend with beauty, beauty long forgot,Grapple with changing aesthetics untrueAs fickle as fashion t
 Isles Of SeclusionIsles Of Seclusion by Saloni Kaul
Poets and sensitive souls shy from excessOf virtually all vulgarity, violence,Bathos, verbosity, the sentimental recess,To stoically allow inner reserves dom
 Trellises All In Sequence Trellises All In Sequence by Saloni Kaul
Arched trellises as children we strolled throughOf saturated time replete with summer’s scentsAppear before us in their shades of pink green blue,Arcs painted
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 Consultations all onConsultations all on by Saloni Kaul
Stretched lazily across, it shows up in the skySo like a long forgotten loved one dearAt your doorstep leaning against the woodframe high,Startles the eye an
 Stoically Yours    Stoically Yours by Saloni Kaul
Thin sequinned showers preempt the season like a prologue wearer,Narrator-like hint at what’s to be the hankered after confection,A prelude beckons, brings the scene ahead a shade nearer
 Sulphur-Stamped Skyscapes Sulphur-Stamped Skyscapes by Saloni Kaul
Pale opalescent cloudscapes of vapourBreathe like a canvas stained in vibrant pigment blur,All sulphur-stamped’s the sun’s clouddriven capers ,Po
 Haphazard Revolutionaries Seek Leader Haphazard Revolutionaries Seek Leader by Saloni Kaul
As though at the behest of some primeval thinking force,A distant sun’s haze is astonishingly there agleam ,Vying with these shapechanging clouds for form Like sharp for
 Feast On The RocksFeast On The Rocks by Saloni Kaul
Outcast like farflung rock on which he sitsMost greedily tears open his newspaper Wrapped castaway  apparent charityAnd gobbles hungrily down all the fish and chips
 The Sage The Sage by Saloni Kaul
The Sage Straight upright in position lotus, all those points about he co-relates.Within he vanishes, swift enters the Self, the rising energies exacerbate.
 Gold Revolves  Gold Revolves by Saloni Kaul
Twirling sedately on its axis ,A bottle shape slowly revolves.Like molten gold all selfcontained A heightened burnished sheen thickly evolves.   
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